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Dr. Fumbles

Drfumbles OC's 2: Clever sequel subtitle

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Ok hopefully I can be more active on this one, so it doesn't shut down. Gonna make a serious push to get my original 60 female caws, before 2k22. The same people form the previous thread are up, but we're starting off with a certain former track star (complete with a gear design revamp)


As always, the main tag is akira19

Angela White - Anchorage, AK


Jodi also gets a new smoother face edit (monitor issues). Also due to that opacity bug here is her logo work (for those that want to download her):



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5 hours ago, judas priest superstar said:

Yeah, blame it on being a down year with no new game for us CAW makers and that. But at least 2k19 is still alive and well. 

Yeah I'm still using 2K19. Still hoping that one day 2K20 will be fixed but not expecting it to.


ps. send me a pm and I'll hook you up with some of my 2K19 related ideas. I don't get many comments on here but send me a message if you want to and you'll see the creativity go down.


And good work Dr. Fumbles. Keep doing what you do.

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15 hours ago, Dr. Fumbles said:

Hmm, this place doesn't seem to be as poppin' as before...

Listen dude, Haven't finished my list yet. When I'd do, I'll let you know & post it on this column. Plus My slots are full so It will be awhile till I'd request them. 

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