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Just a wrestling chat with no real theme. Didn't want to make 100038 threads for 18394020 different topics that relate to wrestling so this is the solution. Talk about whatever you want that's related to wrestling. Try not to bring topics that already have thread because that would defeat the whole purpose. Let's start with your favorite wrestling stuff. How about your favorite guys that never came to wwe/wcw? Ill always love Hayabusa. He was so badass. One of the most influential high flyers of all time. Also look at that mask.


Super Dragon is also one of my favorites. (obviously)  He has such a unique movesets in wrestling today. He is the Indy equivalent of the Undertaker. That has to mean something. Also look at that gear.


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So i watched ICW: NHB3 over the weekend and if your into deathmatch wrestling watch out for this dude Akira. He had a incredible match a week or so ago at another ICW show and he had a really good brawl against Tremont but more importantly he is pretty god damn insane. He got a bad cut a few minutes into the match had probably a inch and a half chuck of his chest ripped out and kept going like it was nothing. 

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