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Blank titantrons and broken banners

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I have never in all my life of playing wrestling videogames been so irritated by a problem like this. Please. Someone help.


I have 2 created wrestlers making their entrances I  my custom arena. The arena is set to use pattern a for everything at all times. 


The first wrestler walks out. Everything looks fine. Big custom logo on the titantron as I wanted. And the banners share that awesomeness.


The  the problems start. The second wrestler walks out. Now the titantron is completely blank and white/grey coloured. It looks ugly, unfinished and ruins the entire entrance. I cant fix it. Why is it doing this? This is the case with half my CAW roster. Half are fine . The other half are having this ugly issue.


That's not all though. The banner that looked fine earlier is also bugging out now. A red electric bolt animation is going through the custom images during prematch warm ups. WHY. I TURNED ALL THIS CRAP OFF. please for the love of Giant Baba someone help me fix this irritating, gear grinding horrendous problem. I've restarted every match I've had about 8 times each trying to fix it and I cannot. 

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