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Pro Wrestling Reborn Championships (GRPW Reboot)

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As some of you who follow my CAWs thread may know, i'm planning to reboot my wrestling universe when the new game comes out, as such i've been working on new designs for the new universe and thought i'd show off the three new championships I have so far.

Pro Wrestling Reborn World Championship

Pro Wrestling Reborn Intercontinental Championship

Pro Wrestling Reborn No Limits Championship


Regarding a womans championship, I'm likely going to use one of my old existing designs and modify it some, as I'm quite happy with the womens championships I've made in the past. The No Limits Championship is similar to Impact Wrestlings X-Division championship, in that it can be competed for at any size but cannot be competed for in a simple one on one normals match. It has to be a match type other than normal.


EDIT: aaaand I just realized I made a spelling error on the IC title. God *censored*ing damn this goddamn keyboard..

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