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CCW (Caw Championship Wrestling) Roster?

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Okay, well I'm trying to figure out which Custom CAWs (not ones based off real wrestlers mind you. These have to be originals like my Tinman 3099 or Black (which I haven't uploaded yet) you guys have downloaded and look and work best. I need both men and women (a lot of women would be nice, seeing as I want a full show to be just women. Working Title is Wednesday Women Warriors. It's corny but I dunno. Just want it on Wednesday and to use WWW as its initials for the Ring and Arena.

Monday's would be mixed show (men and women) whereas Friday's are just males. No PPV shows that I can think I'd like to make yet. Gonna make custom titles too (or modifications to ones I made already. Like my WWE Women's Intercontinental Championship (see my post on my custom titles) might even use Andy Kauffman's Intergender Championship as a kinda mixed tag team championship. Not sure on that one.


If you guys want to submit your customs to join the roster, you are welcome to. I can even keep you up to date on their progress and stuff. I won't skip matches but I won't play them where I control a wrestler. I'll just watch and stuff.  Sound like a cool idea? (If I knew how, could maybe even post match videos and make like an e-fed out of it.)

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