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Taz1096's WrestleZone - El Generico '05 - '07 (Also Includes Steen '05 & Castagnoli '05 - '07)

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Taz1096's WrestleZone

Better late than never aye...


After seeing some of the recent work by the INDPspirit team i was inspired to make some CAWs based around the 2005 Indie period myself just to flesh out my mid 2000's roster


I know these wrestlers may eventually be made by the INDPspirit team themselves, but wanted to make something people could play for the time being

I'm not a professional but hopefully these CAWs will be useful to some of you


Claudio Castagnoli - 10/01/21

CAW based around his Mid 2000's look,

X2 Long Hair  X2 Short Hair

second attire by Pacosl1m and the rest by me

Includes Moveset and Entrance




Kevin Steen - 10/01/21

CAW based around his early days in Canada and

in some American indie promotions,

X4 Attires

All attires done by me

Includes Moveset and Entrance




El Generico - 11/01/21

CAW based around 2005-2007,

X2 '06/'07  X2 '05

All attires created by me

Includes Moveset and Entrance



Edited by Taz1096
El Generico ADDED

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12 hours ago, Rekka_N0_Ryo said:

I have not been able to find Cesaro using those tags..

If you search “Claudio” or “Steen” you will be able to find both of them. There aren’t many Claudio or Steen caws on community creation. Either that or search my username “Taz1096”

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Just saw these and they look pretty solid man. If nothing else, I appreciate you taking the time to make & upload these after being inspired to do so. It's VERY possible they'll make these caws, but it's still cool of you to make in the meantime. 

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