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I need some help!

What will be the second VGWF title  

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  1. 1. What will be the third VGWF title

    • A hardcore/24/7 type belt
    • An X division belt
    • Intercontinental/Global type title
    • Pure championship
    • Other (reply with concept)

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Hello Everyone! This is my first real post and since I'm set to get svr 06 I would like to tell you my plans for that game. So I am a big customizer and a caw mode is a main selling point for me. That being said I'm happy to report that SVR 06 has a great caw mode from what I've seen on this site. So I have plans to create a caw brand that's been brewing since I got my first ps2 game, the legendary HCTP. Its called VGWF (Video Game Wrestling Federation). I couldn't really do much with it since only cosmetic create mode in htcp was the caw mode so I couldn't expand it very much. So I got svr 05 and I do like the cac mode in that game but the belts are Hella expensive. So I have collected a ton of orignal and real life wrestler Formulas from this site. I also ripped two championship Formulas for the VGWF Title and VGWF midcard title which is TBD. (Please give me some names!) 

So I think the first VGWF champion with be Hayabusa (using Hghlndr1037's formula.) and I will most likely have the first mid card champion being my main caw Alix Omega. (If you wanna see pics tell me!) 

So regarding the title, I need some help with the aforementioned midcard title and a recommended formula/design for it. Also I need recommendations for the match to determine the champion. (Royal Rumble, TLC, ETC) Also does any one have some RAW and Smackdown championship Formulas? Last thing, how many caw slots are there in this game? Also if you have a guide to unlockables and stuff I would like that. :) thanks!

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