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WWE2K20 Adjusted Attributes [Version 2 In Progress]

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18 hours ago, NewAjeOutlaw said:

Have the last 26 episodes of AEW, Impact & MLW DVR'd so I have enough to have them as up to date as possible. The rest of WWE and NXT/NXT UK are next then it'll probably be AEW, Impact, MLW and finally NWA (they are the only promotions I watch or can watch atm).

Quick preview on Version 2 (adjustments will be by how they were booked from Rumble to Mania). Ongoing changelog added to first post for those who downloaded the ZIP and would like to update as I finalise them for this release (just keep checking the OP daily for new wrestler updates).19569954_AAPreview.thumb.png.793e0a110d918c53a95ea2cf0dd202af.png

For any of those interested in what else I have ongoing or planned here is my list (Status).:

- Alt Attires (Ongoing; In the Caws > PS4)

- Adjusted Attributes Version 2 (May 2020)

- Complete Known Bug List with any known resolutions (taken from Bugs & Glitches thread) (Ongoing; Will add to my Workaround thread at some point)

- Updated Full Move Sets for Original Roster (Undecided; Currently using the fins/sigs by Motown Saint in this section)

- Updated Personality/Skills for Original Roster (Ongoing Locally; Release Undecided)

- My Universe Results (Monthly/Bi-Monthly)

Can't wait for these pal, especially the rest of wwe and aew ?

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Probably a couple of weeks. Just over half have been given a quick run through so far. After I've done the next half I'll go though and finalise them (will add the overall changes of those to the OP with a superstar count if anyone is interested in the progress) so yeah probably a couple of weeks.

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Hey all, 

Apologies for the huge delay (and no post) in releasing the Adjusted Attributes but due to various things over the past few months I took an unexpected and extended break from the game (and by extension the forum). 

This post is to let any of those who would still like adjusted attributes that I have continued with adjustments.

All the confirmed attributes can now be found here for those wanting live (well close enough) updates:  WWE2K20 Adjusted Attributes [Version 2 Pre-Release]

I will not be keeping this topic updated regularly (I expect my next post will when Version 2 is ready) so the above document will be the best way of checking the status.

All attributes not finalised (so most of the 2K20 wrestlers) were lost after a save corruption (part of the reason for a break) and I have redone my method to allow for easier updating so the earliest full release will be October 31st.

Please note that the document is in the early stages and various wrestlers may be located in the wrong tab. If you notice any either post here or message me in discord (NewAjeOutlaw#0801) for a quicker reply and I will correct them as soon as possible.

As mentioned in the OP, all attributes are adjusted according to my own views and bias. If you don't agree with any choices made you have the option to create your own version but please refrain from posting that opinion here. ??

Stay safe everyone and have fun. 

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