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Really want Jacob Fatu to debut at War Games...but I don't know if he actually can.

Ucey in the sky with diamonds. 💀

Would be cool if the fifth guy was Nick Aldis. Again...probably not possible.

Hayabusa name drop in a match where the Pakistan flag is boldly displayed. - WWE is wild without Vince.


Jey cannot keep his shit together around Sami. I *censored*ing love it. Hahaha.

No, no...I don't care for the Eddie Murphy mustache on Woods. Lol.


Focusing on Madcap and Emma as a couple is just weird. Not sure why they're putting so much effort into it. 

Really must have been one of her prerequisites for returning...


Kross is pretty useless at this point. Kinda feels like Bray came back and they said "Okay, we don't need you anymore". Lol

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1 minute ago, PaperThinWalls said:

Ali in the doghouse.


Wouldn't say so. 

He's probably thrilled to be featured prominently each week.

Going from the Vince era, where he literally lost his name and got treated like he didn't exist...this probably feels like a blessing.

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Just now, PaperThinWalls said:

Yeah, getting thrown around like a sack of shit. lol I can’t say I mind it since he’s not bad at bumping, but it sure makes him look like a jabroni. 


Taking a beating shows resiliency, which seems to be what they're going for with Ali.

I wouldn't say it's any different from Jeff Hardy getting whooped by Taker. 

If he was "in the doghouse", I think they would just not book him...or they would have him do something stupid/embarrassing. 

Getting tossed around by one of the biggest guys on the roster isn't the worst thing for building a character...especially if that character is supposed to have a lot of heart.

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It seemed pretty unnecessary to me to have him inserted in that Theory/Lashley confrontation. They could have ended it with Theory running into the back and no one would have blinked an eye. But they extended it to have Ali get tossed around like ping pong ball right after he got his ass whooped. For what? Lashley got enough of his shit in. That segment didn’t need that extra exclamation mark. I could understand for a babyface they would want to give him something a little extra to leave the fans happy, but Lashley is a heel.

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