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★★★ Texture Resources ★★★

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Pretty much every texture from 90% of all wrestling games. (Uploaded 24th Feb 2020 on MediaFire)



Ps1 - WWF Warzone, Attitude

Dreamcast - WWF Royal Rumble

Ps2 - HCTP, Just Bring It, SYM




Xb - RAW, RAW 2 (Only skins and faces), WM21

GC - Day of Reckoning, DOR 2, WM x8




Ps2 - SvR 2006

Xbox 360 - SvR 2007 to 11, Legends of WM




Xbox 360 - THQ WWE12,13,2K14




Ps4 - 2K15 - 17, (Some misc 2k18 & 19 Textures)




Xbox 360 - TNA Impact, TNA Mobile, Lucha AAA, NJPW, Wrestle Kingdom




Ps1 - ECW Acclaims, WCW Mayhem (Rings Only),

N64 - WCW Feel The Bang (New from 2019)





If anyone has WCW Mayhem Wrestler Attires, Wrestle Kingdom 1 & 2 Attires, 2K18

I'd love to have an updated collection in one place.


I have some other mobile ones and THQ All Stars but quality is so low-res they are unusable for modern textures.


Bonus: Credits to black_machismo


WWE 2K20




WWE 2K19 with Past WWE and UFC Textures








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Sharing is only good for the Community , the more people have access to the better they will get with Caw's and mod's.... and hopefully we'll one day have a modern game with the community talents of the No MercyMod's

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I've uploaded my own custom & "stolen" from N64 mod's textures for WCW WWE arenas. I would love to give credits to the original N64 texture creators but it's been years on some of these and I genuinely can't remember.




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