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Well as always I am open to suggestions. The mysterious Q is a no as I have been unable to find a decent face reference

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No interest in remaking Doug Williams (I made him earlier in the year and he is now deleted.)  as he is a UK wrestler and now retired. 

dont know if Josh Barnett is up. he was but as I only have 20 slots I may have replaced him will reupload tomorrow. 

I will also have a look at Wrestlepro and see if there is anything interesting. 

beyond that....

Anton Voorhees

wrestles for hoodslam.




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@Jtown4life none of those really appear to me. however I have been hard at work :D

Wildkat Heavyweight Championship


ROW texas Championship



@P1styles88 some requests completed....

Mysterious Q





Brian Keith




Ryan Davidson

ROW champion




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Not feeling any arenas at the moment. Hoodslam's and Reality Of Wrestling are pretty generic looking so would not be interesting to do.

Belts same thing. if there is something interesting then I could be interested but at the moment nothings jumping out at me. 

I am currently only working on two CAW's one has an interesting attire and the other one I am waiting for advice on part of it. 

without some inspiration or interesting suggestions this project may be winding down (but I accept I have said that before!)

so if you have requests please note the following guidelines.

1) if they have been in a major promotion for more than a cup of tea I am unlikely to be interested.

2) it their attire is boring I am unlikely to be interested (I'm looking at all of you who wrestle in jeans and t-shirts)

3) if they are a tool on their social media I am unlikely to be interested.



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PJ Hawx

Reality Of Wrestling wrestler, son of Luke Hawx. 




Nuk Nuk Johnson

Referee for Hoodslam Wrestling.




Edited by Wizard of thay

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I just came across this thread and these are great. if possible could you reupload your Danny Limelight and Papo Esco?  Also what do you think of Fred Yehi as a possibility? love your work and i hope you keep going.

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Danny limelight and Papo Esco reuploaded.

I am sort of starting to take a break so expect caws at a slower rate.

in the meantime however...

Darius Lockheart 

remake of wrestler from my UK project






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Vida Van

graduate of the Santino Bros wrestling school. currently wrestling for championship wrestling form hollywood




Edited by Wizard of thay
reuploaded alt image with spelling mistake corrected.

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Ok quick question is ACH up i was trying to find him and I couldn't. And if you are familiar with youtube wrestling company GTS if you are able to could you make the founder Grim 

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@Jtown4life as previously mentioned. 

1. no real interest in making further championships unless someone requests something interesting.

2. Think ACH is up but would need to check.

3. No interest in making anyone from GTS.

4. The NJPW Strong championship doesn't interest me. 




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