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Cyber Agent purchases NOAH

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Cyber Agent the company that owns DDT has purchased Pro Wrestling NOAH.


Some details


-Cyber Agent, which already owns DDT, has purchased NOAH

-DDT boss Takagi has been named NOAH president

-Marufuji is Vice President

-Tomorrow's NOAH Korakuen will air on DDT Universe

-NOAH seems to have been integrated into DDT Universe already with logos & a landing page

-NOAH shows will air on Abema TV, which is also owned by Cyber Agent

-Takagi noted that the in ring will be left in NOAH's hands, seemingly indicating his role is business only

-DDT & NOAH will run back to back Sumo Hall shows in November


This is big.


Another big middle finger from Japan to WWE after they tried to purchase NOAH last year and turning it into NXT Japan.

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