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WWE Signings Thread

Guest Fight Me.

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Guest Fight Me.

Have one in the AEW section too, so that these big announcements don't get lost in the shuffle. I also don't mind this just being combined with the releases thread if I may suggest. Anyway...

THE RASCALZ ARE HERE. Minus Trey Miguel for some reason...

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Kind of a shame about Priscilla. WWE seems like a death sentence for someone like her. At a time when the indies are vast, and you have working relationships between AEW/Impact/NJPW...I would have thought it a much better decision to keep doing what she was doing. I guess some people still hold onto that "WWE is the top" mindset, even when it has arguably become less and less accurate. 


At best...maybe a fun run in NXT. Probably stick her in a team with Shotzi for no reason. After that...jobbing to the four horsewomen on Raw/SD, if she ever goes to either.

Not likely to ever be someone that they see as a "top star" or "championship caliber". 

Best bet would probably be to bring Paige back as her manager/valet. Which, she doesn't need...but that seems like the WWE thing to do.

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Guest Fight Me.

Funny how Elayna Black just got in a Twitter feud with Joey Janela like this week cause he's refused to work with her. He tried to get her blacklisted from GCW and everything. Welp lol

Also that Zoey Stark girl saw her chance to name herself Stark and took it. Bless. Unless that's their shoot names they listed. :lol:

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Here's who is gonna retire Brock


Parker Boudreaux was backstage at last night’s WWE NXT taping, according to Fightful Select.

There’s no word on if Parker is having talks with WWE, but it was noted that WWE has their eyes on him.

The University of Central Florida football player recently made pro wrestling headlines as Paul Heyman praised him in a tweet, which you can see below.

“His tweet is not a prediction. It’s a spoiler. Save this #HustleTweet for future historical reference. @ParkerBoudreaux,” Heyman wrote in response to Parker’s comments on how 2021 will be a special year for him.

The 6-foot-4 300 pound offensive lineman has been compared to Brock Lesnar, and even calls himself “The Next Big Thing” as Lesnar was once called.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Boudreaux as he previously told Lucha Libre Online that he would be joining a pro wrestling company.

Stay tuned for more.


Finisher is the F7 since Wardlow got the F10 locked  :hqhq:

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Meiko Satomura, Tony Gill, Metehan Kocabasoglu and Bailey Matthews announced as latest NXT UK signings

WWE today announced the latest signings to NXT UK, including Meiko Satomura of Japan, Tony Gill of West Sussex, England, Metehan Kocabasoglu of Germany and Bailey Matthews of Blackpool, England. 

They join a crop of talent who have recently debuted on NXT UK, including Rampage Brown, Aleah James, Sha Samuels and Ben Carter.

The latest NXT UK additions include:

  • MEIKO SATOMURA (Niigata, Japan) – Lauded as being “the best in the world”, Meiko Satomura was part of the 2018 Mae Young Classic where she faced Toni Storm in the semi-finals. Having co-founded SENDAI Girls’ Pro Wrestling, she went on to huge success on the independent scene which saw her become PROGRESS Women’s Champion.
  • TONY GILL (West Sussex, England) – Anglo-Indian Tony Gill moved to Australia as a child before heading to Canada where he trained under Lance Storm. Following in the footsteps of the biggest Punjabi names in WWE history, including The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal, Tony Gill is ready to make an impact in NXT UK bringing a combination of styles inspired by the likes of Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle.
  • METEHAN KOCABASOGLU (Berlin, Germany) – Representing his Turkish heritage and currently residing in Berlin, Germany, the 6-foot powerhouse almost became a professional footballer before moving into the world of sports-entertainment. Metehan is a former wXw Champion who has competed against the likes of Timothy Thatcher, Ilja Dragunov and NXT UK Champion WALTER. 
  • BAILEY MATTHEWS (Blackpool, England) – Ready to roar onto the scene and represent his hometown of Blackpool, England, Bailey Matthews is set to bring a unique style to NXT UK inspired by the likes of Johnny Saint, Billy Robinson and NXT General Manager William Regal. 

NXT UK continues every Thursday at 3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. GMT on WWE Network and repeated Friday at 10 p.m. GMT on BT Sport in the UK. 


I already knew about Meiko and Gill but Metehan (Lucky Kid) and Bailey (William Regal's son) are new.

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1 minute ago, dje_wba said:

I'm surprised that Lucky Kid is new to you, I've seen him wrestle a number of times in a few different promotions here in the UK, including ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Fight Club Pro, and Progress.

Oh, no. I just meant his signing is new to me. I'm familiar with his work.

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Top prospect Parker Boudreaux has reportedly signed a developmental deal to work WWE NXT.

Boudreaux recently made pro wrestling headlines after receiving a nod from Paul Heyman. He also appeared in social media photos with Eva Marie at her Royal Rumble Viewing Party in California last week. Now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Boudreaux has signed a developmental deal with WWE.

Boudreaux has reportedly quit the University of Central Florida football team to pursue a career in pro wrestling. He missed last season due to a concussion, but was to come back in 2021 for his senior year. The school just released their roster for next season and Parker was not included, and then they confirmed that he left the team.

The 6-foot-4 and 301 pound Boudreaux, who has been compared to a young Brock Lesnar, was backstage for the January 20 NXT TV show, but there’s no word yet on when he will make his debut.

Stay tuned for more on Parker’s WWE status.

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hopefully the face push is still in the cards. 

Cesaro has reportedly agreed to a new deal with WWE.

Cesaro has been on main roster WWE television since 2012, in the last nine years, he has won a multitude of championships, helped launch the modern-day NXT brand, yodeled, lost his first name, and continuously shined in every role to the best of his ability.

Recently, a report from WrestlingInc. noted that Cesaro’s WWE contract would be expiring after WrestleMania but a new report from Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, states that Cesaro has agreed to a new deal with WWE.

While it is unclear as of this writing whether he has only verbally agreed or signed a new contract, Cesaro agreed to this deal several weeks ago.

The timing of his agreeing to the deal is reportedly after the Gauntlet Match held on WWE SmackDown to determine who would challenge Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble event.

Dave Meltzer reports that Cesaro was slated for the huge push that Shinsuke Nakamura received in the match, noting that the idea for a new babyface to be made by Going the distance and getting screwed by Roman Reigns at the end of the match was a Daniel Bryan idea and the original pitch was to have Cesaro in that role instead of Shinsuke Nakamura.

Fightful will continue to monitor the story and report any and all updates. You can see all up-to-date contract information in our contract expiration date resource.

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