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my wwe2k19 CC Username on PC: Darius

you can find the character with the tag "WCW" too.

I Love WCW so i decided to do some CAW´s. Have fun with them. More coming in future. 

you can find all my created face and attire textures here

my Twitter: https://twitter.com/Peja121

Billy Kidman:




The Giant:



Rey Mysterio:




Rick Steiner:




Scott Steiner:



Booker T:



Stevie Ray:




Arn Anderson:



Chris Benoit:



Dean Malenko:




Have fun with them.


Edited by Peja12

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38 minutes ago, cmhunter7g2 said:

Pretty good. It's been awhile since I've seen Mysterio in that era but from what I remember that looks pretty accurate. Good job.

Thank you very much

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i added booker t and stevie ray. have fun with them.

i can upload only 5 caw at the moment. when you want a caw thats not uploaded in the moment, then write here and i will upload it!

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Ooooooooo That's Not half bad! Colours look spot on.

Like the snickers logo for extra points

Yeh I mean, I've only just started working on mine again too... same textures slightly different Tron Drops but it looks the same. Well done!

Once you got Souled out done you can copy and paste and change them around to get the others.. only ones that take extra attention are any classic 94 arenas like saturday night wcw arena and stuff.

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