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Missing Created Logos Issue (PS4)

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Morning all, or Evening...


So upon re-editing all my creations and re-uploading the issue of missing logos remains.

Now I looked into this from 2k19 and it was claimed that it was caused by

1. 2K / (then it was Yukes) coding.

2. Patches to the game wrecked it.

3. If a creator moves or changes anything on the logo in game it'll glitch.

4. It's the way logos Download into the 1000 slots and might over lap existing logos in the same slot.



well, i've been playing around and can honestly say... it must be some creation breaking bug.


I've tried different logos, messed about, even used 3 different editing software to tweak logos.

NOTHING makes it load.


Tried opacity, embossing, changed everything I could. I tried a clean Download into Fresh slots, I tried over writing existing ones. I tried editable CAW's, re-uploadable caw's


It must be a bug.








I'm officially out of ideas ....

Edited by Petey_the_Clown

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