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Features you would love to have in this game


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Which ones for you? Here are some for me. Considering I want to do a CAW League, this all makes sense for me.


Create a wrestler-This is more then likely in but yeah, I hope its better than the WWE character creation

Create a championship- Hopefully this is in with a lot of details

Create a move/finisher- Could be fun

Create an arena/venue- Would be very nice

Create a story/cut scenes- Good for uploading content as well as aspiring CAW league makers like myself.

Create an entrance- Speaks for itself but would be fun to also include custom tag entrances and group entrances, not impossible to do.

Create a match- Could be fun

More then 8 wrestlers on screen- Maybe have it at 10 or something but this would be nice.

War Games match or something similar with a different name- This would be awesome to finally do in a video game

Custom music/entrance videos- I Know with the new systems this might be tricky but at least make this exclusive to the PC version.

Modding friendly on PC- Could be nice to do on PC

Just a few features I think would be great you guys have any thoughts?

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