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So guys, I've been thinking about Rhea and I'd like to hear your opinions, because pretty much everybody seems to think Rhea's got the rumble this year, but hear me out: what if Beth Phoenix returns and cost her?

On the other hand, should her win, pretty much everybody thinks she's going to challenge Bianca, but, what about Charlotte? I mean, she took the nxt women's championship from her and essentially caused her demise until Judgement Day saved her. I think challenging Charlotte and winning would make for a cool payback moment. I know, different shows and attitudes, but still.

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I forgot about a possible Beth rumble return. If not Rhea, then Naomi or Liv are my predictions

Rhea was supposed to challenge Bianca at MiTB till she had to take time off so they could have continuity in that

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Elimination Chamber in < 3 weeks, kinda hoping the IC title gets the men's Chamber match but I could see the U.S. title getting it too

Edit: welp they just announced qualifying matches for the U.S. title chamber match

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I wanna see Bianca, Ronda, and Asuka in a triple threat but I know it’s not going down like that. For some reason they’ve kept Ronda and Asuka apart ever since Ronda debuted and I really wanna see it. Never been a Rhea fan but I’m happy for her success. Always seemed obsessed with Charlotte Flair her whole WWE career so it makes sense.

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