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Does Anyone Have all of sspd007's CAWS for Xbox 360?

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Hello, I am new here. I need your help. there was this WWE 13/2K14 CAW Creator named "sspd077" and i contacted him on DeviantArt and, i have very upsetting news. I asked him on DeviantArt about his CAWS via a note I sent him and if he still has his formulas. well. the very sad and upsetting news is that he said he doesn't have them anymore. because he had a house fire a long time ago. and it destroyed everything including his xbox 360 and his HDD. I felt so bad for him, he didn't deserve that, poor guy. so, if anyone still has his CAWS like Hell Knight Ingrid, Asagi Igawa, even his WWE 13 CAWS. like Oboro, etc. all hope is probably lost because since the servers have been dead for years now..

I'm trying to preserve as much fantasy CAWS as possible.

here's examples of the best CAWS he created.

he said in one of his videos. that he wanted people to download his CAWS because of the house fire situation he had.





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