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This community means a lot to me. Thanks, guys.

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Today was the first day I revisited Caws in nearly 10 years.  I notice the forum is relatively inactive, and I assume there has been plenty nostalgic posts to fill what might be a growing void.  So, I apologize if this thread is redundant.

I just want to thank this community for how much you all have positively influenced me during a critical time in my life.  I joined this forum in 2007, when I was an impressionable 10 or 11 year old.  I don't remember what made me join Caws, but I wound up being a regular poster for the next five or so years.  If I were to ever read my old posts, it would be trippy to see the development of the person I am today.  This community is directly responsible for opening me to music and professional wrestling -- passions that I hold as a 24 year old adult.  Not to mention how talking to so many different types of people at a young age has shaped my general world views.

And I could writing a *censored*ing book about the memories I have and the exchanges I read on here.  So much hilarious shit that I'll stay reminiscing over.

Shoutout M3J, Generations, Fuse, DAN, Muur, Vik, Ollie the Magic Bum, Anti-Saint, Radom, Notorious LIO, Spyder, AssaultDriver720, Lai, Grenade, Nickvana.  I assume a number of these posters are long gone.  Wish I could add more posters to the list, but I'm struggling to remember names at the moment.

I tried keeping this thread short, but I don't wanna understate how important Caws was to my childhood and adolescence.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Thanks again, people.  Stay great.

Edit: Does Caws have a Discord?  It should!

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