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I haven't seen Andre Chase since The Bravado Brothers were in CHIKARA.

I only know Guru Raaj from his NXT Title Match against Finn Bálor at Superstar Spectacle.

I only know Desmond Troy from his job matches and that he was originally announced for this year's Dusty Classic, teaming with Adonis. They were taken out and replaced with Ciampa & Thatcher which so far has worked out for everyone involved but Troy.

And I know Joe Gacy by name but haven't seen any of his work.

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9 hours ago, Fight Me. said:

That night was the start of a special time in NXT.

Really was ! The F4W TO was the first NXT PPV I ever watched. So R-Evolution was really a classic. 

and Finn joining NXT is really what got me to check out NJPW. 2014-2015 was such a revolutionary time in general

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Spoiler on a return of an injury

WWE NXT star Tegan Nox officially returned to the ring tonight before Raw for a dark match against Toni Storm, PWInsider.com can exclusively confirm. 

As we have stated in the Elite section of PWInsider.com, the charging battery vignette on WWE NXT has been expected to be Nox.

Nox last competed in August of 2020.

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Guest Fight Me.

Glad the heavy rain stopped here before this started so I can watch.

Love the Statue of Liberty props for this lol

AEW hasn't done a 2 hr+ episode of Dark since crowds returned, but they're doing one tonight. Wonder why? :lol:

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