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Entrances you want to see in WWE 2K22


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OK this is a different thread that I'm doing and it's inspired by BrendanX's Moves thread but this time it's for entrances What Entrances Do you want to see getting added as Preset Entrances Next Year


Personally I would like to see More New Japan entrances like we had Okada in 2K20 at the time omega when he was in NJPW in 2K18 and Tanahashi in 2K17 so how about we get Naito and Ibushi This year as well as having entrances like Darby Allin and a bunch of AEW stars in the game as preset entrances

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Hm, i would love to have a few of Triple Hs WM entrances, the Throne one, skull army, etc...of course also Charlottes queen entrance.
Gangrel, doink, boogeyman, smoking gunns, cody rhodes...a few gimmicky ones like a vampire or so.

Would love to have as pyro stings falling snow, maybe there some new things.
Few more pyro effects would be neat.

But mostly i would love to see a ton more championship entrances.
However, only if they add more interactivity to it.
Because as it stands, its pointless to even be able creating championships...are there even any animations in universe mode with them?
More interactivity like being able to choose title taunts in CAM, having the title always at ringside, more universe animations etc.

A new and good HBK entrance would be neat too, as it stands, the ones we got are hardly looking like HBKs.

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On 1/31/2021 at 10:45 AM, Mr155551 said:

I Think regarding Sting Entrances They'd still be in the game after all they kept jericho ambrose and cody's entrances from WWE So I Could see them keeping his entrances

Yeah but when those came out they recently left the the company


I would also get rid of the stupid entrances like much as Old entrance the ballerina


Bring back Raven shopping Cart entrance

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Just thought about this while watching NXT UK. They could easily add short ramp entrances by starting entrances with the ramp animation instead of the stage animation. Would make NXT/NXT UK/Raw & SD Performance Center (if they add those) entrances and the arenas more accurate. Plus it would make a great addition for CAA with many indy promotions having the ring basically a couple feet away from their stage lol

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