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Modern CAW collab.


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Hullo everyone. I've been playing alot of SvR 07 lately as it is one of my favorite WWE games and I've been planning to create some current wrestler caws to add to do stuff like GM mode with or something.

Problem is, while I'm kinda good at making faces, bodies and basic attires. I suck at using logos to make tattoos or add more detail to faces and attires. So that's why I'm asking to collab with anyone with the skills and an Xbox 360 with SvR 07 that is interested.


The caws I already am planning to create are:


CM Punk (Modern)

Chris Jericho (AEW)

AJ Styles (OC or WM35)

Daniel Bryan (Current)

Matt Riddle

Keith Lee

Jon Moxley (AEW)

Kevin Owens

Becky Lynch

The Fiend


I'm open to suggestion as this is definitely not gonna be the whole roster. Those are only my current favorites. I'm gonna try to post formulas once I'm done creating them and everybody who collabed will be credited.


Thanks in advance if you're at least interested in this project.


(Also, help with movesets, attributes and entrances would be nice if you can provide it)

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