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An idea for a custom belt

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Ok I have no programs to make my own designs on. But I have an idea for a custom Smoking Skull belt that can't be made with in game designs. I'm gonna quickly sketch out the idea, but basically it's Austin's Smoking Skull, but instead of the WWF/WWE logo, it's his 3:16. In the corners (so to speak) will be 2 skeletal fists with the middle fingers (or to be PG maybe the ring fingers?) Sticking up in his "salute". Template for the center plate would be either the WWE ECW title or the WWE World/Universal for the shapes. Behind these designs I'd want a snakeskin pattern but setup to be golden. The skull and hands are grey or silverish. The border would be a golden rope. The WWE logo would be below the skull between the hands. The 3:16 and WWE logos are solid black.


As for the side plates? Similar borders with golden ropes. Snakeskin background. With skeletal/skull of a rattlesnake but with the tongue sticking out towards the edges of the title. Thinking a plate on either side of center one. No name plates or removable "coins". This title would be for Austin or anyone he "passes the torch" to. The far right side of the belt itself would be a 3dish looking snake head so when clasped, it looks like a snake is eating the belt. Head made of gold.


Thoughts? And if anyone can make the designs for me I'd be grateful. Be sure they'd be available on PS4 though.


(Drawing coming soon)

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