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5 minutes ago, PaperThinWalls said:

He's always been a comedy character? At least since he joined WWE. I dunno anything about his indie run.


He was more serious in NXT. Always had undertones of the stoner gimmick, but his main thing was his MMA background.

He was more of an RVD type who backed his comedy with credibility in the ring. Everything he's done lately is just him being a goof.

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Saw a tweet just now, asking who the female star of the year is...and it sounded like most people were saying Bianca or Becky. Which is absurd, tbh. - I refuse to acknowledge anyone other than Rhea as the female of the year. Woman has been front and center in everything. - The only reason I would deny her "female star" would be to credit her with being an overall star. She's been the linchpin in everything involving Judgement Day...which is the second biggest angle in WWE aside from the Bloodline.

Just bothers me, how 9 times out of 10, these kinds of awards go to whoever is generally popular, and not who actually worked the hardest or achieved the most. 

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