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WWE 2K20 Texture Resource Downloads - EA UFC 3 and Fight Night Champion Added

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Hi All,

Like last year I have extracted all WWE 2K wrestlers textures for share with everybody.

This year since it is much easier to extract the wrestler textures in bulk I extracted all Superstars in the game.

This includes In game Wrestlers, Alternate Attires, Hidden wrestler textures (like 2K19's Ciampa, Nikki Cross, Bearded Brian Kendrick (not included last year, cool attire and jacket not selectable in the game), NWO Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Some Classic Daniel Bryan, etc.), NPC, DLC.

Here is the link and just use the search function of your browser to find the wrestler you need. Did not bother renaming the folders since it will take a while and I have a lot of things going on in life :D

EA UFC 3 Textures - Fighters, NPC and CAF Tattoos

EA Fight Night Champion (XBOX360) - Boxers, CAB Tattoos

CAB Tattoos consist of a lot of files but are identical since all parts are done. (No time to delete identical textures)

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K Battlegrounds


Link for my texture topic last year.

WWE 2K19 with Past WWE and UFC Textures

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new textures added

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some of the textures look nice, well the new ones, though Sasha still doesnt have her arm tattoo, and rousey doesnt have hers either among others but I do like them though and holy crap Bray is tattooed..

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Nope... it's the textures from 2k20, can cut, edit use faces logos whatever for anything you want.. pc, xbox, ps4.

Just helps to have a bit of photoshop know how.

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On 3/29/2020 at 10:21 AM, Petey_the_Clown said:

or even 'paint.net' then saves as whatever format you need.


There are loads of FREE software to use.

Does it work for chromebook as well?? Or do i need a different one?


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Hello, every time I try downloading the 2K20/2K19 Superstar textures, nothing shows up.

i really just want faces for a few female Superstars.

• Nikki Bella 

• Brie Bella 

• Ronda Rousey 

• Eva Marie 

• Alicia Fox 

• Charlotte Flair 

if you were able to send them to me through email or something, that would be AMAZING!

thank you,



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What do you mean by not showing up? I tried downloading random names from your list and the links still works.

You need .dds plugin in photoshop to open up the files or download other programs to open the textures.

The textures in the archives are complete, just try what other members posted here on how to open the files.


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