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Guest Fight Me.

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Oho, didnt expect anything this year...lets see.
Im expecting a mobile game, which could be neat if done right.

But maybe they surprise us with a next gen console game reveal or so...i dont go into this with too high expectations to not get disappointed.
Still, lets see what they show.

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I hope they have something fantastic to show us, especially since all this competition means no more being stuck with a "well, you take what you can get" mentality for wrestling games and hopefully is a good kick in the ass for 2K.

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Well, lets see what they got in store next week for us.
I like their optimism for sure, and that they seem to think farther ahead, spreading the brand.

A neat little GM mode smartphone game could be neat as hell.
But of course its the console game im most interested in.

Most important to me is that they get a good base game.
Content wise it doesnt need to be too big for a start, sure would be nice...but the basics need to be strong, because on that you can build up on.


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4 hours ago, Kombatant said:

If this is for a console game, it'll be fun to see this thread or AEW game section active with discussions, speculation, wishlists, leaks  and news updates since the wwe2k section is usually pretty dead and will be until about at least mid 2021

In certainly hoping to see a game i actually want and want to discuss, that's for sure. Could not care less about Battlegrounds and Undefeated, and apparently The Wrestling Code is still in pre-production.

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Guest Fight Me.

Yeah I keep refreshing their YT and usually there would already be a live stream link if they were doing it like that. There's nothing but that announcement vid lol

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