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TWC Roster - Danny Limelight Confirmed!

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Ehm, can anybody fill me in what im missing here?
I mean in terms of Hassan...why this is such a big deal and all?
I dont really understand it, i know about the storyline back with the Undertaker and all that, but i think outside of America it didnt felt like such a big deal.
And he doesnt seem to have done many matches after 2005 or when it was, so i dont really understand the big deal.

Either way, the video is pretty neat in terms of the visuals.
The Facial animations are pretty bad, but understandably so, since its a alpha version and such stuff i think is detail work you do when most thinks are done already.
Other than that the visuals are nice.
Very detailed and nicely colored.
Animations are fine, slightly rough but again, alpha version.

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Pretty good for where they are at in the process.


The thing with Hassan is that he is one of WWE’s bigger what if’s. His character was polarizing and people were interested in how far he would have went if he wasn’t taken off TV. Was a shame they couldn’t find anything else for him to do. Always thought he was pretty solid and I enjoyed to hate him at the time.

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The visuals look very good so far. The facial expressions and body movement needs to be more fluid and need work.

Other than that good job so far.

Can't wait to see more.

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