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List - Parts Causing Importer Crash

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Will post any parts I come across that cause the importer to crash.


First I have encountered no issues when trying to import from game models.If you get one from an in game model let me know and I'll check it.


Causes Crashing:



Face Images are a big cause so you could try to default face on attire you are trying to import (duplicate and rename first if you wish to keep it), save it and then try to import again.


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Most crashes are caused by certain parts.

The best way to combat this is to do the following (will also update my workaround thread):
- Make a note of where the parts are in the list

- Change each item them a generic one

I recommend choosing the closest (location wise) to what you had for easier replacement.

Most generic parts are easy to spot and I haven't had importer issues on them yet.

Any images should stay.


- Try to Import Parts

This is the best way because images sometimes don't get imported the other way.


- Change each item back to what is was before

This workaround is intended for creators with their own work or those who have good bases and want good attires. Unfortunately there will be those looking to pass work of as their own and as the uploader working as intended would still allow this here we are. Can't help the good without the bad unfortunately.

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If you try to Import anything onto Hogan or Mankind it crashes. This might be anything to do with the DLC roster


Also found that Macho Man doesn't like it 50/50



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