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Just looking for a bit of info

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Didn't know where to put it.

Anyways I was just wondering if anyone here has any info on what the legal status is on YouTube caw shows (or e feds if that's what you call 'em) that use the 2K games. I checked the 2K policy and they seem to say it's fine putting gameplay up. But what about a more elaborate situation? Like if I do for my caw show a well made authentic looking promo vid saying Triple H or something is gonna show up on my fictional show is that allowed? I've actually sent an email about this to 2K but who knows if I'll get anything back so I thought I'd ask here also.

I've also heard that fan art type situations might not always be legal. And seeing as this site is for making our own caws of characters that are a lot of times most likely copyrighted I thought this would be the place to ask about all this as I find it confusing.



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Either contact Google or YouTube directly. I was in an efed once that used to put videos off of WWE Here Comes The Pain with the CAWs doing the matches on a site. YouTube would probably be better suited to it especially if you used Universe Mode as a sort of GM Mode. Show full "episodes" on YouTube if you would.


But yeah, ask their supports. Just state that it's a request for clarification. They should help. If you don't want to, I will.


But side note: I know you can post your "story" in the story mode with your male and female characters. I see tons of those. But full on shows that are custom idk. Let me know and if/how I can join.

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Well awhile back I ended up asking a mod on the 2K forums if I can do my show. He/or she didn't seem to be certain but said something to the effect of "I'd be fine with it if it were me".


One thing is is I no longer use the real wrestlers on my show. All the characters are my original caws. So that's something. But yeah I still wish I could get certain clarification from 2K on this.


What I do is I use clips of my caws talking on the mic in the video creator and I just put my own text over it in my movie editing program to let the viewer know what the characters are saying. 2K has a thing on their site that says you can put your gameplay up and they say they actually like seeing the fans creations it seems. I'm still wondering though.


And finally, I'm just gonna be a one man show for the time being. Although I totally appreciate you asking.


But yeah if anyone can find out. As I say 2K say on their site say that they love seeing fan made vids but I still wanna get specific clarification.

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