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John christopher

EL Mago Dark 2k20

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It's been a long while since good old Omegasentry has done caws. This is due to the fact that 2k20 has well not worked for me at all for creations. If It's not glitching I have to upload a texture 50 time so that it goes through once. Once just can't work that way. So crossing my fingers for 22 or 21 whatever they are gonna call it.

In any such case in the spirit of lucha and AAA rudos. I made El Mago dark for both 2k19 and 2k20.

You can find him with the following tags; El Mago dark, BCW, simply the best
under simplyawesome48 for 2k19 since I ran out of space and omegasentry on 2k20.


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