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Need Help with Two Matches

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1. Royal rumble to unlock Cena. I get all the way to the final 3 and they always throw me out due to low health. Any tips as far as making it to the end and being healthy enough to win? Most of the opponents reverse 90% of the moves. 

2. How do you win triple threat matches? I cant figure out a way to keep one guy down or away long enough to get a pin/submission on the other guy. The Mysterio-Kalisto Wrestlemania triple threat had me stalled. 

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 With the Rumble I had to "cheat" climb the top turnbuckle.. any corner at any stage in the match... only jump attack or kick if someone comes near you.

Grind them right down and makes it a breeze to eliminate the last one standing!

You will take mild damage but I made the whole rumble still within Yellow meter

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