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WWE2K20 Adjusted Attributes [All Complete; 16 Available]

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WWE2K20 Adjusted Attributes by NewAjeOutlaw


Inspired by UpUpDownDown's Battle of the Brands and D&D stuff and in preparation for my GM mode, I am going through the attributes of all eligible wrestlers on the roster.

These are not expected to be 100% accurate and are based on real world booking/perception along with my own (I will be bias on some people but you can adjust any attributes you want). Any legend attributes will be adjusted to current day which is mainly lowering strength and stamina type stats after the initial adjustment.

Each attribute has a minimum and maximum and I go from there:
- Overall: 70-92
- Arm/Leg Power: 50-90
- Grapple Offense: 50-90
- Running Offense: 50-90
- Aerial Offense: 40-90
- Aerial Range: 40-90
- Springboard Range: 30-90
- Power/Technicial Submission Offense: 50-90
- Environmental/Foreign Object Offense: 60-90
- Reversal Offense: 50-90
- Reversal: 60-90
- Strike/Grapple Reversal: 50-90
- Aerial Reversal: 40-80
- Head/Body/Arm/Leg Durability: 60-90
- Damage Recovery: 50-90
- Power/Technical Submission Defense: 50-95
- Pin Escape: 50-95
- Strength: 60-90
- Stamina/Stamina Recovery: 40-90
- Momentum: 50-90
- Agility: 40-90
- Movement/Strike/Grapple Speed: 50-90
- Chain Wrestling: 60-90
- Chain Wrestling Speed: 60-90
These are pre Universe attributes and some will differ when you are running a universe due to bonuses and penalties. A small number of Superstars may also be outside of these anyway in rare instances where I feel it is appropriate.

The above is to try and keep the game at least marginally competitive. If you want to try and speed the game up slightly add 20 to the Agility and Movement/Strike/Grapple Speed attributes.

Adam Cole



AJ Styles 





WWE 2K20_20200224222939.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224222945.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224222951.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224222957.jpg

Akira Tozawa

WWE 2K20_20200224223007.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224223015.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224223021.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224223026.jpg

Aleister Black

WWE 2K20_20200224223108.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224223115.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224223128.jpgWWE 2K20_20200224223134.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225338.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225345.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225351.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225356.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225421.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225429.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225434.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225439.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223143.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223149.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223155.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223200.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223207.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223214.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223219.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223225.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223313.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223318.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223324.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223330.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223357.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223404.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223411.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224223416.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224224911.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224224917.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224224923.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224224928.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225021.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225027.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225033.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225039.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225119.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225130.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225137.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225142.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225157.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225204.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225210.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225215.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225258.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225304.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225310.jpg

WWE 2K20_20200224225316.jpg

Edited by NewAjeOutlaw

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Interesting, Will keep my eyes locked on this topic for the next update in the upcoming weeks. :D

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Have updated the first post with a batch of other Superstars. Will be doing the same as first image but that takes more time so basic ones until after the 2nd round (and Final) which will include matching the guidelines I set out, figured it was better to update the stats first then make them fit the guidelines.

Edited by NewAjeOutlaw

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Try not to spend too long on each, normally a limit of 1 hour for each a day with a max of around 4 hours. Easier without doing superstar creating especially this year. Remote Play and Double Screen with UpUpDownDown (started from the beginning on everything after watching BOTB. Savepoint & Rollout) or The Major WF Figure Podcast help stop it getting too boring too.

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Jesus! Between all your workaround findings and now stat changing... you are some next level 2k20 beast NewAjeOutlaw, how you find all the time!


I completely agree... NewAjeOutlaw out here doing the Lord's work. XD


Much appreciated, good sir... I'll be putting your work in this thread to good use.



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Am about 3/4 through the roster but adding the stats to images is taking more time than actually doing them. May just add them all in text form soon.

Edited by NewAjeOutlaw

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All stats are adjusted now barring a quick run through. Not sure about image limit per post but hopefully 6 will be enough. Will be adding images for each Superstar from now. Should hopefully finish listing them in the next couple of weeks. Will update the Thread Title with full stats count.

Edited by NewAjeOutlaw

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