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Pre set entrances

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WWE 2K20 Preset Entrances - Single Motions



All Hail (Chris Sabin)

All Red Everything 1 (Eva Marie 1)

All Red Everything 2 (Eva Marie 2)

Alpha Omega (Kenny Omega)

Aussie Aggression (Nick Miller) FROM 2K19

The Axeman (Alexander Wolfe) FROM 2K19

Bad Attitude (Jason Cade) NEW

Bayamon's FInest (Jay Cruz)

Beast From The East (Bam Bam Bigelow) FROM 2K19

Beast of Belfast (Killian Dain) FROM 2K19

The Best Kept Secret (Buddy Murphy) FROM 2K17

Big Bull (British Bulldog?) NEW

Big Texan (Stan Hansen?) NEW

Black Sun 1 (Hideo Itami 1) FROM 2K19

Black Sun 2 (Hideo Itami 2) FROM 2K16

Book Him (Flip Gordon?) NEW

Boxer (Generic Boxer)

Break The Walls 1 (Chris Jericho 1) FROM 2K19

Break The Walls 2 (Chris Jericho 2) FROM 2K19

Break The Walls 3 (Chris Jericho 3) FROM 2K19

Break The Walls 4 (Chris Jericho 4) FROM 2K19

Broken Skull Brilliance (Stone Cold '97) FROM 2K16

Bubbly Personality 1 (Emma 1) FROM 2K18

Bubbly Personality 2 (Emma 2) FROM 2K18

Bull Fighter (Los Matadores) FROM 2K16

Business Suit (I.R.S)

The Calgary Kid 1 (Tyson Kidd 1) FROM 2K18

The Calgary Kid 2 (Tyson Kidd 2) FROM 2K18

Caribbean Sensation (Savio Vega)

Chainsaw (Entrance with Chainsaw - Chainsaw Charlie?) NEW

Chair Swinging (Entrance with Chair) NEW

Charm City (Rich Swann) FROM 2K18

The Colonel (Colonel Mustafa)

Corey Graves (Corey Graves) NEW

Dancing Superstar (???) NEW

The Dashing One (Cody Rhodes)

Dire Intentions (Albert) FROM 2K18

Disco Dancer (Disco Inferno)

The Doctor Is In (Dr. Britt Baker) NEW

Don't Forget The Keys (Entrance with a Van - WWE 2K19 MyCareer)

The Drama King (Aiden English) FROM 2K19

Dukes Up (Simon Gotch)

ECW Legend (Mikey Whipwreck)

English Powerhouse 1 (???) NEW

English Powerhouse 2 (???) NEW

The Face of Terror (Haku)

Fear Her (Jessicka Havoc) NEW

Fearless (Pentagon Jr.)

Fil-Am Flash (TJP) NEW

Forever (Tessa Blanchard) NEW

Fortify The Gates (Daniel Bryan Wyatt Family)

Freedom Birds 1 (Buddy Roberts) FROM 2K18

Freedom Birds 2 (Jimmy Garvin) FROM 2K18

Freedom Birds 3 (Michael Hayes) FROM 2K18

Generic Superstar 1

Generic Superstar 2

Generic Superstar 3

Generic Superstar 4 (Big Cass) FROM 2K18

Generic Superstar 5 (Nikki Cross Sanity) FROM 2K18

Girl Bye (Cameron)

Golden One 1 (Goldust 1) FROM 2K19

Golden One 2 (Goldust 2) FROM 2K19

Gore (Rhyno) FROM 2K19

The Guru (Sonjay Dutt)

Hall of Fame Inductee (Bob Backlund)

The Hammer (Greg Valentine) FROM 2K19

Happy Go Lucky (Crash Holly)

The Hardcore Extreme (Bubba Ray Dudley)

Hardcore Icon (Entrance with Kendo Stick) NEW

The Hardcore Reverend (D-Von Dudley)

He Is A Machine (Brian Cage?) NEW

HOF Celebrity Wing 1 (Terminator 1)

HOF Celebrity Wing 2 (Terminator 2 - Motorcycle)

HOF 2018 (Ivory) FROM 2K19

Hot Mess (Chelsea Green?) NEW

Hula Dancer (???) NEW

Human Suplex Machine (Tazz) NEW

Hype Man (Lio Rush) FROM 2K19

Innovative Dragon (Tatsumi Fujinami) FROM 2K18

Intellectual Idol (Damien Sandow)

International Sensation (Hiroshi Tanahashi)

It's All About The Mac (Willie Mac?) NEW

Japanese Buzzsaw (Tajiri) NEW

King Of The Cruisers 1 (Neville 1) FROM 2K18

King Of The Cruisers 2 (Neville 2) FROM 2K18

King Of The Cruisers 3 (Neville 3) FROM 2K18

Knock 'Em Down (???)

The Living Legend 1 (Larry Zbyszko) FROM 2K18

The Living Legend 2 (Bruno Sammartino)

The Lone Star Cowboy (Wesley Blake)

Loose Cannon (Brian Pillman)

The Low Down (D'Lo Brown)

Lucha Superstar (Generic Luchador)

The Lunatic (Dean Ambrose / Jon Moxley) FROM 2K19

The Machismo Is Letal (Jay Lethal)

Magic Monster (The Great Muta)

Martial Artist (Mike Bailey)

Masked Lucha (TJ Perkins CWC)

The Mastodon (Vader) FROM 2K19

Milan Miracle (Santino Marella)

The Millennium Man (Sycho Sid) NEW

The Model 1 (Rick Martel 1) FROM 2K19

The Model 2 (Rick Martel 2) FROM 2K19

The Money (Okada? MJF?) NEW

Mr. Athletic (Jeff Cobb?) NEW

Mr. Monday Night (Rob Van Dam) NEW

Mr. Red, White & Blue (Jim Duggan with American Flag) NEW

Ms. Texas (Jacqueline) NEW

The Natural (Dustin Rhodes)

Next Generation of Great 1 (Jason Jordan 1) FROM 2K19

Next Generation of Great 2 (Jason Jordan 2) FROM 2K17

Nexus Original (Justin Gabriel)

No Days Off 1 (Darren Young 1) FROM 2K18

No Days Off 2 (Darren Young 2) FROM 2K18

No Dummies Allowed (Eli Drake)

The One and Only 1 (Billy Gunn 1)

The One and Only 2 (Billy Gunn 2)

One Man Army (AR Fox) NEW

Party Express (Adam Rose)

The Perfect One (Mr. Perfect) FROM 2K19

Perfect 10 (Tye Dillinger / Shawn Spears) FROM 2K19

Personality Disorder 1 (Cactus Jack '98) FROM 2K18

Personality Disorder 3 (Cactus Jack '92) FROM 2K18

Personality Disorder 4 (Dude Love) FROM 2K18

The Phenom of Cameron, NC (Trevor Lee / Cameron Grimes)

The Pride of Puerto Rico (The Colóns - Primo & Epico) FROM 2K19

Princess (Madison Rayne)

Protective Agency (Ron Simmons APA)

Proud Heritage (Tatanka) NEW

Punjabi Giant (The Great Khali)

Real Man (Rick Rude) FROM 2K19

Red (MyCareer Female Character) NEW

Repeat After Me (Jack Swagger)

Respect The Nation 1 (Faarooq N.O.D.)

Respect The Nation 2 (Kama Mustafa N.O.D.)

Rock & Roll 1 (Ricky Morton) FROM 2K19

Rock & Roll 2 (Robert Gibson) FROM 2K19

Rock The Promo Champ (A.J. Kirsch) NEW

Royal Flush (Kenny King)

Ruthless (Rhett Titus?) NEW

Samoan Dynasty 1 (Rikishi 1) FROM 2K19

Samoan Dynasty 2 (Rikishi 2) FROM 2K16

Second Generation (Rachael Evers)

Seismic Activity (Earthquake) FROM 2K18

Self High Five 1 (DDP 1) FROM 2K19

Self High Five 2 (DDP 2) FROM 2K19

Shake, Rattle & Roll (Honky Tonk Man)

She's On Fire (Alundra Blayze) FROM 2K19

Sheepherding Kiwis (The Bushwhackers) FROM 2K18

The Shield's Lunatic (Dean Ambrose Shield) FROM 2K19

Shining Star (Santana Garrett)

Sign of the Times (Scorpio Sky?)

Silverback (Ryback)

Smooth C (Chuck Taylor)

Spiritual Dragon (???)

Stand At Attention (Sgt. Slaughter with American Flag) FROM 2K16

Starry Eyed Wrestler (Kris Statlander?) NEW

Strickland (Shane Strickland / Killshot)

Stunningly Hollywood (Stunning Steve Austin) FROM 2K18

Summer Days (Summer Rae)

Super Hero (The Hurricane / Gregory Helms)

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down (Sami Callihan?) NEW

Title Collector (Austin Aries)

The Top Enforcer (Arn Anderson)

Total Package 1 (Lex Luger 1) FROM 2K19

Total Package 2 (Lex Luger 2) FROM 2K19

Tre (MyCareer Male Character) NEW

Triple Crown Champion 1 (JBL 1) FROM 2K18

Triple Crown Champion 2 (JBL 2 - with car) FROM 2K18

Tropical Cyclone (Typhoon) FROM 2K18

True Player (The Godfather) FROM 2K19

Undead (Generic Zombie)

WCCW Brotherhood 1 (Kerry Von Erich) FROM 2K18

WCCW Brotherhood 2 (Kevin Von Erich) FROM 2K18

Welcome To The Wasteland 1 (Konnor) FROM 2K19

Welcome To The Wasteland 2 (Viktor) FROM 2K19

What A Rascalz (The Rascalz?) NEW

Wrestling Artist (Colt Cabana)



Alternative Entrance Motions for In-Game Superstars


Ali 2 NEW

Ariya Daivari 2 NEW

Asuka 2

Asuka 3 NEW

Batista (Face/Machine Gun Entrance)

Batista '10 FROM 2K19

Batista Evolution

Becky Lynch 2 NEW

Big Boss Man 2

Big E (Pre New-Day)

Big E New Day 2

Big Show 2

Bo Dallas 2

Bo Dallas 3

Bo Dallas 4 NEW

Bobby Lashley 2 NEW

Booker T 1

Booker T 2

Braun Strowman 2

Bray Wyatt 2

Bray Wyatt 3 NEW

Bret "Hitman" Hart 2

Bryan Danielson FROM 2K19

Buddy Murphy 2 NEW

Cesaro 2

Cesaro 3

Chad Gable 2

Chyna 2 NEW

Curt Hawkins 2 NEW

Curtis Axel 2 NEW

Daniel Bryan NO!

Daniel Bryan YES!

Daniel Bryan 2 FROM 2K19

Dolph Ziggler 2

Dolph Ziggler 3

Drew Gulak 2 NEW

Drew McIntyire 2 NEW

Eddie Guerrero 2

Ember Moon 2 NEW

Erick Rowan '14 FROM 2K19

Fandango 2

Finn Bálor Demon King

Finn Bálor Demon 2

Finn Bálor 2

Gentleman Jack Gallagher 2

Gran Metalik 2 NEW

Harper 2 FROM 2K19

Jeff Hardy 2 NEW

Jinder Mahal 2 NEW

John Cena 2

John Cena '03 FROM 2K19

John Cena '13 FROM 2K19

Kalisto 2 NEW

Kane '12 FROM 2K19

Kane '98 FROM 2K19

Kevin Owens 2

King Booker FROM 2K19

Kofi Kingston '12 FROM 2K19

Kofi Kingston New Day 2

Lars Sullivan 2

Lince Dorado 2 NEW

Matt Hardy 2

The Miz '10 FROM 2K19

Mojo Rawley 2

Mojo Rawley 3 NEW

Naomi 2

Natalya 2

No Way Jose Conga Line NEW

Peyton Royce 2

R-Truth '12 FROM 2K19

Randy Orton '13 FROM 2K19

Randy Orton Evolution

Ricky Steamboat '94 FROM 2K19

Ricochet 2 NEW

Robert Roode 2 (NXT Takeover Brooklyn II)

Roderick Strong 2

Roman Reigns 2

Roman Reigns Shield

Ronda Rousey 2 NEW

Rowan '19 NEW

Ruby Riott 2

Rusev 2

Sami Zayn 2

Sami Zayn 3

Sasha Banks 2 NEW

Seth Rollins Shield

Shane Thorne 2 NEW

Shawn Michaels DX

Shelton Benjamin 2 NEW

Shinsuke Nakamura 2

Shinsuke Nakamura 3

Sin Cara 2

Sonya Deville 2 NEW

Sting (Modern) FROM 2K19

Sting '88 FROM 2K18

Sting '98 FROM 2K19

Stone Cold with Buggy

Tommaso Ciampa 2 (Heel)

Undertaker Big Evil Bike

Undertaker Big Evil No Bike

The Usos '14 FROM 2K19

Xavier Woods (Pre New-Day)

Xavier Woods New Day 2


WWE 2K20 Champion Preset Entrances (Title Motions)


Batista Champion

Becky Lynch Champion NEW

Daniel Bryan Champion 1

Daniel Bryan Champion 2 NEW

Drew McIntyre Champion NEW

Generic Champion 1

Generic Champion 2 (Women)

Generic Champion 4 (Big Boss Man) FROM 2K18

Jinder Mahal Champion

John Cena Champion 1

John Cena Champion 2

John Cena Raw 1000 (Actually from MITB 2011) FROM 2K15

Kairi Sane Champion NEW

Kevin Owens Champion

Kurt Angle Champion

Kyle O'Reilly Champion NEW

Mark Henry Champion

Nia Jax Champion NEW

Paige Champion

Pete Dunne Champion EXCLUSIVE*

Randy Orton Champion

The Rock Champion 1

The Rock Champion 2

Roman Reigns Champion NEW

Steve Austin Champion

Steve Austin '96 Champion

Tommaso Ciampa Champion NEW


WWE 2K20 Money In The Bank Preset Entrances (MITB Motions)


Baron Corbin MITB Motion

Carmella MITB Motion

Daniel Bryan MITB Motion

Edge MITB Motion

Generic MITB Motion 1

Generic MITB Motion 2

Generic MITB Motion 3

Generic MITB Motion 4

Generic MITB Motion 5

Generic MITB Motion 6

Generic MITB Motion 7 (Dean Ambrose) FROM 2K19

John Cena MITB Motion

Kane MITB Motion

The Miz MITB Motion

Randy Orton MITB Motion

Seth Rollins MITB Motion

Sheamus MITB Motion


WWE 2K20 Preset Entrances - Tag Team Motions


All Night (???) NEW. All night express

American Alpha 1

American Alpha 2

Andrade & Zelina Vega


Aussie Aggression (TM-61) FROM 2K19

The B-Team NEW

The Bar

The Bella Twins

The Big Man and The Hype Man (Bobby Lashley & Lio Rush) NEW

The Bludgeon Brothers

Braun Strowman & Erick Rowan

Braun Strowman & Luke Harper


Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman

Brooklyn & Joe (MyCareer Characters) NEW

Brothers of Destruction 1

Brothers of Destruction 2

Brothers of Hardcore (The Dudley Boyz)

The Bull Fighters (Los Matadores) FROM 2K19

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder NEW

D-Generation X

The Deleters of Worlds (Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt)

The Demons (Finn Bálor Demon & Partner - WWE 2K19 MyCareer)

Diamond In The Rough (DDP & Cactus Jack) FROM 2K18

The Dream Team (Beefcake & Valentine)

Extreme Weather Conditions (The Natural Disasters) FROM 2K18

Fists In The Air (The Nation of Domination)

Freedom Birds 1 (The Fabulous Freebirds 1) FROM 2K18

Freedom Birds 2 (The Fabulous Freebirds 2) FROM 2K18

The Funkadactyls (Cameron & Naomi)

Gallows & Anderson

Generic Tag 1

Generic Tag 2

Generic Tag 3

Generic Tag 4 (Women Tag)

Generic Tag 5 (The Great Muta w/Manager)

Generic Tag 6 (Tyson Kidd & Cesaro) FROM 2K18

Generic Tag 7 (Entrance with a Van - WWE 2K19 MyCareer)

Generic Tag 9 (#DIY) FROM 2K18

The Hardy Boyz

The Hart Foundation

Heavy Machinery 1 NEW

Heavy Machinery 2

The Hollywood Blonds

The Hooliganz (London & Kendrick? The Rascalz?) NEW

The Hype Bros

I Got Kids (Heath Slater & Rhyno) FROM 2K19

The IIconics

Kane with Manager (with Paul Bearer)

The Kanellis 1 NEW EXCLUSIVE*

The Kanellis 2 NEW

Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish

Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong

Last Names Only (Blake & Murphy)

The Lucha Dragons

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

Mandy & Sonya NEW

Million Dollar Moves (The Prime Time Players) FROM 2K18

Mix Tag 1 NEW

Mix Tag 2 NEW

Mix Tag 3 NEW

Mix Tag 4 NEW

The Miztourage

The Miz & Maryse EXCLUSIVE*

Moustache Mountain NEW

The New Day Big E & Kofi

The New Day Big E & Woods

The New Day Kofi & Woods

The Outsiders

Package Deal (MyCareer Protagonist Characters) NEW

The Pride of Puerto Rico (The Colóns) FROM 2K19

Protégé & Mentor (Darren Young with Bob Backlund) FROM 2K18

R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

The Revival

Rock & Roll (The Rock 'N' Roll Express) FROM 2K19

The Rock 'N' Sock Connection NEW

Rusev & Lana

The Sami & Kevin Show (Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn)

Sheepherding Kiwis (The Bushwhackers) FROM 2K18

Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable

The Street Profits

Strongmen & Gentlemen (The Vaudevillains)

Tag Team Extreme Party NEW

Undertaker with Manager 1 (with Paul Bearer)

Undertaker with Manager 2 (with Paul Bearer)

The Usos 1 NEW

The Usos 2

The Usos '14

The Viking Raiders

The Wasteland (The Ascension) FROM 2K19

World Class Siblings (The Von Erichs) FROM 2K18

World's Greatest Team (Haas & Benjamin?) NEW

Ziggler & McIntyre


WWE 2K20 Preset Entrances - Trio Motions



AOP (with Paul Ellering)

The Balor Club (Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows)

The Club (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows)


Generic Stable 1 (4-Man Entrance) NEW

Generic Stable 2 (4-Man Entrance) NEW

Generic Trio 1 (The Fabulous Freebirds) FROM 2K18

Generic Trio 2

Generic Trio 3 (The Nation of Domination)

Generic Trio 4 (AJ Styles, Finn Bálor & Partner - WWE 2K19 MyCareer)

Jinder Mahal with The Singh Brothers 1

Jinder Mahal with The Singh Brothers 2 NEW

Lucha House Party NEW

Miztourage Trio NEW

The New Day 1

The New Day 2

The Riott Squad

SAnitY 1

SAnitY 2

The Shield

Titus Worldwide

The Undisputed Era (4-Man Entrance) NEW

The Undisputed Era Trio

The Wyatt Family 1

The Wyatt Family 2

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All night might be Private Party. It looks similar to their intro just missing some parts so it could be their indy intro before AEW

All Night is The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) from ROH.

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Oh ok.

I knew the intro looked familiar. Found it weird how to me it looked similar to private party. But was missing stuff. Now I know why.

I wish they would have added the wcw heel vader intro the when he wore the helmet. that was also in 2k19.

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