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525583412_WWE2K20_20200317114603.thumb.jpg.8ba95dacb8bc750ba89b2eec2dfa15e6.jpgYou guys get the scoop, these will be trickled out all day as I am tweaking still..


Okay I am a HUGE turtles fan, and I've liked a few turtle Caws over the years but the time for playing is over! Well until I  finish and play the game.

So I was working on it for a longgg time and this is what I got so far


Not to shabby if I do say so myself, But I am looking for help on the face, I need to adjust so the nose it's reflective as it is, so I put this up and made it reuploadable if anyone wants to help out.  Might do them all. Not sure. Finding the pics wasnt to hard though


Okay now to the releases


DARTH MAUL - #Darth Maul #Rcoehrs


Zues/ Deebo # Zues #Deebo #Rcoehrs


Peewee Herman #Peewee #Rcoehrs #Herman

Might do a few more today check back if you like, also because I ran out of space I got rid of a few on CC, just pm me if you need a Creation and I'll out it back up THANKS!



Coming Soon...


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Thanks!  thinking outside the box this year has soothed the burn slightly of this trash fire game lol

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Krang just made my whole damn morning

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