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Dont Feed The Parasprites

The fictional/NON-WWE arenas

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How do you guys feel about these?  

I'm really happy with them tbh, they all feel so unique as opposed to a lot of the WWE current arenas which use mostly the same stage set up with just the graphics changed on the Trons.  

Do you hope they include more? 

Which one is your favorite?  Mine is hands down Southpaw Wrestling it's just perfect.  Without DLC I would say the Baseball Arena or the Winter one were the coolest


Any ideas for future ones?  


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I think if Custom arena's actually worked well without bugs or missing features the In game fake arenas would been a waste of space.

But alas... you know the saying...


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Yes, LAW and BCW ones are good. The Winterfest is okay. But there are a lot they could have done without. Like the Arena (can't recall the name) where Tre fight Jerry Lawler in a Loser Leaves Town match and Red faces Lita. It's a ball stadium in Memphis is all I remember. Kinda a dumb one.

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