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Spooky orange Raw. 👀

Also, I hate the Raw and SD robot mascots. (Can we just...not?)


Return of Sanity theme. 😮 Nevermind...it's different.

Man...I just really don't care for this random team of Belair, Bliss, and Asuka. - Give me an Asuka heel turn, please.

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It saddens me that the terrible booking of Damage CTRL is gonna make a lot of people mostly uninterested about the women's wargames match, which is a shame. I still hope non-NXT viewers give it a chance, because unless they are Vince ass-lickers, they will probably be delighted.

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New opening music for SD? Sounds generic.

I swear no one can do a proper dive anymore.

LA Knight talking that heel shit. Love it.

Nice match. Really looking forward to more LA.

Man, why do they have overproduce these Bray segments with the music, sound effects, and quick cuts? Keep it simple and let the man talk without the gaga.

Not a bad promo, Rey.

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I did think about Sanity when Nikki had her comeback...but I bet it's one of those things where the time has just passed. - I would definitely be for it...but, I have a feeling that it would be a bit of a challenge to pull all the members away from wherever they currently are. - Still, it would be damn cool to hear that music again.

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