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RIP Hana Kimura

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I was so shocked and in tears when I read it last Saturday on Diva Dirt Right in the morning. :(

Couldn't believe that it really had happen and was hopping it was just fake News like when other Celebrities or athletes were announced as being dead and then they just appeared saying it is not true.

Unfortunately it wasn't the case. Why People have to be so cruel to a Person on social media over a stupid reality Show is really beyond me!

They feel entitled to hate others only because they feel or act differently in a Situation or even they know they would had acted the same, they do as if they wouldn't only because they are fans of the other involved Celebrity.

After so many years and so many suicides, People still don't realize that being on the Internet and "hiding" anonymously behind a username doesn't entitle someone to be cruel, respectless and mean to everyone they like only because they can.

A huge loss for the Industry hana was a blessed athlete with a great Future ahead of her, a future that will never take place again. Hope These People will look in the Mirror and see what Kind of Monsters they are!

Some might have a wake up call and hopefuly Change their ways. Sadly many of them will still Keep doing the same Things shrugging it off as if it was Nothing.

PLEASE don't give such People the power to harm your Soul,quitting would give such People even more power over you then they actually have!

Don't let their low selfesteem and their dissatisfactions affect you!

Keep going strong, love and accept yourselfs for the persons that you all really are and let such experiences help you grow  instead of harming you in any way.

Will definately miss watching her on stardom! She was Always fun in Oedo Tai and after she came back and started her own faction in Tokyo Cyber Squad! :)

May you rest in Peace Hana! You will be greatly missed!


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This comes from someone on the Stardom reddit. I just had to share it.


A small fable about a flower

*This is a small story I wrote to help me process my feelings about Hana's death. RIP Hana Kimura*

There was a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. And on that island, there was tiny village that was famous for its flowers. All of its parks and gardens were filled with the most beautiful flowers. Ruby red roses, ice blue asters, fiery yellow sunflowers. Flowers in all colours.

But then one morning, while crossing the village square, the mailman fell from his bike in a loud yelp. In the middle of the square, peeking through the cobblestones was the most stunning flower he'd ever seen. Each petal was a different colour. As he leaned in, he saw the calm blue of his late grandmother's delft pottery, the red flash of the cardinal's feathers outside his window that morning, the dark amber of the necklace he gave his first girlfriend. And so many more colours, some he couldn't name because he'd never seen them before.

His fall had attracted the attention of the other villagers and soon they were all admiring the flower. How lovely it was! How strong, to have pushed through the cobblestones! How happy it made them! What a wonderful day this was for their village. Everybody had a spring in their step that day, and they often found excuses to make a detour through the village square, to catch another glimpse of the flower.

But soon night fell, and one by one the people of the village returned to their homes and went to bed. As the stars came out, the village bathed in colourful dreams. The baker dreamed about not just baking the same old loaves of bread but little tarts with red strawberries covered in white cream swirls. The mailman thought about the doctor's bronze tanned hands with which he inspected the mailman's sprained ankle. The police chief's daughter thought about running away to the mainland and its rows and rows of red brick houses, full of people, so many people. The school teacher dreamed about recovering her canvases and brushes from the back of the school cabinet and making the colours come alive again.

But as the stars appeared, so too did the ocean winds that blew through the village and its square each night. The flower tried to hang on to the cobblestones with it roots, it tried so very hard. But the winds were strong, the night was long, and cobblestones are only stones.

The police chief's daughter, sneaking off to the village's little port, was the first to notice the flower was gone. Her cries soon woke the other villagers. They all cried, some wailed, and they cursed the winds. Was there ever a village as unlucky, as cursed as theirs, to have lost such a beautiful flower?

The mailman just shook his head. Not cursed, he thought, no, they were blessed. Blessed to have even seen such a flower bloom at all.



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Hana's funeral was successfully completed. This portrait was taken in the studio by photographer Sasaki last November. A gorgeous floral photo. Many business associates and friends and acquaintances saw her off and brought him to her final rest. The flowers in the coffin were so beautiful that they looked like they were sleeping. A flower in eternal slumber...one big flower only one in the world.

Sleep well Hana ?

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Yeah i read orginally she was supposed to slap the guy but she couldn’t even bring herself to do that, so instead she just knocked his hat off.  And she still got that flood wave of hate over her. 

If only she was allowed to leave back in December when she asked for it.?



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