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Honestly... that episode was just ok.

It peaked immediately with the Bloodline segment which was choice.

Rollins as US champ is neat I guess. He's a fun character nowadays, but odd choice for the US belt somehow.  Feels like he's above it. Hope he's a quick transition to Gargano tbh.

Dominick doesn't sound convincing at all on the mic, even in his 4-5 word quips. Rhea & Damian are the best of the bunch in Judgement Day. Every time the promo started to drag they picked it right back up.

Candice getting a W over Bayley was a nice surprise.

Miz/Lumis is starting to drag for me. I know the match next week probably won't end it, but hope it's at least just one or two more weeks after that and we can move on.

Gallows/Anderson got a groan and a "Whyyy" out of me.

Brock got several expletive's. Can he just stay gone?


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The only things I didn't care for with the episode were...

  • The Miz angle with his giant balls (this has been abhorrent since the start).
  • DX reunion in general (it's 2022, and nobody cares) - although, props for keeping it relatively low key.
  • The fact that no new Bray shenanigans happened...and that they showed the full return and kept talking about it (made it less creepy).
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