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WWE "Invasion" of WCW

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I'd like to do a reverse "invasion" storyline.  I want to create CAW wrestlers, belts, and arenas WCW.  To have a WCW calendar year for Nitro, Thunder, and WCW ppv's for Universe and/or Create a Story.  I plan to do custom Nitro and Thunder belts, similar to Raw and Smackdown belts, respectively.  I'm using PS2, PS3, and PS4.  I have SJBI-SVR 2011 (PS2), SVR 2008-2K17 (PS3), and 2K18-2K20 (PS4).  I'm currently doing CAW's of the wrestlers whose movesets you have to unlock in the older games.  The newer games seem to have the wrestlers themselves that you can just unlock.  The newer games don't have formulas on here.  I checked CC but it said the site wasn't running.  I want to create a WCW-themed Universe, Story, etc.  I'd appreciate any info.  Thanks in advance.

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