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TheMoominBrand's PWA Universe [Season 2]

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Please close my other if you like


I have decided to dub any new WWE2K19 creations. Season 2. As WWE2K20 is broken. First off:


Myles Brewer:

Debut: WWE2K19

From: Phoenix Arizona


Age: Mid 20’s

1 x PWA Us Champion


Kind of gifted to me/requested to improve on from my Facebook page. Myles is the muscle of The Dominion Stable, arriving through the crowd and attacking Max Stevens. He feuded with Noah Bennett before going on to win the US Championship. He’s been steady since with the a few defences under his belt. Has a mixed Baron Corbin/Alistar Black kind of moveset.


Signature: HellBrew Kick (Helluva Kick)

Finisher: Brewer Cutter (Rolling Cutter)






Debut: WWE2K19

From: Greece


Age: Mid 20’s


Powerfull greek wrestler signed to PWA after a tour of Europe. He's not the most mobile but packs a heavy hit once he has you in his grip. I have watched simmed matches with him, using a Lars Sullivan, Brawn Strowman like moveset, once he gets a few big moves in, he will usually win.



Greek Mountain (Diving Body Splash)



Killshot Complete (Alpamare Waterslide)




Debut: WWE2K18

From: Tijuana, Mexico


Age: Late20’s-Early 30’s


The high flying lucha star made his debut last year, Sabala of Mexico is a tough small luchadores’. His arsenal consists of spring board high flying offence and quick manoeuvres. Still finding his feet, he is sure to be a merchandise hit though. His new ‘’Trickshot’’ attire, inspired but the 8 Ball Character on Fortnite is like Finn’s Demon, his tougher, more aggressive persona.



Sabala Moonsalt (Corkscrew Moonsalt)

Sabala Driver (Metalik Driver)


Spring Sabala bala (Spring Board Elbow Drop)




British Muscle:

Debut: WWE12K14

From: Leeds, England

6’2 and 6’1

Age: Both early – mid 30’s

3 x PWA Tag Team Champions


From the mean streets of Leeds, Will Sapp and Alex Mann make British Muscle, this hard hitting tag team take no prisoners. They are a blend of The OC and HHH in ring style and tenacity. Brutal and punishing, they make their own path to championships and have been a stay in PWA for many a year.



Yorkshire Promise (Magic Killer)





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As part of my plan before I gave up with WWE2K20. I was opening, ''THE PWA ACADEMY'' the premise is I upload several CAWs with distinct gimmicks, complete with a full move set and entrance etc to match. They have basic attires, but full textures so you can add what you like and make them your own. I have improved my textures as well as using some available in the communities i am in.


Here you have the first:


Reed Carter


A college style wrestlers with an immediate impact into pro wrestling, he has a few amateur championships to him, among his college performances, he was noted on YouTube giving someone stick back who was berating him the crowd, this got the attention of the indies as he could maybe have the mic skills, a few impressive indy shows and PWA approached him.


Download Tags: #TheMoominBrand #PWAAcademy






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Number 2 Academy entrant:


Frankie Jet


She is slightly like Bayley with a fun loving attitude and bubbly personality who is happy to be signed to a promotion and get a chance.




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Philipe Grose (Pronounced Groci)

Debut: WWE2K20

From: New York (But French Descendant)


Age: Mid-Late 20’s


A technical no nonsense wrestler. He’s blended with Simon Grimm, Mr Perfect and Tyler Bates. He is French New Yorker, has been moving round the independent circuit around New York and has been given the change in PWA. Few impressive matches so far.



Philipe Lock






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