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Move - Set For Alice Lazzara


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(Alice Lazzara Move-Set)
Standard Actions :
Ring In /Out :

Sliding In

Sliding Out

Apron Ring-In /Out:

Female Ring in 4

Female Ring Out 2

Apron Ringside-In/Out:

Female Apron Climb

Normal Apron Dismount1

~ Taunts ~

Paige 2

Paige 3

Fired Up 14

Paige 1

Standing Strikes:

Straight Left 

Backhand Chop 2 - analog up

Left Kick - analog down 

Slap 2 - analog left

Slap 1 - analog right

Strike Combo: 

Straight Left

Slap 1 

Slap 2

Leg Sweep

Strong Strikes :
Superkick 10

Dropkick 12

Kick Reversal: 

Leg Caught Knee

Leg Caught Take Down

Scorpion Deathlock 2

Mule Kick Reversal 1

Front Facelock :

Knee Strike 2


Guillotine Choke 2

Hatch Suplex

Float - Over Snap Suplex

Swinging Knee lift 2

Perfect - Plex 1 

Swinging Knee lift 2

Side headlock :
Knee to The Head


Sleeper Hold 1

Dropkick 11

Sole kick & Uppercut 

Hair Pull Mat Slam

Balor Forearm Smash

Hair Pull Mat Slam

Wrist Lock
Arm Wrench


Tequila Sunrise 

Arm Wrench/Arm Breaker

Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissor 

Dropkick 11 

Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissor

Hatch Suplex

Waist Lock:
Forearm Smash 

FW Electric Chair Drop

Sleeper Suplex

Sleeper Suplex

Sidewinder Suplex

Sidewinder *Again*

^Do Whatever you Want with All the limb targets, skipping to stun grapples!!^

Front Groggy Grapple:
Swinging Knee Lift 2
Standing Shiranui 2
Exploder Suplex 3 
Exploder Suplex 1
Standing Shiranui 1

Behind Groggy Grapple:
Leg Drop DDT
Inverted DDT
Inverted Backbreaker
Inverted DDT
Leg Drop DDT *Again*

Groggy Grapple Sumbmission :
Dungeon Lock 
Cobra Clutch 1
Leverage Pin: Victory Roll 3


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