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Nihon-1 Wrestling 2K19

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Ok...I've procrastinated enough. At long last, the final 4 members of the N1 roster


Don't let his jovial nature and funky looking ring gear fool you, Shingo is in actually not only the best pure striker in N1, but one of the top ranked Shorin-Ryu Karate-ka practitioners on the planet. Son of the famed Grand Master Hitsugaya Uchiyama, Shingo was raised to follow his footsteps...and does eventually plan to take his father's place as Sensei of their dojo. But before that day comes, he's dived into his 2nd love, Pro wrestling. Happy-go-lucky and always with a smile on his face, Shingo is naturally one of the most popular wrestlers in the company, despite having fell short of winning gold a few times.



"The Rabid Wolf" Shohei Tenrai is a man of few words, but bold...and often violent action.  With a singular focus on proving he is the most dominant force in N1, Shohei holds no allegiances. The true embodiment of the "Ronin", he walks a solo path paved with the bodies of broken foes, his prize being defeating Rokuro for the World Title..



Kenpo Karate expert, MMA fighter and long standing rival of Shingo, Tarou in recent times has found himself under the wing or Honma, serving as one of his right hand men. A loyal and fierce competitor, his striking is only surpassed by the likes of Shingo and Rokuro...but make no mistakes, he's more then capable of besting anyone with his arsenal of punches, kicks, knees, elbows and submission holds. What he lacks in flash he more then makes up for in brutal efficiency.



The Japanese "God Of War" and easily the most imposing figure in N1 wrestling. Gohda began his career training to become a Sumo wrestler, but became bored with it...despite having the talent and skill to move up the ranks quickly. He would depart the sport of Sumo in his by 27, and decided to make the jump into pro wrestling. Since then, he's firmly established his place among the most dominant super heavyweights in the business.


Tags are OZDBX and N1.

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@Oz70NYCGlad to have you back doing what you do dude. I'll check them out today but not sure how many images you used on those but will try to get most of them. Don't forget, there is a list of CAWS that I'd need from you in the mere future in the other forum post. Will post it down the road.

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I'm looking forward to the caw roster being finished! I'd love to see your luchas that I saw you mention in another thread, but I know you're probably hard at work as is! Regardless I can't wait to see what you put out next

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I got the i guess  the last four that are up now i missed the other ten you ran before on cc.i didn't  know you changed your tag for these caws.is there any chance of reupload  the first ten thanks 

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