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The Undertaker ('90-99) Moveset - Shut Your Mouth

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If you make CAW of the Undertaker from 90-99 for Shut Your Mouth, it is recommended to change his move set. Originally, a move-set template for a 1990-1999 Undertaker was made by Sirwadealot but the link on angelfire no longer exists.

Ability (This is based off the in-game Undertaker's ability attributes)
Power (POW): 4 4
Speed (SPE): 2 2
Technique (TEC): 2 2
Rough Neck (ROU): 3 3
Auto Setting (Moveset): Undertaker or Kane

Fighting Style: Undertaker or Kane
Walking Style: Normal
Running Style: Normal
Ring In Move: Normal (if auto-set it to Kane)
Winning Move: Undertaker or Kane
Ring Out Move: Normal or Backwards Ring Out
Entrance Movie: Undertaker
Entrance Moves: Kane (if auto-set to Undertaker)
Entrance Music: Original 8 or Original 13 (Original 8 is similar to his Graveyard Symphony Theme. Original 13 also works too as it is considered to be a similar, more suitable theme for Undertaker)
Taunts: Taunt Kane 2, Taunt Kane 2, Taunt Kane 4 (or Taunt Chris Jericho 2), Taunt Kane 2, Taunt Kane 4 (or Taunt Chris Jericho 2)

Ready Moves
Attack: Undertaker Big Boot, Toe Kick 1, Undertaker Punches 1, Toe Kick 2, Undertaker Punches 3, Kane Throat Thrust 2
Grapple: Scoop Slam 2, Undertaker Sideslam, Kane Grapple, Suplex 2 
Grapple (G1): Jacknife Powerbomb 1, Undertaker Knee Strike, Super Spinebuster, Kane Throat Thrust 3
Grapple (G2): Kane Lifting & Toss, DDT 1 (or DDT 2), Kane Throat Thrust 2, Undertaker Fury Punch
Back Attack: Pumphandle Slam 2, Reverse DDT, Forearm Smash, Russian Leg Sweep 2, 
Back Attack (G1): Sidewalk Slam 3, High Angle Backdrop 2, Pumphandle Slam 1, Atomic Drop
The Edge of a Ceiling: Undertaker Chokeslam, It Thrusts Down, Undertaker Chokeslam, It Thrusts Down

Attack: Undertaker Stomp, Leg Drop, Elbow Drop 4
Grapple: Darkness Choke 1, Darkness Pin, Mounted Punching 2, Knee Stomp, Leg Lock 1, Single-Leg Crab 1

Attack: Turnbuckle Clothesline, Turnbuckle Clothesline, Knee Attack 1
Grapple: Chokeslam (or Body Strikes), Old School, Choke, Kane Strikes, Kane Throat Thrust 4
Back Attack: Beat Head, Hanging in Reverse, Shoulder Strike, Turnbuckle Toe Kick

Rope Opponent
Rope Down: Big Boot
Rebound Attack: Flying Lariat 2, Running Leg Drop, Vaulting Body Press 2
Jump Down Over: Rope Flip 1

Stand: Kane Diving Clothesline (or Flying Clothesline), Double Axe Handle 3
Down: Knee Drop 1, Elbow Drop 3, Elbow Drop 3

Attack: Clothesline 7, Flying Lariat 2
Grapple: Neckbreaker 1, Running DDT
Back Attack: Mat Slam 2, Bulldog
Squatting Attack: Benoit Elbow Drop, Running Leg Drop
Counter: Tilt A Whirl Sideslam, Shoulder Back Toss 2, Hip Toss 2

Double Team
Stand: Double Flapjack, Double DDT, Double Suplex 1, Double Clothesline, Double Beat Head
Turnbuckle: Front Slam (or Double Chokeslam), Mudhole Stomping 1, Powerbomb, Kick to the Gut

Special: Tombstone Piledriver 1, Undertaker Chokeslam 1 (or Undertaker Chokeslam 2 or Chokeslam 3)
Favorites: Flying Lariat 2, Kane Throat Thrust 3, Old School
Special Weapon: Guillotine 3, Guillotine 3
Combination Moves: Kane Throat Thrust 1 (or Undertaker Punches 1 for a '97 feel), Undertaker Body Punch, Kane Throat Thrust 2

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