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Motown Saint

Motown Hero/Saint's WWE 2k20 Signatures and Finishers

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Greetings everyone! I'm back again for WWE 2k20.

As you know, I try to post the most accurate signatures and finishers for WWE, Impact, AEW, and NJPW. Also, if you have a request for a certain wrestler, or if you need an idea for a replacement for a move not in the game, feel free to ask. With that being said, I hope you all get a good use out of this.


Also, huge thanks to Rekka No Ryo and Mizalike for their input. And also, huge thank to Sandow and Righteous for their hardwork on movesets, which were used as an inspiration for this topic.









AJ Styles


Sig: Ushigoroshi(Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker), Calf Crusher


Outside Sig: Mounted Punches 1, Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker


Fin: Phenomenal Forearm 2, Styles Clash


Outside Fin: Styles Clash, Pop-Up Styles Clash





Sig: Spinning Powerbomb, Pumphandle Death Valley Driver


Outside Sig: Clothesline 3, Clothesline From Hell


Fin: Powerbomb 8, Powerbomb 11


Outside Fin: Powerbomb 14, Powerbomb 11


Akira Tozawa


Sig:Shining Wizard 2, Brainbuster 2


Outside Sig: Shining Wizard 2, Brainbuster 1


Fin: Drop Zone(Diving Senton Bomb 3), German Suplex 8



Outside Fin: German Suplex 6, German Suplex 10


Aleister Black


Sig: Bicycle Knee Strike 3, Dragon Slayer


Outside Sig: Bicycle Knee Strike 1, Bicycle Knee Strike 4


Fin: Black Mass 2, Black Mass 1


Fin: Black Mass 1, Spinnnig Back Kick 2




Sig: Seeing Shadows (Running Meteora 3), Cartwheel Pele Kick


Outside Sig: Reverse Back Elbow, Clothesline 3


Fin: Hammerlock DDT 2, Top Rope Hammerlock DDT(DDT 13)


Fin: Hammerlock DDT 2


Angelo Dawkins


Sig: Stiff Punch 2, Feint Jab


Sig: Shoulder Block 3, Stiff Punch 2


Fin: Spinebuster 23, Spinebuster 16


Outside Fin: Spinebuster 23, Spinebuster 16


Bobby Lashley


Sig: Stalling Suplex 4, Spinebuster 16


Outside Sig: Stalling Suplex 4, Spinebuster 1


Fin: Full Nelson/Yokosuka Cutter 3, Spear 15


Outside Fin: Spear 11, Spear 3



Brock Lesnar


Sig: Suplex City, German Suplex 6


Outside Sig: German Suplex 6, German Suplex 2



Fin: F-5 4, Kimura Lock 1


Outside Fin: F-4, F-5 3


Buddy Murphy


Sig: Deadlift Yokosuka DDT, Bicycle Knee Strike 1


Sig: Bicycle Knee Strike 1, Brainbuster 2


Fin: Murphy's Law, Kamigoye 1


Outside Fin: Kamigoye 1




Cedric Alexander


Sig: Michinoku Driver 4, Springboard Clothesline 5


Outside Sig: Supeman Clothesline, Michinoku Driver 4


Fin: Lumbar Check


Outside Fin: Lumbar Check, Brainbuster 2


Curt Hawkins


Sig: Heat Seeking Elbow, Impaler DDT 1


Outside Sig: Clothesline 23, Impaler DDT 1


Fin: Michinoku Driver 4, Spear 5


Fin: Spear 11, Michinoku Driver 4



Drew McIntyre


Sig: Snap Headbutt, Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4


Outside Sig: Snapr Headbutt, Alabama Slam 1


Fin: Claymore, Rocket Kick 2


Fin: Rocket Kick 2, Last Shot 2




Sig: Front Facelock STO, Stinger Splash


Outside Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 6, Clotherline 5


Fin: Top One Percent, Top One Percent 2(TKO 1)


Outside Fin: TKO 1, Rack Attack 2.0





Sig: Inverted Sharpshooter, Middle Rope Spear


Fin: Spear 5, Spear 11


Eric Young


Sig: Belly to Belly 3, Divng Elbro Drop


Outside Sig: Belly to Belly 3, Clothesline 5


Fin: Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker


Outside Fin: Hangman's Neckbreaker 4, Sit-Out Piledriver 2


Erick Rowan


Sig: Big Boot 7, Powerbomb 11


Outside Sig: Spinning Heel Kick 4, Running Crossbody 8


Fin: Iron Claw (Claw Slam), Tour of the Islands


Outside Fin: Claw Slam




Sig: Ace-10 Bound (Hip Toss Knee Strike) Shotgun Knees 2


Outside Sig: Shotgun Knees 2, Step-up Superman Punch


Fin: Path of Resistance(Gutwrench Powerbomb 4), Death Rowe


Fin: Gutwrench Powerbomb 3, Deadlift Powerbomb


Humberto Carrillo


Sig: Arm Drag & Drop Kick Combo, Missile Dropkick 2,


Outside Sig: Hurricanrana 1, Tilt-a-Whirl Hurricanrana



Fin: Diving Moonsault 3, Aztec Press


Outside Fin: Hurricanrana DDT





Sig: Diving Moonsault 3, Samoan Driver 1


Outside Sig: Samoan Driver 1, Clothesline 3


Fin: Uso Splash 2, Spin Kick of Doom (Spinning Heel Kick 4)


Jey Uso


Sig: Superkick 4, Tequila Sunrise 2


Outside Sig: Superkick 4, Superkick 5


Fin: Uso Splash 2, Superkick 2


Outside Fin: Superkick 13, Superkick 4


Jimmy Uso


Sig: Superkick 4, Tequila Sunrise 2


Outside Sig: Superkick 5, Superkick 4



Fin: Uso Splash, Superkick 2


Outside Fin: Superkick 2, Superkick 13



Jinder Mahal


Sig: Bicycle Pump Kick, Gut Check


Outside Sig: Bicycle Pump Kick, Yakuza Kick



Fin: Khallas, Khallas 2(Cobra Clutch Slam)


Outside Fin: Khallas



Karl Anderson


Sig: Spinebuster 21, Rocket Kick 1


Outside Sig: Spinebuster 21, Rocket Kick 2


Fin: Rocket Kick 2, Diving Neckbreaker


Outside Fin: Rocket Kick 2, Jumping Neckbreaker 2




Kevin Owens


Sig: Superkick 13, Five Star Frog Splash


Sig: Superkick 5, Package Sidewalk Slam


Fin: Stunner, Pop-Up Powerbomb 1


Outside Fin: Stunner, Powerbomb 14




Luke Gallows


Sig: Superkick 5, Sit-Out Chokebomb 2


Outside Sig: Big Boot 10, Superkick 5


Fin: Fireman's Carry Flapjack


Outside Fin: Fireman's Carry Flapjack



Matt Hardy


Sig: Side Effect 2, Middle Rope Elbow Drop


Outside Sig: Side Effect 2


Fin: Twist of Fate 2 Avalanche Twist of Fate


Outside Fin: Twist of Fate 2, Twist of Fate 1


Mojo Rawley


Sig: Corner Forearm Smash, Hyperdrive 2


Outside Sig: Hyperdrive 2, Shoulder Block 2


Fin: Alabama Slam 1


Outside Fin: Alabama Slam 1



Montez Ford


Sig: DDT 7, Float-Over DDT 3


Sig: Float-Over DDT 3


Fin: Frog Splash 2, Frog Splash 3


Fin: DDT 1


No Way Jose


Sig: Cut-Throat Side Slam, Airplane Spin TKO


Outside Sig: Airplane Spin TKO


Fin: Pop-Up Punch, Fastball Punch


Outside Fin: Pop-Up Punch, Stiff Punch 2


Randy Orton


Sig: Randy Orton Stomp, Spike DDT 2


Sig: DDT 1, Clothesline 3


Fin:RKO 2, Avalanche RKO


Fin: RKO 2, Gun Stun



Rey Mysterio


Sig: 619, Flip Piledriver


Outside Sig: Hurricanrana 2


Fin: Frog Splash 2, Slingshot Splash


Outside Fin: Hurricanrana DDT




Sig: Multiple Powerbombs, Powerbomb 7


Sig: Shoulder Block 3


Fin: Spinning Powerbomb, Spinbuster 16


Outside Fin: Powerbomb 14





Sig: Recoil(Single Knee Facebreaker 2), Shooting Star 4


Outside Sig: Standing Shooting Star


Fin: 630 Splash, Vertigo (Cross Legged Samoan Driver)


Outside Fin: Single Knee Facebreaker 2





Sig: Lie Ditector, Corkscrew Axe Kick


Outside Sig: Lie Ditector


Fin: Paydirt, Lil' Jimmy



Outside Fin: Paydirt




Sig: Rear Superkick, Running Superkick


Outside Sig: Rear Superkick, Superkick 4


Fin:The Accolade 2, The Accolade 1


Outside Fin: Running Superkick


Samoa Joe


Sig: Side Slam 1, Uranage 1


Outside Sig: Side Slam 1


Fin:Coquina Clutch


Outside Fin: Coquina Clutch



Seth Rollins


Sig: Superkick 1, School Boy Superkick


Outside Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 3, Powerbomb 14


Fin:Curb Stomp 1, Curb Stomp 2


Outside Fin: Curb Stomp 2



Shelton Benjamin


Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 6, Supekick 4


Outside Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 6


Fin: Paydirt


Outside Fin: Paydirt



Titus O'Neil


Sig: Body Splash 1, Pumphandle Powerslam


Outside Sig: Shoulder Block 3


Fin: Clash of the Titus 2(Sky High), Clash of the Titus


Outside Fin: Sky High



Zack Ryder


Sig: Broski Boot, Flapjack 7


Sig: Flapjack 7


Fin: Rough Ryder, Elbro Drop


Outside Fin: Rough Ryder


Women of RAW





Sig: Triangle Choke 1, Buzzsaw Kick


Sig: Spinning Back Kick 2, Roundhouse Kick 5


Fin: Asuka Lock 1, Roundhouse Kick 11


Outside Fin: Roundhouse Kick 11, Asuka Lock 2



Becky Lynch


Sig: Becksploder Suplex(Exploder Suplex 5), Lass Ride(Manhandle Slam)


Sig: Exploder Suplex 5, Exploder Suplex 2


Fin: Dis-Arm-Her 2, Dis-Arm-Her 1


Fin: Dis-Arm-Her 2


Billie Kay


Sig: Rolling Elbow 3, Eat Defeat


Outside Sig: Rolling Elbow 3


Fin: Shades of Kay 1(Big Boot 7), Shades of Kay 2(Big Boot 11)


Outside Fin: Big Boot 11



Charlotte Flair


Sig:Big Boot 9, Natural Selection


Outside Sig: Big Boot 11, Big Boot 7


Fin: Figure 8 Leglock, Avalanche Natural Selection (Middle Rope Flip Cutter)


Outside Fin: Natural Selection



Kairi Sane


Sig: Spinning Backfist, Sliding D


Outside Sig: Spinning Backfist


Fin: Insane Elbow 1, The Anchor


Outside Fin: The Anchor, Roundhouse Kick 11



Sig: Bayley Press, Roundhouse Kick 3

Outside Sig: Roundhouse Kick 3, Bayley Press

Fin: Bella Buster, Hammerlock Sit-Out Spinebuster 



Liv Morgan


Sig: Swinging Facebuster/Jumping Facebuster, Mick Kick


Fin: Paydirt, 201 Facebreaker



Maria Kanellis


Sig: Middle Rope Clothesline 2, Diving Cross Body 4


Fin:Bulldog 14, X-Factor




Sig: Pop-Up Kick, Rear View


Fin:Split Legged Moonsault 1, Feel The Glow




Sig:Nattie By Nature, Sit-Out Powerbomb 4


Fin:Sharpshooter 1


Nia Jax


Spinebuster 17, Samoan Drop 8


Fin:Leg Drop 2, Avalanche Somoan Drop 1


Peyton Royce


Sig: Spinning Heel Kick 4, Venus Fly Trap


Fin: Gory Neckbreaker, Fisherman's Suplex 5



Ruby Riott


Sig: Diving Senton Bomb 3, STO 2


Fin: Riott Kick


Sarah Logan


Sig: Pop-Up Headbutt, Running Knee Strike 6


Fin: Kentucky Knee


Zelina Vega


Sig: Running Meteora 3, Middle Rope Hurricanrana


Fin: Hurricanrana Driver, Hammerlock DDT 2












Apollo Crews


Sig: Enzugiri 5, Staning Shooting Star


Fin: Back Suplex Spin-Out Powerbomb, Military Press/Moonsault Combo


Big E


Sig: Big Splash, Ultimate Splash/ Running Body Attack 3



Fin: Big Ending, Gutbuster 3



Big Show


Sig: Spear 3, Chokeslam 5


Fin: WMD, Stiff Punch 1


Bo Dallas


Sig: Running Knee Strike 5, Short Arm Clothesline 2


Fin: Swing Neckbreaker 3, Rolling The Dice


Braun Strowman


Sig: Dropkick 16, Chokeslam 9


Fin: Powerslam 1, Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam/Avalanche Powerslam 2


Bray Wyatt


Sig: Running Senton 2, Uranage 1


Fin: Sister Abigail 4, Sister Abigail 1



"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt


Sig: Runinng Crossbody 5, Running Crossbody 4


Fin: Mandible Claw 4, Mandible Claw 2 or Sister Abigail 4 or Spinning Complete Shot




Sig: Gutwrench Suplex Combo/Very European Uppercut, Michinoku Driver 4


Fin: Neutralizer 1, Sharpshooter 4


Curtis Axel


Sig: Rolling Neck Snap, DDT 15


Fin: Perfect Plex, Axe Hole (Hangman's Facebuster)


Daniel Bryan


Sig: Running Single Knee Strike 1, LeBell Lock 1(Yes Lock 1)


Fin: LaBell Lock 2(Yes Lock 2),Running Single Knee Strike 3


Dash Wilder


Sig: Fireman's Carry Backbreaker, Codebreaker 1


Fin: Gory Bomb, Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock 2


Dolph Ziggler


Sig: Jumping DDT 3, Zig Zag 1


Fin: Sweet Chin Music 2, Sweet Chin Music 1


Drake Maverick


Sig: Frog Splash 3, Shining Wizard 3


Fin: Underdog (Bo Dog)


Drew Gulak



Sig: Gory Special 2, Single Leg Boston Crab 1


Fin: Cycone Crash(Torture Rack Neckbreaker 1), Gu-Lock(Dragon Sleeper 5




Sig:Jumping Knee Strike 5, Diving Elbow Drop 6


Fin: Drift Away


Epico Colon


Sig:Tripleta, Butterfly Lungblower 2


Fin: Backstabber 2




Gran Metalik


Sig: Springboard Swanton Bomb, Sprongboard Elbow Drop 2


Fin: Metalik Driver


Heath Slater


Sig:Harlem Side Kick, Neckbreaker 9


Fin:Smash Hit(Impaler DDT 1)


Jeff Hardy


Sig:Corkscrew Senton 2, Twist of Fate 1


Fin: Swanton Bomb, 3, Twist of Fate 2


John Morrison


Sig: Dancing Leg Drop 1, Diving Cannonball Senton


Fin: Starship Pain(Split Legged Corkscrew Moonsault 2), Moonlight Drive(Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2)




Sig: Listo Kick, School Boy Superkick


Fin: Salida Del Sol 1, Salida Del Sol 2




Sig: Sidewalk Slam 3, Diving Clothesline 3


Fin: Chokeslam 8, Tombstone Piledriver 3


"King" Baron Corbin


Sig: Black Hole Sun(Chokeslam Backbreaker), Stiff Punch 1


Fin: End of Days, Deep Six


Kofi Kingston


Sig: Boom Drop 2, SOS


Fin: Trouble in Paradise


Lars Sullivan


Sig: Diving Headbutt 3, Freak Accident 2


Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 3, Freak Accident 1




Lince Dorado


Sig: Golden Rewind(Handspring Cutter), Standing Moonsault 4


Shooting Star 5, Middle Rope Shooting Star


The Miz


Back Neckbreaker, Running Corner Clothesline


Fin: Skull Crushing Finale, Figure Four Leg Lock 3


Mustafa Ali


Sig: Slingshot Facebuster, Avalanche Spanish Fly 2


Fin: 450 Spalsh, 054





Sig: The Caterpillar, Heavy Elbow Drop


Fin: World's Strongest Slam 2, Corner Slingshot Splash


Primo Colon


Sig: Corkscrew Senton, Diving Headbutt 2


Fin: Back Stabber 2


Robert Roode


Sig: Spinebuster 21, Middle Rope Blockbuster


Fin: Glorious DDT 2, Glorious DDT 1


Roman Reigns


Sig: Superman Punch 2, Superman Punch 1


Fin: Spear 11


Sami Zayn


Sig: Blue Thunder Bomb, Corner Exploder Suplex 3


Fin: Helluva Kick, Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3


Scott Dawson


Sig: Gourdbuster 4, Feint DDT


Fin: Ram-Paige, Inverted Figure 4 Leg Lock 2





Sig: Beats of The Bódran 2, White Noise 2


Fin: Brogue Kick 2, Cloverleaf 1



Shinsuke Nakamura


Sig: Sliding Knee Strike, Kinshasa 3


Fin: Kinshasa 2, Kinshasa 1



Chad "Shorty G" Gable


Sig:Exploder Suplex 5, Exploder Suplex 2


Fin: Chaos Theory (O'Connor Roll German Suplex), Ankle Lock 7




Sig: Avalanche/Springboard Elbow Drop, Body Avalanche Splash


Fin: Double Arm Lock Sault



Xavier Woods


Sig: Honor Roll 2, Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2


Fin: Heat Seeking Elbow, Lost in the Woods


Women of Smackdown


Alexa Bliss


Sig: Insult to Injury 2, Forearm Smash 7


DDT 16, Twisted Bliss




Sig: Running Knee Strike 5, Diving Elbow Drop 6


Fin: Roseplant(Headlock Driver 1)





Sig: Bayley Press, Superkick 6


Fin:Code of Silence, Superkick 16


Dana Brooke


Sig:Handspring Back Elbow, Handspring Elbow Drop 2


Fin: Swanton Bomb 3, Samoan Driver 2


Ember Moon


Sig: Handspring Elbow Smash, Diving Codebreaker


Fin: Eclipse, Springboard Ecplise (Springboard Stunner 1)


Lacey Evans


BME, Slingshot Bronco Buster


Fin:Women's Rght 1, Women's Right 2


Mandy Rose


Sig: Bicycle Knee Strike 3, Tilt-a-Whirl Gourdbuster


Fin: Bed of Roses 1 (Fairy Tale Ending), Bed of Roses 2(Implant Buster)


Nikki Cross


Sig: Float Over Neckbreaker 2, Swing Neckbreaker 3


Fin: The Purge(Swing Neckbreaker 5) The Purge 2(Fisherman Neckbreaker 2)



Sasha Banks


Sig: Rope Hung Meteora, Running Meteora 1


Fin: Bank Statement 1, Bank Statement 2


Sonya Deville


Triangle Armbar 2, Running Sweep


Fin: Roundhouse Kick 5, Shouten




Sig: Samoan Drop 5, Big Boot 10


Fin: Superkick 4, Uso Splash 2



Other on-air personnel


Aiden English


Sig: Fireman's Carry Powerbomb, Neckbreaker 8


Fin: Snap Facelock Drop




Sig: French TKO, Snapmare Driver


Fin: French Kiss


Mickie James


Sig: Diving Seated Senton, Mick Kick


Fin: DDT 11, Superkick 13







NXT/NXT:UK/205 Live







NXT/NXT:UK/205 Live


Adam Cole


Sig: Patella Drop Brainbuster 2, Sweet Chin Music 2


Fin: Last Shot 1, Last Shot 2



Aiden English



Sig: Fireman's Carry Powerbomb, Full Nelson Reverse STO



Fin: Snap Facelock Drop



Alex Shelley


Sig: Superkick 1, Tree of Woe Mushroom Stomp


Fin: Sliced Bread No. 2, Automatic Midnight(Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4)


Angel Garza


Sig: Springboard Moonsault, Avalanche Moonsault Fallaway Slam/Avalanche Spanish Fly 2(Non-DLC)


Fin: Wing Clipper 1(Package Knee Breaker), Wing Clipper 2(Hammerlock Sit-Out Spinebuster)



Ariya Daivari


Sig: Hammerlock Clothesline 2, Frog Spalsh 3


Fin: Cobra Clutch 3, Cobra Clutch 1



Arturo Ruas


Sig: Backdrop Suplex 4, Spinning Back Kick 2


Fin: Triangle Choke 1, Heel Hook 2



Austin Theory


Sig: Clothesline/Blockbuster Combo/Running Block Butster(Non-DLC), Cross Legged Fisherman Buster


Fin: Ataxia/One Night Stand (Non-DLC), Unproven Cutter(Jumping TKO/Rack Attack 2.0)






Sig: Empress Combination 2, Running Kick


Fin: Roundhouse Kick 11, Chick Kick



Bobby Fish


Sig: Flying Fish Hook, Cross Armbar 2


Fin: Fish Hook Deluxe 1, Fish Hook Deluxe 2/Sleeps with the Fishes



Bronson Reed


Sig: Banzai Drop 1, Release Back Suplex


Fin: Uso Splash 2, Pimp Drop



The Brian Kendrick


Sig: Calf Kick 1, Sliced Bread No. 2


Fin: Captain's Hook 1, Bank Statment 2



Cameron Grimes


Sig: Fallaway Moonsault Slam, Step-Up Superman Punch


Fin: Cave In/Leaping Mushroom Stomp(Non-DLC)



Cezar Bononi


Sig: Big Boot 7, Gutwrench Powebomb 1


Fin: Michinoku Driver 4, Chokeslam 9




Danny Burch


Sig: Corner Running European Uppercut, European Uppercut 6


Fin: London Bridge(Spike DDT 2 or Rop Hung Flatliner), Crossface



Damien Preist


Sig: Discus Big Boot, Crucifix Powerbomb 3


Fin: The Reckoning (Rolling Cutter 3)



Dio Maddin


Sig: D4C(Harlem Side Kick), Initial D(Spear ?


Fin: Cruel Angel's Thesis(Air Raid Bomb), Bushido Bomb(Sit-Out Chokebomb 1)



Dominik Dijackovic


Sig: Discus Big Boot, Chokeslam Backbreaker/ Diving Corkscrew Moonsault 3


Fin: Feast Your Eyes 2, Feast Your Eyes 1/Belly to Back Facebuster 2 (Non-DLC)


Dexter Lumis


Sig: Superkick 4, Swanton Bomb 3


Fin: Elevated Triangle Choke, Anaconda Vice 2





Sig: Superkick 4, Spinning Heel Kick 2


Fin: The Last Dance, Falcon Arrow(Michinoku Driver 3)



Finn Bálor


Sig: Shotgun Dropkick 2, Shotgun Dropkick 1


Fin: 1916, Coupe Dê Grâce



Isiah "Swerve" Scott


Sig: Paydirt, Swerve Stomp(Divng Foot Stomp 3)


Fin: House Call( Tornado Enzugiri) JML Driver(Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver or Sit-Out Full Nelson Facebuster)




"Gentleman" Jack Gallagher


Sig: Achilles Lock 3, Leg Trapped Octopus Stretch


Fin: Snap Headbutt, Gentleman's Dropkick(Corner Running Dropkick 3)



Jaxson Ryker


Sig: Running Knee Attack 6, Torture Rack 3


Fin: No Remorse/The Widowmaker(Sit-Out Chokeslam 2), Slingshot Powerbomb 2



Joaquin Wilde


Sig: Back Suplex Facebuster 2, DDT 11


Fin: Wilde Thing (Pop-Up Kick)



Johnny Gargano


Sig: Superkick 14, Slingshot Spear


Fin: Gargano Escape 1(Arm Trapped Crossface 1),Gargano Escape 2 (Arm Trapped Crossface 2), or Tilt-a-Whirl Gargano Escape(Tit-a-Whirl Armbar)




Kassius Ohno


Sig: Rolling Elbow 1, Cyclone Boot (Discus Big Boot)


Fin: High Tension Elbow(Running Forearm Smash 4), Dream Crusher (KO 1)




Keith Lee


Sig: One Handed Spinebuster 3, Pounce 2


Fin: Supernova (Ground Zero) Spirit Bomb



Killian Dain


Sig: Wasteland/Senton Combo, Ulster Plantation (Electric Chair Driver 2)


Fin: Vader Bomb(Corner Slingshot Splash), Colossal Clutch


Killer Kross


Sig: Empress Combination, Two Amigos (Alt. Rolling Kneebar 1)


Fin: Doomsday Saito (Backdrop Suplex 4), Kross Jacket (Asuka Lock 2) (Alt. Hammerlock Doomsday Saito(Hammerlock Back Suplex 1), Kross Jacket 2(Couqina Clutch or Kurifuda Driver)



Kona Reeves


Sig: Middle Rope Back Elbow Drop, Samoan Drop 5


Fin: Hawaiian Drop/End of the Trail(Non-DLC)





Sig: Masahiro Tanaka(Fastball Punch), Cross Armbar 2 or Buzzsaw Kick


Fin: Hoverboard Lock(Kimura Lock 2)



Kyle O'Reilly


Sig: O'Reilly Combo, Triple Rolling Butterfly Suplex


Fin: Palm Strikes and Armbar, Inverted Figure 4 Leg Lock 2



Lio Rush


Sig: Come Up(Springboard Stunner 1) or Rush Hour(Fallaway Moonsault Slam)


Fin: Final Hour 1(Frog Splash 5), Rolling Unprettier


Matt Riddle


Sig: Final Flash (Bicycle Knee Strike 4), Bro 2 Sleep (GTS/German Suplex)


Fin: Bromission 1, Bro Derek 2



Mike Kanellis


Sig: Northern Lights Bomb 2, Landslide


Fin: Rolling Cutter 3



Oney Lorcan


Sig: Running Blockbuster, Single Leg Boston Crab 1


Fin: Half and Half Suplex, Avalanche Half and Half Suplex


Pat McAfee 

Sig: Cannonball Senton, DDT 16

Fin: Punt Kick, Running Knee Strike 




Raul Mendoza


Sig: Suplex Backbreaker, Springboard Headscissors Takedown


Fin: Santa Maria(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver), 450 Splash




Riddick Moss


Sig: Fallaway Slam 2, Powerslam 5


Fin: Fireman's Carry Slam




Roderick Strong


Sig: Belly to Back Facebuster 2, Gut Check/ Sick Kick Combo


Fin: End of Heartache, Strong Hold (Boston Crab 1)


Santos Escobar 


Sig: Superkick 8, Metalik Driver 

Fin: Legado (Slapjack)




Shane Thorne


Sig: Falcon Arrow 1, Bomb Valley Death (Fireman's Carry Side Slam)


Fin: Raw Iron(Running Kick), Friend Zone(Arm Trapped Crossface 2)




Steve Cutler


Sig: Spinebuster 8,Multiple Elbow Drops


Fin: Fisherman Driver 2




Tino Sabbatelli


Sig: One Handed Bulldog 1, Jumping Facebuster



Fin: Front Slam 3, Spin Headlock Elbow Drop



Tony Nese


Sig: Leaping Forearm Smash(Running Kneese set up), 450 Splash


Fin: Running Kneese, Sunset Driver(Dudebuster)




Tommaso Ciampa


Sig : Running Knee(Running Kneese), Project Ciampa


Fin: Fairytale Ending, Willow's Bell (Spike DDT 2 or Use Hangman's DDT as a finish. It's a shame it can't be set as one)



Tyler Breeze


Sig: Supermodel Kick(Superkick 4), Single Leg Boston Crab 2


Fin: Beauty Shot, Beauty Shot 2(Caribbean Kick) or Unprettier (Kilswitch)




Velveteen Dream


Sig: Dream Valley Driver, Dream DDT


Fin: Purple Rainmaker 1, Purple Rainmaker 2




Wesley Blake


Sig: Tope Atomico 2, Diving Moonsault 1


Fin: Texas Cloverleaf(Cloverleaf 1),Frog Splash 3




NXT Women's Division





Sig: Float Over Neckbreaker 3, Summer Crush


Fin: Litasault, Aliyah-Nation(Kimura Lock 1)




Bianca Belair


Sig: Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 3, Spear 3


Fin: KOD, 450 Splash




Candice LeRae


Sig: DDT 11, Black Widow


Fin: Avalanche Swinging Neckbreaker/ or Springboard Moonsault, Arm Trapped Crossface 2




Chelsea Green


Sig: Figure 4 Headscissors, Bicycle Kick 1


Fin: Unprettier(Killswitch)




Dakota Kai


Sig: Corner to Corner Facewash, Running Face Wash 3


Fin: GTK(GTS 2), Kairopractor




Deonna Purrazzo


Sig: Russian Leg Sweep 2, Dark Matter or Three Amigos


Fin: Fujiwara Armbar 1, Tilt-a-Whirl Armbar



Jessamyn Duke



Sig: Corner Trapped Punches 2, Roundhouse Kick 5



Fin: Chick Kick, Cross Armbar 2



Kacy Catanzaro


Sig: Springboard Missle Dropkick, Running Hurricanrana 2


Fin: Standing Corkscrew Splash, Somersault Leg Drop


Karen Q


Sig: KO Cannonball, Full Nelson Slam 2


Fin: Boston Crab 2


Kavita Devi


Sig: Middle Rope Axe Handle, Middle Rope Hammer Strike


Fin: Chick Kick 1, Roundhouse Kick 5




Marina Shafir:


Sig: Corner Trapped Punches 2, Judo Throw


Fin: Triangle Choke 1, Triangle Choke 2




Mia Yim


Sig: Code Blue(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1), Seoul Food(Eat Defeat)


Fin: Protect Ya Neck 1, Protect Ya Neck 2



Rhea Ripley


Sig: Stalling Suplex 3, Big Boot 10


Fin: Riptide, Gorilla Clutch (Inverted Cloverleaf)



Santana Garret


Sig: Bulldog 1, Handspring Forearm Smash


Fin: Shining Star Press 1(Handspring Moonsault), Shining Star Press 2(Gamigiri/Cartwheel Moonsault)



Scarlett Bordeaux


Sig: Running Hip Attack 4, Stunner


Fin: Diving Crossbody 4, DDT 16



Shayna Baszler


Sig: Float-Over Gutwrench Suplex Combo, Gutwrench Superplex


Fin: Kurifuda Driver, Coquina Clutch



Shotzi Blackheart


Sig: Springboard Bulldog (Stratusfaction), German Suplex 10


Fin: Diving Senton Bomb 1, Cattle Mutilation 3



Teagan Nox


Sig: Diving Crossbody 4, Diving Crossbody 1


Fin: Shiniest Wizard 1 (Shining Wizard 3), Shiniest Wizard 2(Shining Wizard 1)




Taynara Conti


Sig: Judo Throw, Cross Armbar 2


Fin: Kamigoye 1, Swinging Side Slam 1




Vanessa Borne


Sig: Handspring Splash, Neckbreaker 7


Fin: Dominator 1, Regal Plex 2



Xia Li


Sig: Team Kick Combo 1, Spinning Back Kick 2


Fin: Snapmare and Corkscrew Roundhouse, Touble in Paradise 1









Sig: Step-Up Enzugiri 3, Step-Up Enzugiri 5


Fin: Sweet Chin Music 2, Supekick 4



Alexander Wolfe


Sig: German Suplex 2, Pimp Drop


Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 4, Sit-Out Powerbomb 5



Amir Jordan


Sig: Enzugiri 5, Step-Up Enzugiri


Fin: Swanton Bomb 3



Ashton Smith


Sig: Calf Kick 1, Diving Crossbody 1


Fin: Ash Cloud, (Rolling the Dice), Cool Runnings(Jumping Knee Strike 6)




Dave Mastiff


Sig: World's Strongest Splash, Body Splash 1


Fin: KO Cannonball, Discus Clothesline 3



Eddie Dennis


Sig: Gunnslinger , Buckle Bomb 1


Fin: Next Stop Driver 1(Inverted Crush 1), Next Stop Driver 2(Inverted Crush 2)



Fabian Aichner


Sig: Powerbomb 7, Pimp Drop


Fin: Frog Splash 3, Spinning Powerbomb



Flash Morgan Webster


Sig: Brit Pop Drop (Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker or Ushigoroshi), Middle Rope Moonsault


Fin: 450 Splash, The Strangler(Guillotine Choke 2)



Ilja Dragonov


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 4, ?rüBe aus Moskau(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Torpedo Moskau 1 (Running Headbutt 3), Torpedo Moskau(Running European Uppercut)


James Drake


Sig: Grit Your Teeth(Running Elbow Smash), 450 Spash


Fin: Mr. Mayhem(Glorious DDT 2), Downswing(Tombstone Lungblower/Chickenwing Gutbuster)



Joe Coffey


Sig: Butterfly Suplex 3, Powerbomb 7


Fin: All The Best For The Bells(Discus Clothesline 4)



Mark Coffey


Sig: Half Nelson Suplex 2, Step-up Enzugiri 5


Fin: Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver, Pumphandle Powerslam



Joseph Connors


Sig: Tornado DDT 2, Don't Look Down(Hammerlock Suplex)


Fin: Righteous Kill(Ram Paige)



Jordan Devlin


Sig: Tornado Enzugiri 2, Avalanche Spanish Fly 2


Fin: Ireland's Call/Emerald Flowsion, Devlin Inside (Deadlift Back Suplex


Kenny Williams


Sig: Hammerlock DDT 1, Divng Forearm Smash


Fin: Jumping Knee Strike 6, Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2




Sig: El Booto Dos(Hesitation Dropkick), Sunset Flip Powerbomb 5


Fin: C4L(Tornado DDT 2), Mexican Splash (Uso Splash 2)



Mark Andrews


Sig: Stundog Millionaire, Victory Roll Double Stomp/Standing Corkscrew Moonsault


Fin: Shooting Star 3, Shooting Star 2



Marcel Barthel


Sig: European Uppercut 6, Middle Rope European Uppercut


Fin: Regal Plex 2



Noam Dar


Sig: Butterfly Suplex 3, Champagne Super Kneebar(Heel Hook 2)


Fin: Nova Roller 1 (Running Enzugiri), Nova Roller 2 (Step Up Enzugiri 3)




Pete Dunne


Sig: Enzugiri 4 (use the Moonsault Kick)before the enzugiri for his combination), X-Plex


Fin: Bitter End, Triangle Armbar 1







Sig: Spear 12, Spear 5


Fin: Diving Headbutt 2



Sam Gradwell


Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 5, Butterfly Suplex 3


Fin: Samoan Driver 3, Diving Headbutt 2



Saxon Huxley


Sig: Butterfly Backbreaker, Stun Gun 3


Fin: Desolation Peak 1(Yokosuka Cutter 2), Desolation Peak 2 (Yokosuka Cutter 3



Tyler Bate


Sig: Bop and Bang, Airplane Spin 3


Fin: Tyler Driver '97



Tyson T-Bone


Sig: Chokeslam Backbreaker, Hammerlock Lariat


Fin: Full Nelson Slam 2



Trent Seven


Sig: Snap Dragon Suplex, Seven Star Lariat 1


Fin: Burning Hammer 2, Seven Star Lariat 2




Travis Banks


Sig: Corner Running Dropkick 3, Lion's Clutch(Arm Trapped Crossface 2)


Fin: Slice of Heaven(Springboard Enzugiri 2, Kiwi Crusher(Fisherman Diver 2)






Sig: Gut Check,Gun Stun/Swanton Bomb 2


Fin: Cader Toss (Cross Legged Fisherman Buster/Pumphandle Suplex 3)



"Wild Boar" Mike Hitchman


Sig: Spear 12, KO Cannonball


Fin: Diving Headbutt 3





Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Gojira Clutch(Coquona Clutch


Fin: Powerbomb 7/Powerbomb 14,Uso Splash 2




Zack Gibson


Sig: Spinning Brainbuster,Frog Splash 3


Fin: Shakely Gates (Hammer and Chinlock 2)




NXT UK Women's Division



Isla Dawn


Sig: Roundhouse Kick 11, Dragon Slayer


Fin: White Magic Slam (Float-Over Snap Suplex), Call of the Quarters (Half Nelson Suplex 2)



Jazzy Gabert



Sig: German Suplex 10, Lariat


Fin: Omega Slam (Dominator 1), Omega Plex(Regal Plex 2)





Sig: Glam Slam Stretch, Roundhouse Kick 11


Fin: Touch of Coture (Ripcord Koppo Kick/Rolling Wheel Kick 2(Non-DLC),Makeover(Avalanche Facebuster)



Kay Lee Ray


Sig: Swanton Bomb 3, Koji Clutch


Fin: Gory Bomb




Killer Kelly


Sig: Hesitation Dropkick, Running Kick


Fin: German Suplex 10, Florida Key 1




Nina Samuels



Sig: Gory Special 2, Missile Dropkick 2


Fin: Hell to the Knee-na(Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker)




Piper Niven


Sig: Vader Bomb


Fin: Michinoku Driver 1, Michinoku Driver 4





Toni Storm


Sig: Running Hip Attack 4, Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 2


Fin: Storm Zero, Storm Zero 2(Tyler Driver '97)




Xia Brookside


Sig: Diving Crossbody 4, Swing Facebuster


Fin: Brookside Bomb(Avalanche Crucifix Slam), Let's Go ! (Bulldog 4)






Millie McKenzie


Sig: Backdrop Suplex 4, Spear 11


Fin: Suplex City, German Suplex 10
















Sig: Northern Lights Suplex 4, Superman Senton(Corkscrew Senton 2)or Diving Foot Stomp 3


Fin: Fall of the Angels (Running Powerbomb Toss), Cruceta Invertidas(Inverted Figure Four Leglock 2)



The Blade


Sig: Heluva Kick 1, Powerslam 5


Fin: Tombstone Piledriver 3



Brandon Cutler


Sig: Gamigiri, Deep Six


Fin: Diamond Cutler (Gun Stun)



The Butcher


Sig: Stiff Punch 1, Stalling Suplex 4


Fin: Boss Man Slam



Chris Jericho


Sig: Lionsault(Standing Moonsault), Walls of Jericho 1(Boston Crab 3) or Codebreaker (Double Knee Facebreaker)


Fin: Walls of Jericho 2(Boston Crab 4) or Liontamer(Elevated Boston Crab),The Judas Effect (Reverse Back Elbow)



Christopher Daniels


Sig: Uranage 1, Koji Clutch


Fin: Best Moonsault Ever(BME or Diving Moonsault 2), Angel's Wings (Sit-Out Butterfly Facebuster)


Chuck Taylor


Sig: Sole Food (Eat Defeat), Brodie Knee(Jumping Knee Strike 6)


Fin: Awful Waffle(Omega Driver), Stuff Piledriver(Seventh Heaven)





Sig: Disaster Kick (Springboard Roundhouse 2), American Nightmare/Deathlock (Inverted Figure Four For 2 or Four Leg Clover)


Fin: Cross Rhodes (Rolling Cutter 1 or 3), Din's Fire (Kudo Driver)





Sig: Cross Legged Fisherman Buster, Perfect Driver(Falcon Arrow)


Fin: Schwein(Air Raid Siren), Diving Meteora



Darby Allin


Sig: Crucifix Bomb(Crucifix 1), Yoshi Tonic(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2)


Fin: Coffin Drop (Corkscrew Senton 2), Last Supper ( Figure 4 Leg Snap)



"The Natural" Dustin Rhodes


Sig: Spinebuster 20, Flip Piledriver


Fin: Final Reckoning(Final Cut 1), Unnatural(Shattered Dreams)



Evil Uno


Sig: Frogger Splash (Frog Splash 3) or Goomba Stomp(Diving Foot Stomp 3), Mario Party(Chimera-Plex) or Bobble Bubble Buster (Inverted Crush 1)


Fin: The Game Genie(Butterfly Piledriver),Knee Deep in the Dead (Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker)


Frankie Kazarian


Sig: Cutter(Gun Stun), Backstabber 2


Fin: Tomikaze/Ride The Lightning (Killswitch), Ace of Spades (Whippersnapper)



"Hangman" Adam Page


Sig: Buckshot Lariat (Clothesline From Hell), Powerbomb 8


Fin: Dead Eye (Dudebuster)



Isiash Cassidy


Sig: Tornado DDT 2, Inverted Frankensteiner


Fin: Avalanche Hurricanrana 1



Jimmy Havoc


Sig: Rolling Elbow 3, Curb Stomp 2


Fin: Acid Rainmaker (Wristlock Lariat), Go Home Driver (Dudebuster) or Suicide Silence (Sleeper Hold 2 or 3)



Joey Janela


Sig: Diving Cannonball Senton, Diving Foot Stomp 3


Fin: Package Piledriver, Superkick 13



Jungle Boy


Sig: Wristlock Armdrag 5, Panama Sunrise


Fin: Hurricanrana 2 Mushroom Clutch (Metalik Clutch)



Jon Moxley


Sig: Running Knee Lift 1, Cloverleaf 1 or Crash Landing


Fin: Paradigm Shift 1 (Double Underhook Brainbuster/1916) , Paradigm Shift 2(Double Underhook DDT 1 or Double Underhook DDT 2)



Kenny Omega


Sig: V-Trigger (Bicycle Knee Strike 3 or 4) , Rain Trigger (Ripcord Knee Strike )


Fin: One Winged Angel 1(Electric Chair Driver), One Winged Angel 2(Electric Chair Driver 2)


Kip Sabian


Sig: Springboard Missle Dropkick, On Your Head, Son (Inverted Frankensteiner)


Fin: Deathly Hallows (KOD), Avada Kadriva(Fisherman's Driver 2)





Sig: Rounhouse Kick 5, Event Horizon (Shooting Star 5)


Fin: Tombstone Piledriver (Kneeling Reverse Piledriver)



Michael Nakazawa


Sig: Spear 11, Spear 13


Fin: Michael Dont Cry(Gory Special 1)



Matt Jackson


Sig: Superkick Party 1(Superkick 13), Superkick Party 2(Superkick 14)


Fin: Worst Case Scenario (Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2), Sharpshooter 1



Marc Quen


Sig: Standing Shiranui 1, Shiranui(Sliced Bread No.2)


Fin: Gun Stun, Standing Cutter




Maxwell Jacob Friedman


Sig: Swanton Bomb 3, Package Piledriver


Fin: Salt of the Earth(Fujiwara Armbar 1), South Hampton's Plunge(Hammerlock DDT 2 or 1)




Nick Jackson


Sig: Superkick Party 1(Superkick 13), Superkick Party 2 (Superkick 14)


Fin: 450 Splash, Sharpshooter 1



Orange Cassidy


Sig: Lazy Splash (Diving Body Splash 2), Chokeslam 9


Fin: Mouse Trap (SOS), Canadian Destroyer (Flip Piledriver)





Sig: Deadlift German Suplex, Sit-Out Powerbomb 5



Fin: Black Arrow (Red Arrow), The Brutalizer (Rings of Saturn 1 or 2)


Pentagón Jr.


Sig: Sling Blade, Back Stabber 2


Fin: Fear Factor(Package Piledriver), Lanza(Diving Foot Stomp 3)


Peter Avalon


Sig: Clotheline 24, Low Blow 3


Fin: Backstabber 2, Backstabber 1


Rey Fenix


Sig: Handspring Cutter, Mexican Destroyer(Panama Sunrise)


Fin: Black Fire Driver(Muscle Buster 2 or Fisherman Driver 2), Fenix Driver(Inverted Crush 1)



Sammy Guevara


Sig: Superkick 15, Shooting Star 5


Fin: 630 Senton, Feast Your Eyes 2



Scorpio Sky


Sig: Slingshot Cutter(Gaston Cutter or Rainbow Cutter) Ace of Spades (Fireman's Carry Knee Smash) or Fatal Answer (Back Neckbreaker)


Fin: TKO 1, Big Fat Kill(Mick Kick)


Sonny Kiss


Sig: Axe Kick 1,Glitter Blizzard


Fin: Bella Buster,Avalanche Facebuster or Split Legged Moonsault 1


Shawn Spears


Sig: Superkick 11, Fireman's Carry Knee Smash


Fin: Running Death Valley Driver(Pimp Drop), Slingshot Suplex (Alt. Sharpshooter 1)



Stu Grayson


Sig: Frog Splash 3, Standing Moonsault 4


Fin: Corkscrew Senton 2, B19(Avalanche Swinging Neckbreaker or Avalanche RKO or Avalanche Twist of Fate)



Trent Barreta


Sig: Dudebuster DDT(Tornado DDT 2), Gobstopper, Sexy Chuckie Knee(Single Leg Knee Stike 1), or Avalanche German Suplex


Fin: Dudebuster, Cradle Piledriver(Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver)




Women of AEW




Sig: Allie Drop(Invered DDT 1), BSE-Best Superkick Ever(Superkick 4) or Anger as Beauty(Cattle Mutilation 2)


Fin: Double Knee Face Breaker, Allie Valley Driver(Pimp Drop)



Awesome Kong


Sig: Spinning Backfist 2, Accordion Rack


Fin: Awesome Bomb (Sit-Out Powerbomb 1 or 5), Implant Buster


Aja Kong


Sig: Spinning Backfist 2, Diving Elbow Drop 3


Fin: Brainbuster 8, Brainbuster 4



Bea Priestley


Sig: Cheeky Nandos(Package Superkick), Fatality (Kimura Lock 2)


Fin: Queen's Landing (Queen Suplex), Flawless Victory (Victory Double Stomp or Tree of Woe Boot Stomp)



Big Swole


Sig: Diving Clothesline 1, Superb*tch(Superkick 4)


Fin: Dirty Dancing (Wristlock Lariat 1), Dirty Dancing 2(Seven Star Lariat 2)




Brandi Rhodes


Sig: Running Bella Buster or Jumping Knee Strike 6, Cross Rhodes(Rolling Cutter 1)


Fin: Rings of Saturn 2, Shot of Brandi (Discus Clothesline 2)



Britt Baker


Sig: Rolling Elbow 3, Open Wide (Superkick ?


Fin: Lock Jaw(Beast Bite or Rings of Saturn 2) Baker Buster(Fairytale Ending)



Leva Bates


Sig: Super Hero Kick 1(Superkick 13), Super Hero Kick 2 (Superkick 1)


Fin: Critical Confirmation(Codebreaker 1), Dinner to Go (Diving Seated Senton)



Nyla Rose


Sig: Chokeslam 9, STF 2


Fin: Beast Bomb (Sit-Out Powerbomb 5), Beast Bomb (Sit-Out Powerbomb 4)



Penelope Ford


Sig: Handspring Forearm Smash, Superkick 13


Fin: Standing Moonsault 4, Handspring Moonsault




Sig: 619, Victory Roll Double Stomp


Fin: Diving Foot Stomp 3, Running Knee Strike 5



Sadie Gibbs




Fin: Twisted Bliss, Diving Moonsault 7



Yuka Sakazaki


Sig: Spingboard Missile Dropkick, Flatliner 2


Fin: Twisted Bliss



Other Personel


Arn Anderson


Sig: Gourdbuster 5, Spinebuster 19


Fin: DDT 1, DDT 15



Billy Gunn



Sig: Jackhammer, One & Only


Fin: Famouser 3, Famouser 1



B.J. Whitmer


Sig: Exploder Suplex 5, Adrenaline Spike(Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver)


Fin: Lariat (Clothesline from Hell), Avalanche Exploder(Avalanche Becksploder) or Peruvian Necktie(Koji Clutch)



Dean Malenko


Sig: Single Knee Gutbuster, Tiger Driver (Storm Zero)


Fin: Texas Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf 1)


Jerry Lynn


Sig: TKO 1, Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4


Fin: Cradle Piledriver (Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver), Tornado DDT(DDT 11 or Tornado DDT 2)



Tanea Brooks(Rebel)


Sig: Jummping Facebuster, Flatliner 2


Fin: F.F.G. (Middle Rope Legdrop), Bicycle Pump Kick


Tully Blanchard


Sig: Middle Rope Knee Drop 2, Figure Four Leglock 6


Fin: Slingshot Suplex, Sit-Out Piledriver 2







Kylie Rae


Sig: Superkick 4, Superkick 1


Fin: Crossface 2 , Yes Lock 2







WOW-Women of Wrestling





Abilene Maverick


Sig: Northern Lights Suplex 4, Diving Crossbody 4


Fin: DDT 13, Elevated DDT (Rope Hung Flatliner)




Sig: Hurricanrana 7, German Suplex 10


Fin: Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1


Adriana Gambino






Amber O'Neal


Sig: STO 2, Superkick 4


Fin: A-Factor(X-Factor), Hollybury (Coquina Clutch)



Angelica Dante






The Beast


Sig: Spear 12, Spinebuster 16


Fin: Beast Bomb (Powerbomb 11), Sit-Out Beast Bomb(Sit-Out Powerbomb 5)


Cali Ray






Casey Dakota












Chantilly Chella


Sig: In Yo' Face 1, Bronco Buster 4


Fin: Spinning Back Kick 2, Snapmare Driver



The Dagger


Sig: Conrer Muy Thai Knee Strikes, Corner Knee Strikes 2


Fin: Backstabber 2, Backstabber 1


The Disciplinarian


Sig: Forearm Smash 7, Sit-Out Gourdbuster 1


Fin: TKO 1, Pedigree 2


Eye Candy


Sig: Fisherman's Suplex 5, Front Slam


Fin: Diving Moonsault 2, Diving Moonsault 5








Faith the Lioness


Sig: Diving Crossbody 4, Tornado Kick(Spinning High Kick)


Fin: Missile Dropkick 2, Frog Splash 3





Sig: Superkick 4, Hesitation Dropkick


Fin: Face The Music(Drift Away)





Sig: Forearm Smash 7, Big Boot 11


Fin:Feel the Fury(Hammerlock Sit-Out Spinebuster)











Sig: Body Splash 1, Leg Drop 6


Fin: Air Raid Siren





Sig: German Suplex 10, Guillotine Choke 3


Fin: Backpack Stunner




Sig: Spinebuster 5, Brogue Kick 2


Fin: Go Home Driver, Sit-Out Butterfly Facebuster



Jessie Jones


Sig: Bulldog 4, Big Boot 12


Fin: Fujiwara Armbar 3, Gory Bomb














Jungle Grrrl


Sig: Jungle Kick (Running Dropkick 2), Jungle Driver (Michinoku Driver 1)


Fin: Jungle Splash(Uso Splash 2), Jungle Splash 2(Diving Body Splash 1)



Keta Rush


Sig: Judo Throw,Cross Armbar 2


Fin: Fujiwara Armbar 1, Triangle Choke 1


Khloe Hurtz(Katie Forbes)


Sig: Samoan Drop 7, Corner Hip Attack


Fin: Khole Time!(Tornado DDT 1)








Malia Hosaka



Sig: Figure Four Leg Lock 7, Gourdbuster 5


Fin: Avalanche Hurricanrana 1




Nikki Krampus


Sig: Body Splash 1, Shoulder Block 3


Fin: Helvete Slam(East River Crossing or Boss Man Slam)



Princess Aussie


Sig: Running Dropkick 2, Scoop Slam 6


Fin: Aussie Splash 1 (Frog Splash 2), Aussie Splash (Frog Splash 3)




Sig: Forward Rushing Legsweep, Skull Crushing Finale


Fin: Short Arm Clothesline 1, Short Arm Clothesline 2



Reyna Reyes (Azteca)


Sig: Superkick 4, Avalanche Spanish Fly 1


Fin: Sky Twister(Diving Corkscrew Moonsault 3)



Sassy Massy( Alisha Edwards)


Sig: Diving Crossbody 4, Bulldog 4


Fin: Flatliner 1


Serpentine(Kobra Moon)


Sig: Dragon Sleeper 5, Koji Clutch


Fin: Invertes Crush 1, Sunset Flip Powerbomb 5


Siren the Voodoo Doll


Sig: Clothesline 24, Sacrifice (Downward Spiral)


Fin: Whitchinoku Driver (Michinoku Driver 1)




Sig: Muscle Buster 2, Jumping Knee Strike 6

Fin: Air Raid Siren, Releaee Tiger Bomb


Stephy Slays


Sig: Clothesline 24, Running Dropkick 2


Fin: SOS, Tilt-a-Whirl Small Package


Teal Piper






The Temptress


Sig: Samoan Drop 7, Northern Lights Suplex 1


Fin: Irish Curse



Tessa Blanchard


Sig: Rope Hung Lungblower, Half Nelson Reverse STO


Fin: Diamond DDT(Hammerlock DDT 3), Magnum (Diving Double Knee Facebreaker)






Impact Wrestling





Ace Austin


Sig: Springboard Enzugiri 2, Diving Famouser


Fin: The Fold(Running Blockbuster), Neckbreaker 7


Acey Romero


Sig: Pounce, Big Spalsh


Fin: Spin Sideslam, Boss Man Slam


Adam Thornstowe


Sig: Superkick 5, Superkick 4


Fin: Diving Foot Stomp 3, Frog Splash 3





Brian Cage


Sig: F5-4, Tornado Claw (Discus Clothesline 4)


Fin: Drill Claw (Suplex Piledriver 2), Weapon X(Gory Special Flatliner)




Cody Deaner


Sig: Unemployment Line(Clothesline From Hell), Giver Drop(Sliced Bread No.2)


Fin: Deaner DDT(DDT 16)




Sig: Medio Cangrejo(Single Leg Boston Crab 2), Estilete(Argentine Sidewalk Slam)


Fin: Butterfly Lungblower 2, Matte Leon(Coquina Clutch)



Dave Crist


Sig: Superkick 4, Air Raid Siren


Fin: Square and Compass(Dream DDT)



Dezmond Xavier


Sig: Sole Kick/Enzugiri Combo, X-19 (Ring Post Tiger Feint Kick)


Fin: Final Flash(Spiral Tap) Jocay-Le (Cartwheel Pele Kick)



Eddie Edwards


Sig: Tiger Driver (Tyler Driver '97), Chin Checker (Backpack Stunner)


Fin: Boston Knee Party (Last Shot 3), Achilles Lock (Single Leg Boston Crab 1)


Ethan Page


Sig: Sack of Sh¡t (Fallaway Slam 2), Swanton Bomb 2


Fin: Neutralizer 2, Spinning Dwyane(Spinning Uranage/Side Slam 1


Fallah Bahh


Sig: Belly to Belly 3, Running Crossbody 5


Fin: Banzai Drop 1



Jake Crist


Sig: Jummping Neckbreaker 2, Diving Foot Stomp 3


Fin: Super Cutter(Avalanche RKO), Buckeye Drop(Bo Dog)


Jake Deaner


Sig: Big Boot 7, Superman Spear (Corner Spear)


Fin: Shouten



Joey Ryan


Sig: YouP*rn Plex(Hip Toss 10), Mustache Ride (Avalanche Swinging Neckbreaker)


Fin: Sweet Tooth Music(Sweet Chin Music 2), Superkick 13



Johnny Swinger


Sig: Lariat, Stalling Suplex 2


Fin: Swinger Neckbreaker (Swinging Neckbreaker 3)



Josh Alexander


Sig: Power-Breaker (Project Ciampa), TKO 1


Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, Tiger Driver(Tyler Dricer '97)



Ken Shamrock


Sig: Belly to Belly Powerslam/Belly to Belly 3, Hurricanrana 7


Fin: Ankle Lock 2, Ankle Lock 3


Larry D







Luster the Legend


Sig: Free Fall Glam Slam


Fin: Heart Punch


Madman Fulton


Sig: Gutwrench Suplex 3, Big Splash


Fin: BTB(End of Days)


Mahabali Shera


Sig: Sky High, Spinebuster 16


Fin: World's Strongest Slam, Front Slam 3


Michael Elgin


Sig: Buckle Bomb 1, Lariat(Clothesline from Hell)


Fin: Elgin Bomb(Spinning Powerbomb) Burning Hammer 2




Sig: Go to Hell(Sit-Out Chokeslam 2), Train to Moose Nation(Hesitation Dropkick)


Fin: No Jackhammer Needed(Spear 12), Game Changer(Discus Clothesline 3)


Petey Williams


Sig: Russian Legsweep 2, Codebreaker 1


Fin: Canadian Detroyer(Flip Piledriver), Sharpshooter 4


Raj Singh


Sig: Cobra Spinebuster (Spinebuster 5), Sky High


Fin: Headlock Driver 1




Sig: TKO 1, Spinebuster 22


Fin: Gore, Spear 5


Rich Swann


Sig: Handspring Cutter, Swann Song( Spinning Back Kick 2)


Fin: Phoenix Splash, Middle Rope Phoenix Splash


Rob Van Dam


Sig: Coast to Coast 2, Split Legged Moonsault 1


Fin: Five Star Frog Splash


Rohit Raju


Sig: Fujiwara Armbar 1, Falcon Arrow 1


Fin: Dragon Stomp (Diving Foot Stomp 3) Dragon's Wings(Beast Bite)


Sami Callihan


Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Sit-Out Powerbomb 5


Fin: Cactus Special '97 (Cactus Driver)




Sig: Frog Splash 3, Chickenwing Gutbuster


Fin: Detonation Kick,


Tommy Dreamer


Sig: Bionic Elbow, Standing Cutter


Fin: Dreamer DDT( DDT 16), Dreamer Driver(Pimp Drop)



Trey Miguel


Sig: STO Backbreaker, Corner Tiger Feint Kick


Fin: Diving Meteora 2, Fresh To Death(Rolling Cutter 1)



Willie Mack


Sig: KO Cannonball, Standing Moonsault 2


Fin: Stunner, Six Star Frog Splash(Frog Splash 2)



Zachary Wentz


Sig: Ripcord Knee Strike, Swanton Bomb 3


Fin: Standing Moonsault 4, Rainbow Cutter


Impact Knockouts


Alisha Edwards


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Hurricanrana, Middle Rope Missile Dropkick


Fin: Bulldog 4


Jessicka Havok


Sig: Air Raid Siren, Chokeslam 9


Fin: Tombstone Piledriver 3


Jordynne Grace


Sig: Corner Slingshot Splash, Bearhug


Fin: Grace Driver(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver), Michinoku Driver 4


Katie Forbes


Sig: Samoan Drop 8, Split Leg Drop


Fin: Tornado DDT 2


Kiera Hogan


Sig: Hesitation Dropkick, Superkick 13


Fin: Face the Music(Drift Away)


Madison Rayne


Sig: Nortern Lights Suplex 4, Spear 12


Fin: Cross Rayne(Rolling Cutter 2)




Sig: Diving Seated Senton 1, Powerslam 1


Fin: BAM! (TKO 1)



Tenille Dashwood


Sig: Butterfly Suplex 2, Tatse of Tenille(Corner Seated Crossbody)


Fin: Spotlight 1(Rocket Kick 1), Spotlight 2(Basement Dropkick 4)


Tessa Blanchard


Sig: Rope Hung Lungblower, Full Nelson Reverse STO


Fin: Buzzsaw(Hammerlock DDT 3), Magnum(Diving Double Knee Facebreaker)


Taya Valkyrie


Sig: Running Meteora 3, Double Boot Stomp


Fin: Road to Valhalla (Glam Slam), STF Camel Clutch 2











Aron Stevens


Sig: Elbow Drop 8, Straight Jacket Neckbreaker(Bankrupt)


Fin: The Revelator(Rolling Elbow 5)



Caleb Konley


Sig: Spinning Backfist, Boston Crab 2


Fin: Samoan Driver 3


Colt Cabana


Sig: Bionic Elbow 1, Flying Apple (Rear View)


Fin: Chicago Skyline (Avalanche Rolling Hills), Cubs Win(Billy Goat's Curse)




Sig: Spear 12, Red Alert (End of Days)


Fin: Red Sky (Sky High)


Dave Dawson






Eddie Kingston


Sig: Machine Gun Knife Edge Chops, Backfist to the Future (Spinning Backfist)


Fin: Backdrop Driver 4, Shotgun Lariat(Short Arm Clothesline 2)


Eli Drake


Sig: Skyward Slam(Pop-Up Powerslam), Blunt Force Trauma (B.F.T.)


Fin: Gravy Train(Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4)




Sig: Three Amigos, Brooklyn Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Gringo Killa(Kudo Driver), Ace Crusher(Gun Stun) or Avalanche Ace Crusher(Avalanche RKO)


James Storm


Sig: Heat Seeking Elbow, Closing Time(Single Knee Facebreaker 2)


Fin: Last Call 1(Sweet Chin Music 2), Last Call 2(Sweet Chin Music 1)



Marty Scurll


Sig: Just Kidding ! (Superkick 16), Ghost Buster(Pumphandle Neckbreaker 2)


Fin: Crossface Chickenwing(Asuka Lock 1), Black Plague (Swinging Double Underhook Suplex)


Mr. Anderson


Sig: Tornado Enzugiri 2, Kenton Bomb(Swanton Bomb 3)


Fin: Mic Check(Flatliner 2),Green Bay Plunge(Avalanche Rolling Hills)


Nick Aldis


Sig: Michinoku Driver 4, Spineshaker (Back Suplex Side Slam)


Fin: King's Lynn Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf 1),Diving Elbow Drop (Heat Seeking Elbow)


The Question Mark


Sig: Karate Chop 2, Spinning Backfist


Fin: Throat Thrust 8



Ricky Morton


Sig: Running Dropkick 2, Running Dropkick 1


Fin: Diving Crossbody 4, Diving Crossbody 1


Robert Gibson


Sig: DDT 15, DDT 1


Fin: Running Dropkick 2


Royce Isaacs


Sig: Money Clip (Deadlift German Suplex), $ign Me(Pumphandle Powerslam)


Fin: HUSH Money(Dragon Suplex 2)


Thomas Latimer


Sig: Suplex Neckbreaker, Brighter Side of Suffering(Glorious DDT 2)


Fin: Attitude Adjustment Piledriver


Tim Storm


Sig: Powerslam 6, Big Boot 7


Fin: The Perfect Storm 1(Spin Sideslam), The Perfect Storm 2(Boss Man Slam)





Trevor Murdoch


Sig: Big Boot 10, Middle Rope Bulldog 2


Fin: Ace of Spades(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3



Zane Dawson






Women of NWA





Women of NWA


Allysin Kay


Sig: Discus From Detroit (Discus Clothesline 3), Cut Throat (Saito Suplex)


Fin: Silencer (Pounce 1), AK-47 (Yokosuka Cutter 1 or Yokosuka Cutter 3)


Ashley Vox


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Hurricanrana, Corner Slingshot Splash


Fin: Reel Catch 1( Arm Trapped Crossface 1) Reel Catch 2(Arm Trapped Crossface 2


Brooklyn Creed






Crystal Rose






Marti Belle


Sig: Bulldog 4, Marti Makeover(Forward Russian Legsweep)


Fin: The Hells Bells(Pedigree 1), Bankrupt


Melina Perez


Sig: Swinging Facebuster, California Dream (Muta Lock 2)


Fin:Sunset Split, Last Call(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2)


Thunder Rosa


Sig: Micinoku Driver 2, Inverted Crush 2


Fin: Koji Clutch







Sig: Running Jumping Knee Drop, Multiple Elbow Drops


Fin: Middle Rope Missile Dropkick






New Japan Pro Wrestling






Bad Luck Fale- Bullet Club


Sig: World's Strongest Splash, Diving Clothesline 1


Fin: Bad Luck Fall(Running Crucifix Toss), Grenade(Samoan Spike)




Chase Owens - Bullet Club


Sig:Jewel Heist(Hammerlock Lariat 2), Tatse of Pain


Fin: Package Piledriver, Rolling Elbow 3




Chris Jericho


Sig: Standing Moonsault, Walls of Jericho 2(Boston Crab 3)


Fin: Codebreaker (Double Knee Facebreaker), Liontamer(Elevated Boston Crab) or Judas Effect (Reverse Back Elbow)



Colt Cabana


Sig: Bionic Elbow 1, Flying Apple(Rear View)


Fin: Chicago Skyline (Avalanche Rolling Hills), Cubs Win(Billy Goat's Curse)



David Finlay


Sig: Spear 12, Snap German Suplex


Fin: Trash Panda (Patella Drop Brainbuster 2), Stunner




Evil - Los Ingoberables de Japon


Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Darkness Falls(Fireman's Carry Spinebuster)


Fin: Everything is Evil (STO 2), Banshee Mussle(Hammer & Chin Lock 2)



Hirooki Goto - Chaos


Sig: Ushigorushi(Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker), Shouten Kai(Shouten)


Fin: GTR (Headlock Lariat Backbreaker 1) Goto Shikki(SOS)




Hiroshi Tanahashi - Main Unit


Sig: Middle Rope Senton 1, Sling Blade


Fin: High Fly Flow(Five Star Frog Splash), Texas Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf 1)




Hiroyoshi Tenzan - Ten-Koji


Sig:TCT Tenzan Cradle Tombstone(Kneeling Reverse Piledriver), Mountain Bomb (Single Arm Back Body Drop 2) or Buffalo Sleeper(Dragon Sleeper 2)


Fin: Anaconda Vice 1, Anaconda Max (Cobra Clutch 3)




Jay White - Bullet Club


Sig: Kiwi Krusher(Fisherman Driver 2), Straight Jacket Brainbuster (DDT ?


Fin: Blade Runner(Sister Abigail 4), TTO (Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock 2)



Jon Moxley


Sig: Running Knee Lift 1, Crash Landing


Fin: Death Rider(Double Underhook Brainbuster/1916), Double Underhook DDT 2



Jeff Cobb


Sig: Gutwrench Suplex Combo, Sidewinder Suplex


Fin: Tour of The Islands




Juice Robinson


Sig: The Taste (Harlem Side Kick), Juice Box (Gut Check) or Full Nelson Slam 2


Fin: Pulp Friction (Killswitch), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Clutch (Camel Cltuch 2)




Kazuchika Okada - Chaos


Sig: Heat Seeking Elbow, Tombstone Piledriver 3/Spinning Tombstone Piledriver


Fin: Rainmaker(Seven Star Lariat 2) Red Ink (STF Camel Clutch 2)



KENTA - Bullet Club


Sig: Bushaiku Knee (Single Leg Knee Strike 1), Hesitation Dropkick


Fin: Go 2 Sleep(GTS 3) Game Over (Yes Lock 2)




Kota Ibushi - Main Unit


Sig: Pele Kick 3, Phoenix Splash


Fin: Kamigoye 1, Golden Star Bomb(Sit-out Last Ride Powerbomb 2)




Lance Archer - Suzukigun


Sig: Chokeslam 9, F'n Slam(Full Nelson Slam 1)


Fin: EBD Claw -Eberybody Dies Claw (Claw Hold), Blackout (Avalanche Crucifix Slam)




Manabu Nakanishi - Main Unit


Sig: German Suplex 2, /Torture Rack 3, Diving Brain Chop 1


Fin: Hercules Cutter(Torture Rack Neckbreaker 2)



Mikey Nicholls


Sig: Spinebuster 19, Diving Crossbody 1


Fin: Blue Vengeance (Diving Moonsault 7), Mikey Bomb(R W & Blue Thunder Bomb or Spin-Out Powebomb 3)




Minoru Suzuki - Suzukigin



Sig: Sleepler Hold 3, Saka Otoshi (Sleeper Hold 4)


Fin: Gotch Style Piledriver(Cradle Sit-Out Piledriver), Knee Bar(Heel Hook 2)



Sanada - Los Ingoberables de Japon


Sig: Paradise Lock (Full Windsor Knot 2), TKO 1 or Rack Attack 2.0


Skull End (Dragon Sleeper 5), Moonsault Press(Diving Moonsault 3)




Satoshi Kojima - Ten-Koji


Sig: Lariat(Clothesline From Hell), Rydeen Bomb(Spinebuster 5) or Kozy Crush Dynamite (White Noise 2)


Fin: Koji Cutter(Gun Stun), Avalanche Koji Cutter(Avalanche RKO)




Shingo Tagaki - Los Ingoberables de Japon


Sig: Pumping Bomber(Clothesline From Hell),Noshigami(Gory Gomb)


Fin: Last of the Dragon(Fisherman Driver 2)MADE IN JAPAN(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver)




Taichi - Suzukigun


Sig: Superkick 4, Dangerous Backdrop (Backdrop Suplex 4)or Sit-Out Powerbomb 4


Fin: Black Mephisto (Air Raid Siren), Taichi Last Ride(The Last Ride 2 or Powerbomb 16)




Tama Tonga - Bullet Club


Sig: Stinger Splash, Tongan Twist(Rolling Cutter 3) or Velano (Jumping DDT 2)


Fin: Gun Stun, Dream Catcher (Rings of Saturn 2)




Tanga Loa - Bullet Club


Sig: Powerslam 1, Sit-out Powerbomb 4


Fin: Apesh*t (Samoan Driver 1), Crossface 1




Tetsuya Naito - Los Ingoberables de Japon


Sig: Gloria(Hammerlock Back Suplex 1 or), Tornado DDT 2


Fin: Destino (Somersault Reverse DDT), Stardust Press(Diving Corkscrew Moonsault 2)




Tomoaki Honma - G.B.H.


Sig: Ko-kokeshi(Running Headbutt 4), Kokeshi Otoshi(Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver)


Fin: Diving Headbutt 3, Shalimar Tea (Blockbuster 1)




Tomohiro Ishii - Chaos


Sig: Powerbomb 7, Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Vertical Drop Brainbuster (Brainbuster 4), Ishii Driller(Suplex Piledriver 1 or 2)




Togi Makabe - G.B.H.


Sig: Spider Suplex, Lariat (Clotheline From Hell)


Fin: King Kong Knee Drop(Diving Knee Drop )




Toru Yano - Chaos


Sig: Kagamiwari(Northern Lights Bomb), Goriki (Spin Sideslam)


Fin: Uragasumi(SOS),Oni Koroshi(Powerbomb 16)




Yoshi-Hashi - Chaos


Sig: Head Hunter(Float Over Neckbreaker 3), Powerbomb 7


Fin: Karma(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver), Butterfly Lock (Guillotine Choke 3)




Yuji Nagata - Blue Justice Army


Sig: Shirome(Dis-Arm-Her 2), Drive Screw (Final Cut 1)


Fin: Nagata Lock II(Beast Bite), Back Suplex Hold (Back Suplex 3)




Yujiro Takahashi - Bullet Club


Sig: Tokyo Pimps(Dominator 1), Ero Neckbreaker (Rude Awakening 1)


Fin: Pimp Juice (DDT 3), Miami Shine(Dream Valley Driver)




Zack Sabre Jr. - Suzukigun


Sig: Article 50(Armbar/Leg Lock Combo), Orienteering With Napalm Death(Calf Crusher)


Fin: Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than The Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness ( Octopus Stretch or Leg Sweep Octopus Stretch), Yes, I'm Far Away From Home (Fujiwara Armbar 3) or Zack Driver (Michinoku Driver 3)






Junior Heavyweight Division




Amazing Red


Sig: Red Eye(Middle Rope Tornado Flatliner), Seeing Red(Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2)


Fin: Code Red(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1), Infared (Phoenix Splash)




Bushi - Los Ingoberables de Japon


Sig: Middle Rope Missle Dropkick, Double Knee Facebreaker


Fin: MX(Diving Double Knee Facebreaker), Ashiroad (Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock 2) or Firebird Spalsh(450 Splash)



Chris Sabin


Sig: Hesitation Dropkick, Over Easy(Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter)


Fin: Cradle Shock(Cross Legged Samoan Driver), Hail Sabin(Cross Legged Michinoku Driver)



Douki - Suzukigun


Sig: Diving Seated Senton 1, Tornado DDT 2


Fin: Suplex de la Luna(Wheelbarrow Suplex 2)




El Desperado - Suzukigun


Sig: Jumping Neckbreaker 2, Guitarra de la Muerta (Kudo Driver)


Fin: Guitarra El Angel (Sit-Out Butterfly Facebuster) Numero Dos (Brock Lock)



El Phantasmo - Bullet Club


Sig: Torture Rack Neckbreaker 2, Spingboard Swanton Bomb


Fin: CR II (Belly to Back Inverted Slam), Springboard Moonsault



Flip Gordon - Villain Enterprises


Sig: Kinder Surpise(Springboard Superkick), Star Spangled Stunner(Springboard Stunner 1)


Fin: 450 Splash, Fireman's Carry Cutter





Gedo - Bullet Club


Sig: Combination 1, Superkick 1


Fin: Complete Shot 1(Flatliner 1), Complete Shot 2(Flatliner 2)





Hiromu Takahashi - Los Ingoberables de Japon


Sig: Dynamite Plunger (Ireland's Call/Emerald Flowsion), Avalanche Victory Roll or D Driver(Butterfly Piledriver)


Fin: Time Bomb(Air Raid Bomb), D (Triangle Choke 2)




Jado - Bullet Club


Sig: Green Killer (Rope Hung DDT 2), Backdrop Suplex 2


Fin: Crossface of Jado(Crossface)




Jushin Thunder Liger - Main Unit


Sig: Shotei(Lariat) Avalance Hurricanrana 1,CTB-Crash Thunder Buster(Wheelbarrow Facebuster 1)


Fin: Brainbuster 8, Liger Bomb(Sit-Out Powerbomb 3)


Marty Scurll - Villain Enterprises


Sig: Ghostbuster(Pumphandle Neckbreaker 2), Tornado DDT 2



Fin: Crossface Chickenwing(Asuka Lock 1), Graduation (Swinging Double Underhook Suplex/Butterfly Suplex 3)



Robbie Eagles - Chaos/Birds of Prey


Sig: Warp 4.5(450 Splash) Pulse Drop(Sliced Bread No.2)


Fin: Ron Miller Special(Inverted Figure Four Leg Lock 2), Backpack Stunner



Rocky Romero - Chaos/ Roppongi 3K


Sig: Nomisugi Knee (Jumping Knee Attack 3), Kurayami Piledriver(Kneeling Reverse Piledriver)


Fin: Buzzsaw Kick, El Diablo(Cross Armbar 2)



Dragon/Ryu Lee


Sig: Bicycle Knee Stikre 4, Dragon Driver(Bridging Package Powerbomb)


Fin: Desnucadora (Vertical Suplex Powerbomb), Last Shot 2




Ryusuke Taguchi -Main Unit


Sig: Running Hip Attack 3, Dodon's Throne(Chickenwing Gutbuster)


Fin: Dodon (Glam Slam or Hook and Ladder), Oh My & Garankle(Ankle Lock 2)




SHO - Chaos/Roppongi 3K


Sig: Suplex City 1, Powerbreaker (Project Ciampa)


Fin: Shock Arrow (Package Piledriver)




Taiji Ishimori - Bullet Club


Sig: Tombstone Lungblower/Chickenwing Gutbuster 2, Yes Lock 1 or Yess Lock 2


Fin: Bloody Cross(Butterfly Lungblower), 450 Splash




Taka Michinoku - Suzukigun


Sig: Superkick 1, Just Facelock(Arm Trapped Crossface 1)


Fin: Michinoku Driver II(Michinoku Driver 4), Michinoku Driver II-B (Inverted Crush 2)




Tiger Mask - Main Unit


Sig: Kneeling Reverse Piledriver, Diving Headbutt 3


Fin: Tiger Suplex 1, Tiger Suplex 2




Will Ospreay - Chaos/Birds of Prey


Sig: Essex Destroyer (Front Flip DDT), Cheeky Nandos(Package Superkick) or Sit-Out Powerbomb 4


Fin: OsCutter(Springboard Stunner 1 or Handspring Cutter), Storm Breaker (Butterfly Lift Twisting Cutter)



YOH - Chaos


Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 5, Complete Shot (Flatliner 1)


Fin: Five Star Clutch (Northern Lights Suplex 3, Stargazer (Calf Crusher)




Yoshinobu Kanemaru- Suzukigun


Sig: Boston Crab 2, Brainbuster 2


Fin: Deep Impact (Diving DDT), Touch Out (Final Cut 1 or Twisting Brainbuster




Other Personnel


Kastuyori Shibata


Sig: Sleeper Hold 3, Octopus Stretch


Fin: PK(Running Kick), G2PK (GTS/ Penalty Kick Combo)



Masahiro Chono


Sig: Shining Black (Drive By Kick), Kenka Kick(Big Boot 10)


Fin: FTS(STF 2), Deathlock STF(Arm Trap Cross Legged STF)



Young Lions



Alex Cloughlin - NJPW LA Dojo


Sig: German Suplex 10, Jumping Elbow Drop 5


Fin: Boston Crab 2



Clark Conners - NJPW LA Dojo


Sig: German Suplex 10


Fin: Boston Crab 1



Tomoyuki Oka/Great O-Karn - NJPW Dojo


Sig: Judo Throw, German Suplex 10


Fin: Belly to Belly Suplex (Bayley to Belly Suplex)



Hikuleo - NJPW Dojo, Excursion:Rev Pro


Sig: Big Boot 10, Tongan Twist(Rolling Cutter 3)


Fin: T-Bomb (Two Handed Chokeslam 2)



Karl Fredricks - NJPW LA Dojo


Sig: German Suplex 10, German Suplex 2


Fin: Boston Crab 1


Hirai Kawoto/Kawoto-San - NJPW Dojo, Excursion: CMLL


Sig: Fujiwara Armbar 1, Dreamcast(Trouble in Paradise 1)


Fin: Boston Crab 2, German Suplex 10



Michael Richards - Fale Dojo


Sig: German Suplex 10, German Suplex 2


Fin: Boston Crab 2, Boston Crab 1


Ren Narita - NJPW Dojo


Sig: German Suplex 10, Boston Crab 2


Fin: Northern Lights Suplex 3



Shota Umino- NJPW Dojo, Excursion: Rev Pro


Sig: German Suplex 10, Boston Crab 2


Fin: Fisherman Suplex 5


Yota Tsuji- NJPW Dojo


Sig: Leaping Forearm Smash, Running Dropkick 2


Fin: Boston Crab 2, Boston Crab 1



Yuya Uemara- NJPW Dojo


Sig: Running Dropkick 2, German Suplex 10


Fin: Boston Crab 2









Sig: Gobstopper(Single Leg Knee Strike 1), Dudebuster DDT(Tornado DDT 2) or Avalanche German Suplex


Fin: Dudebuster




Sig: Disaster Kick(Springboard Roundhouse 2), Dark Matter


Fin: Cross Rhodes (Rolling Cutter 1), American Deathlock(Four Leg Clover or Inverted Figure 4 Leg Lock 2) or Din's Fire (Kudo Diver)




Davey Boy Smith Jr.


Sig: Tiger Suplex 2, Powerslam 1


Fin: Bulldog Bomb (Sit-Out Powerbomb 5)



Hangman Page


Sig: Fallaway Slam 1, Buckshot Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Rite of Passage (Dudebuster)




Kenny Omega


Sig: V-Trigger(Bicycle Knee Strike 3 or Bicycle Knee Strike 4), Rain Trigger (Ripcord Knee Strike


Fin: Katayoku No Tenshi 1(Electric Chair Driver), Katayoki Ni Tenshi 2 (Ulster Plantation)






Sig: Masahiro Tanaka (Fastball Punch) Midnight Express (Diving Corkscrew Moonsault 3)


Fin: Hoverboard Lock(Kimura Lock 2), Back to the Future(Small Package Driver 2)



Matt Jackson


Sig: Superkick Party 1(Superkick 4), Superkick Party 2(Superkick 14)


Fin: Sharpshooter 1, Worst Case Scenario

(Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2)


Michael Elgin


Sig: Buckle Bomb 1, Clotheline From Hell or Spinning Backfist 2


Fin: Elgin Bomb(Spinning Powerbomb), Burning Hammer 2 or KOD




Nick Jackson


Sig: Superkick Party 1(Superkick 4), Superkick Party (Superkick 14)


Fin: 450 Splash, Sharpshooter 1





Takashi Iizuka


Sig: Sleeper Hold 1, German Suplex 3


Fin: Iron Finger From Hell (Jigokutuki), Blizzard Suplex (Exploder Suplex 1)







Ring of Honor









Sig: Avalanche Spanish Fly 2, Avalanche Poison Rana


Fin: 21 Plex (O'Connor Roll German Suplex), X-Knee/21 Plex Combo(Bro 2 Sleep/German Suplex Combo)





Sig: Leaping Forearm Smash


Fin: This is a Kill (Kneeling Reverse Piledriver)


Beer City Bruiser


Sig: Beer City DDT(Dream DDT), KO Cannonball


Fin: Beer City Splash 1(Frog Spalsh 2), Beer City Splash 2(Low Down)



"Brawler" Brain Milonas


Sig: Supeplex 2, Body Splash 1


Fin: Running Senton 2, Swing Vote(East River Crossing)



Brody King


Sig: Running Senton 2, Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Ganzo Bomb(Omega Driver), Cross Legged Samoan Driver



Brent and Brendon Tate(The Boys/Tate Twins)



Sig: Running Dropkick 2, Double Knee Facebreaker


Fin: Hurricanrana 2, Frankensteiner 2



Bully Ray



Sig: Bionic Elbow 2, Jackknife Powerbomb 1


Fin: Bully Bomb (Full Nelson Bomb), Sit-Out Piledriver 2




Caprice Coleman



Sig: Northern Lights Suex 4, Arm Wrench Heel Kick


Fin: Sky Splitter (Diving Leg Lariat 1), Judgment Seat(Colossal Clutch)






Sig: Shining Wizard 3, Springboard Knee Strike


Fin: Shotei 1(Lariat), Shotei 2(Looping Palm Strike)



Dak Draper


Sig: Springboard Clothesline 5, Sit-Out Powrbomb 5


Fin: Magnum Drop(Fireman's Carry Front Slam 2)





Dalton Castle


Sig: Exploder Suplex 5, Deadlift German Suplex


Fin: Bang-A-Rang, Sling Blade



Dan Maff


Sig: Body Splash 1, Clothesline from Hell


Fin: Burning Hammer 2, Burning Hammer 1



Dragon/Ryu Lee


Sig: Bicycle Knee Strike 1, Descunadora (Vertical Suplex Powerbomb)


Fin: Incinerator (Last Shot 2), Incinerator 2(Bicycle Knee Strike 3)






Sig: Panic Attack(Running Knee Strike 1), Bizarro Driver(Fisherman Driver 2)


Fin: Cobra Stretch (Cobra Clutch 1), Cobra Stretch (Cobra Clutch 2)




Eli Isom


Sig: Superkick 4, Enzugiri 5


Fin: Brainbuster 4, Brainbuster 8





Sig: Springboard Swanton Bomb, Spiral Tap


Fin: Flam Fly(Avalanche Spanish Fly 2)



Flip Gordon


Sig: Standing Shooting Star, Flip-5(Rack Attack 2.0)


Fin: S.T.F- Submit To Flip(STF 2), 450 Splash



Jay Briscoe


Sig: Hangman's Neckbreaker 3, Lariat(Cothesline From Hell)


Sig: Jay Driller(Butterfly Piledriver) Crucible (Sit-Out Gourdbuster 1)




Jay Lethal


Sig: Lethal Combination (Spinning Reverse STO), Hail to the King (Diving Elbow Drop 6)


Fin: Lethal Injection(Handspring Cutter), Figure Four Leg Lock 4




Jeff Cobb


Sig: Gutwrench Suplex Combo, Sidewinder Suplex


Fin: Tour of the Islands



Joe Hendry


Sig: Freak of Nature(Fallaway Slam 2), Hendry Slam(Angle Slam 1)


Fin: Hendry Lock(Ankle Lock 6), Flag of Scotland (Double Knee Facebreaker)




Jonathan Gresham


Sig: Jumping Snapmare, Shooting Star 5


Fin: Octopus Stretch, Figure Four Leg Lock 3




Josh Woods


Sig: Exploder Suplex 3, Fireman's Carry Knee Smash


Fin: Deenda Bar (TJP Clutch), Seismic Toss (Fireman's Carry Slam)





Sig: Powerbomb 1, Powerbomb 11


Fin: Chokeslam 9, Chokeslam 5



Kenny King


Sig: Trouble In Paradise 1, Spinebuster 19


Fin: Royal Flush (Fireman's Carry Side Slam), Springboard Blockbuster






Sig: Forward Russian Leg Sweep, Honor Roll 1


Fin: Saint-plosion(Swinging Double Underhook Suplex/Butterfly Suplex 3), 450 Splash




Mark Briscoe


Sig: Samoan Blitz, Fisherman Driver 3


Fin: Froggy Bow(Diving Elbro Drop), Burning Hammer 2



Mark Haskins


Sig: Samoan Driver 3, Coup De Grâce


Fin: Sharpshooter 4, Star Armbar(Bridging Fujiwara Armbar)



Marty Scurll


Sig: Ghostbuster(Pumphandle Neckbreaker 2), Tornado DDT 2



Fin: Crosface Chickenwing (Asuka Lock 2), Black Plague(Swinging Double Underhook Suplex/Butterfly Suplex 3)



Matt Taven


Sig: Kick of the King(Springboard Kick 2), Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2


Fin: Climax (Headlock Driver 1), Five Star Frog Splash





Sig: Body Splash 1, Big Boot 7


Fin: Chokeslam 9, Chokeslam 5



PJ Black


Sig: Black to the Future (Spin-Out Powerbomb 2) Billy Goat's Curse


Fin: Placebo Effect(Springboard 450 Splash), Bad Habit(Moonstomp)







Sig: Sit-Out Chokeslam 2,Package Piledriver or Pop-Up Powerbomb 2



Fin: Swanton Bomb 2, PCO-Sault(Diving Moonsault 3)




Rhett Titus


Sig: Frog Splash 4, Helluva Kick 1


Fin: Rhett-ribution(1916), Tornado Kick (Discus Big Boot) , Doggie Splash (Frog Splash 3)




Rocky Romero


Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 3, Ankle Lock 6


Fin: El Diablo(Cross Armbar 2), Buzzsaw Kick




Ryan Nova


Sig: Superkick 2, Diving Crossbody 1


Fin: Roundhouse Kick 11





Sig: Bicycle Knee Strike 1, Shotgun Dropkick 2


Fin: Bull's Horns(Hesitation Dropkick)



Shaheem Ali


Sig: Elevated Flatliner, Harlem Side Kick


Fin: Frog Splash 3, Gutwrench Powerbomb 4




Shane Taylor


Sig: World's Strongest Splash 1, Middle Rope Splash


Fin: One Hitter Quitter(Straight Right Punch), Greetings from 216/Welcome to the Land(Sit-Out Reverse Piledriver or Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver)




Silas Young


Sig: Anarchist Suplex(Whiplash Neckbreaker 1), Stock Lock(Corbra Clutch 3)


Fin: Misery(Airplane Spin TKO), Milwaukee Plunge(Aztec Press)



"The Business" Slex


Sig: Single Leg Dropkick 2, Closing Business(Cobra Clutch 3)


Fin: Slexecution (Trouble in Paradise), Buissness Bomb(Torture Rack Bomb 2)



TK O'Ryan


Sig: Glue Factory(Bow and Arrow), Back Suplex 7


Fin: Mustang Ride (Pumphandle Powerslam)

, Fisherman DDT (Fisherman Driver 3)





Sig: Sam Hane(Running Elbow Smash), Russian Leg Sweep 2


Fin: Redrum(Swanton Bomb 3), The Shining(Bo Dog)




Will Ferrara


Sig: DDT 11, BBL(Hammerlock Lariat 2)


Fin: Cobra Clutch 2, Eyes Wide Shut(Single Knee Facebreaker 2)






Women of Honor



Angelina Love


Sig: Light's Out (Elevated Flatliner) , Cramp(Single Leg Camel Clutch)


Fin: Botox Injection (Bicycle Pump Kick), Break-a-B*tch (Stright Jacket Backbreaker)



Gabby Ortiz








Jenny Rose


Sig: Fisherman Suplex 5, Spear 3, or Spinning Sidewalk Slam


Fin: No Doubt 1 (Uranage 2), No Doubt ( STO Backbreaker)



Kelly Klein


Sig: Northern Lights Suplex 1, Jumping Knee Strike 5


Fin: End of the Match(Guillotine Choke 3), K Power (Attitude Adjustment 1)



Maria Manic


Sig: Alabama Slam 1, DDT 1



Fin: Torture Rack 3, Torture Rack 1



Mandy Leon


Sig: Killswitch or Bulldog 11, Koji Clutch


Fin: Astral Projection(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver), Leonsault(Litasault)




Stella Grey


Sig: Superkick 13, Step-Up Enzugiri


Fin: Back Suplex 3




Sumie Sakai


Sig: Front Missile Dropkick 2, Drift Away


Fin: Smash Mouth 1(Rolling The Dice), Smash Mouth 2(Rolling Cutter 3)



Velvet Sky


Sig: Octopus Stretch, Beauty Mark (Backstabber 2)


Fin: In Yo' Face (Sit-Out Butterfly Facebuster) Beauty-T (DDT 4)











Air Wolf









Sig: Dragon Fly (Frog Splash 3), Spirit Bomb(Brainbuster ?


Fin: Midnight Star(450 Splash), Hero's Grip(Snap German Suplex)


Alexander Hammerstone


Sig: Big Boot 7, Big Boot 5


Fin: Nightmare Pendulum(Shouten)



Ariel Dominguez




Fin: German Suplex 8, German Suplex 10


Austin Aries


Sig: Skull Tap, Last Chancery 3


Fin: Brainbuster 8, 450 Splash




Sig: Superkick 13, Diving Senton Bomb


Fin: La Velaguezua(Muscle Buster 2), La Velaguezua 2(Consequence)



Brian Pillman Jr.


Sig: Knockout Knee(Knee Smash/Shining Wizard 3), Sleeping Hero(German Suplex ?


Fin: Dying Promise (Swinging Nekcbreaker 6), Dying Promise 2 (Neckbreaker 3)


Davey Boy Smith Jr.


Sig: Saito Suplex, Sharpshooter 1


Fin: Poweslam 1, Crossface 1


Dominic Garrini






Douglas James






Gino Medina






Gringo Loco


Sig: Middle Rope Frog Splash, Frog Splash 3


Fin: 450 Splash, Spiral Tap


El Hijo de LA Park


Sig: Diving Arm Drag, Flip Piledriver


Fin: Avalanche Spanish Fly 2, Sunset Driver(Dudebuster)


Ikuro Kwon






Jacob Fatu


Sig: Pop-Up Somoan Drop(Samoan Drop 1), Superkick 4


Fin: Samoan Splash(Uso Splash 2), Mighty Moonsault(Diving Moonsault 7)


Jimmy Havoc


Sig: Apron Piledriver, Go Home Driver(Dudebuster)


Fin: Acid Rainmaker(Seven Star Lariat 2), Suicide Silence(Sleeper Hold 2/Coquina Clutch)



Jordan Oliver


Sig: Step Up Enzugiri 3, Supekick 2


Fin: Cleopatra(Whippersnapper), Lost in the Sauce(Middle Rope Cutter)


Josef Samael


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, Sit-Out Powerbomb 3


Fin: Punt Kick



Killer Kross


Sig: Exploder Suplex 5, Rolling Knee Bar 1


Fin: Kross Jacket, (Coquina Clutch or Asuka Lock 1), Doomsday Saito(Backdrop Suplex 2) or Hammerlock Doomsday Saito(Hammerlock Suplex 1 or 2)



King Mo


Sig: Roundhouse Kick 5, Stiff Punch 1


Fin: Boxing Right Hook, Coquina Clutch


Kotto Brazil


Sig: Dropkick 7, Running Dropkick 2


Fin: Dragon Twist Cutter


LA Park


Sig: Powerslam 5, Martinete (Tombstone Piledriver)


Fin: La Parkinator(Corkscrew Senton), Spear 11


Low Ki


Sig: John Woo Kick (Shotgun Dropkick 2), Dragon Clutch(Dragon Sleeper 2)


Fin: Warrior's Way(Coup de Grace), Ki Krusher(Fisherman Driver 2)



Mance Warner


Sig: Spinebuster 19, DDT 1


Fin: Lariat(Clothesline From Hell), Running Knee Lift 1


Maxwell Jacob Friedman


Sig: Package Piledriver, South Hampton's Plunge(Hammerlock DDT 1)


Fin: Salt of the Earth(Fujiwara Armbar 3), Swanton Bomb 3


Marshall Von Erich


Sig: Diving Crossbody 1, Diving Crossbody 4


Fin: Diving Moonsault 7, Iron Claw 1



Myron Reed


Sig: Middle Rope Cutter, Handsping Cutter


Fin: Rainbow Cutter, Avalanche RKO



Ross Von Erich


Sig: Diving Crossbody 1,


Fin: Iron Claw 1, Iron Claw 2


Simon Gotch


Sig: Greco Roman Suplex(Butterfly Suplex 3), Northern Lights Bomb 2


Fin: Gotch Piledriver(Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver), Cosmic Horror(Yakuza Kick)


Séptimo Dragón


Sig: Corkscrew Senton, Divinf Corkscrew Moonsault 3


Fin: Diving Cross Body 5, Diving Moonsault 3



Timothy Thatcher


Sig: Snap Headbutt, Arm Trapped Crossface 2


Fin: Fujiwara Armbar 1, Cross Armbar 2


Tom Lawlor


Sig: Step-Up Superman Punch, Coquina Clutch


Fin: Big Swing Guillotine(Guillotine Choke 3), Koji Clutch





Sig: Middle Rope 630 Senton, Double Rotation Moonsault


Fin: Dragon Twist Cutter, Middle Rope Phoenix Splash






Rich Swann


Sig: Swann Song(Spinning Back Kick 2), Five Star Swann Splash(Five Star Frog Splash)


Fin: Phoenix Splash, Middle Rope Phoenix Splash


Shane Strickland


Sig: Jumping Flatliner(Paydirt), 450 Splash


Fin: Swerve Stomp (Diving Foot Stomp 3), JML Driver (Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver)


Teddy Hart


Sig: Cradle DDT (Ram-Paige), Shooting Star 3


Fin: Lungblower(Project Ciampa), Hart Destroyer(Panama Sunrise)



Women of MLW


Priscilla Kelly


Sig: East River Crossing, 333(Half Nelson Suplex 2


Fin: Trapped in Sin(Leg Sweep Octopus Stretch), Osteoporosis(Middle Rope Torando Flatliner/Sling Blade)


Zeda Zhang


Sig: Roundhouse Kick 11, Guillotine Choke 2


Fin: Brainbuster 8, Brainbuster 2













Adrian Alanis







Andrew Everett


Sig: Diving Moonsault 5, Springboard Shooting Star Press


Fin: Shooting Star 4, Frankedriver(Inverted Frankensteiner)



Anthony Gutierrez






Anthony Greene






Anthony Henry


Sig: Frog Splash 3, Frog Splash 5


Fin: Cloverleaf 1, Cloverleaf 2



AR Fox


Sig: Gun Stun, Dutchman's Boot (Brogue Kick 2)


Fin: Lo Mein Pain (Avalanche Flip Bottom 2), Krunch (White Noise 2)



Chris Dickinson



Sig: Suplex City , Burning Hammer 2


Fin: Pazuzu Bomb(High Cross), Brain Eater(Butterfly Piledriver)



Colby Corino


Sig: Springboard Stunner 1, Diving Foot Stomp 3


Fin: Superkick 2, Superkick 5



Curt Stallion


Sig: Double Boot Stomp Lunging Headbutt(Snap Headbutt)


Fin: Buck Off(Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 2), Death Wish (Avalanche Half and Half Suplex)


Davey Vega


Sig: Yakuza Kick(Big Boot 7), Superkick 1


Fin: V-8(Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 4)



Dom Garrini


Sig: Sleeper Suplex, Triangle Choke 1


Fin: Cross Armbar 4, Kimura Lock 2



Eddie Kingston


Sig: Machine Gun Knife Edge Chops, Backfist to the Future(Spinning Backfist)


Fin: Backdrop Suplex 1, Shotgun Lariat(Short-Arm Clothesline 2)


Evan Bourne



Sig: Standing Moonsault 1, Diving Meteora 1


Fin: Shooting Star 2, Shooting Star 1



Harlem Bravado


Sig: Northern Lights Suplex 4, Superkick 13


Fin: Straight Cash Homie(Fairytale Ending)




J.D. Drake









Sig: T'Challa Kick(Carribean Kick), T'Challa Kick 2(Spinning Heel Kick 2)


Fin: Jumanji Bomb(Sit-Out Chokebomb 1), Jungle Splash(Diving Body Splash 7)


Jarek 1:20


Sig: Superkick 13, Wristlock Springboard DDT


Fin: Tree of Woe Boot Stomp 2, Lionsault



Joe Gacy


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, Chokeslam 9


Fin: Sit-Out Chokebomb 1, Diving Body Splash 1


John Skyler


Sig: Step-Up Enzugiri 1, DDT 1


Fin: Southern Salvation(Avalanche Rolling Hills)



Jon Davis



Sig: Lariat(Clothesline From Hell), Pounce


Fin: 3 Seconds Around The World(Torture Rack Bomb), Spinning Powerbomb



Josh Briggs


Sig: Big Boot 9, Clothesline From Hell


Fin: M5(Lumbar Check), Meet Your Maker(Deep Six/Argentine Sidewalk Slam)



Leon Ruff






Liam Grey






Mat Fitchett


Sig: Table Top Moonsault(Standing Moonsault 4), Rockin' Rook Knee(Jumping Knee Strike 3)


Fin: Water For Elephants(Suplex Backbreaker)




Sig: Spinebuster 7, Clothesline 3


Fin: F-5 2









Sean Maluta


Sig: Gourdbuster 5, Shining Wizard 1


Fin: Superkick 4, Superkick 2



Stephen Wolf







Women of Evolve


Ayla Fox






Brandi Lauren






Natalia Markova


Sig: Uranage 1, End of the Trail


Fin: Bonnie Factor 1(X-Factor), Bonnie Factor 2(Running Bella Buster)


Savannah Evans


Sig: Northern Lights 1, Northern Lights Suplex 4


Fin: Perfect Plex, Fisherman Suplex 5







Angelo Dawkins


Sig: Stiff Punch 1, Feigned Jab


Fin: Spinebuster 23, Spinebuster 16



Akira Tozawa


Sig: Shining Wizard 2, Diving Senton Bomb


Fin: Deadlift German Suplex, Snap German Suplex


Austin Theory


Sig:Clothesline/Blockbuster Combo, Step-Up Superman Punch


Fin: Ataxia/One Night Stand/Bitter End, Unproven Cutter(Jumping TKO/Rack Attack 2.0)


Biff Busick


Sig: Running Blockbuster, Clothesline From Hell


Fin: Half and Half Suplex 2, Sleeper Hold 4



Bobby Fish


Sig: Avalanche Falcon Arrow, Flying Fish Hook



Fin: Fish Hook Deluxe, Sleeps with The Fishes



Bryan Danielson


Sig: Danielson Special, Diving Headbutt 3


Fin: Cattle Mutilation 2, Yes Lock 1



Brodie Lee


Sig: Big Boot 10, Superkick 10


Fin: Brodie Bomb(Sit-Out Powerbomb 3), Truckstop (Spin Sideslam)



Chris Hero


Sig: Rolling Elbow 4, Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver


Fin: Leaping Tombstone Piledriver, KO 1



Chuck Taylor/DUSTIN


Sig: Sole Food(Eat Defeat),Falcon Arrow(Michinoku Driver 3)


Fin: Awful Waffle(Omega Driver), Stuff Piledriver(Seventh Heaven)



Christina Von Eerie


Sig: Double Knee Facebreaker, West Coast Curse(Hanging Cloverleaf)


Fin: Graveyard Smash(Pedigree 2) Dead Rasing(Backstabber 2)



Darby Allin


Sig: Middle Rope Flip Cutter, Crucifix Driver(Crucifix 1)


Fin: Coffin Drop(Corkscrew Senton), Last Supper(Figure 4 Leg Snap)



Davey Richards


Sig: Kneeling Yes! Kick 1, Superplex/Falcon Arrow Combo



Fin: Ankle Lock 6, Snapmare & Corkscrew Roundhouse



Drew Galloway


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, White Noise 2


Fin: Claymore, Future Shock DDT



Drew Gulak


Sig: Inverted Sharpshooter, Rope Whip Scoopslam/Gulak Attack


Fin: Dragon Sleeper 5



Flip Kendrick


Sig: Dragonrana, Facebuster 4


Fin: Spiral Tap




Jason Kincaid


Sig: Epilogue(Slingshot Falcon Arrow),Death From Above(Tree of Woe Boot Stomp)


Fin: Compassionate Release (Dragon Slayer), Grave of the Fireflies(Natural Selection)


Jimmy Jacobs


Sig: Gun Stun, Contra Code(Sliced Bread No.2)


Fin: The End Time(Guillotine Choke 3), Spear 11



Joey Janela


Sig: Diving Foot Stomp 3, Package Sidewalk Slam


Fin: Superkick 2, Superkick 4



Jon Moxley


Sig: Crash Landing, Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)



Fin: Hook and Ladder, Gun Stun



Johnny Gargano


Sig: Slingshot Spear, Lawn Dart/Hurts Donut(Full Nelson Reverse STO)


Fin: Gargano Escape 1(Arm Trapped Crossface 1), Gargano Escape 2(Arm Trapped Crossface 2)




Kyle O'Reilly



Sig: Triple Rolling Butterfly Suplexes, KTFO


Fin: Brainbuster 8, Cross Armbar/Leg Lock Combo



Matt Riddle



Sig: Bro 2 Sleep(GTS/German Suplex Combo), Spinning Tombstone


Fin: Bromission 1, Bromission 2


Montez Ford


Sig: DDT 7, Float-Over DDT 3


Fin: Frog Splash 2, Frog Splash 3



Rich Swann



Sig: Rich Kick (Gamigiri/Charging 450 Spash), Frog Spalsh 3 or Handspring Cutter


Fin: Phoenix Splash, Chicken Fried Driver (Package Sidewalk Slam)



Timothy Thatcher


Sig: Snap Headbutt, Backdrop Suplex 4


Fin: Fujiwara Armbar 1, Arm Trapped Crossface 1





Sig: Detonation Kick, Cross Armbar 2


Fin: TJP Clutch(Inverted Cloverleaf), 450 Splash



Tony Nese


Sig: Samoan Driver 1, Dudebuster


Fin: 450 Splash, Single Leg Boston Crab 1





Zack Sabre Jr.


Sig: Article 50(Cross Armbar 2), Jim Breaks Armbar (Fujiwara Armbar 3


Fin: Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will Be Better Than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress Will Lead Us All to Happiness (Leg Sweep Octopus Stretch or Octopus Stretch), Zack Driver (Michinoku Driver 3)













(Note: Fujiwara Armbar 3 is the closest to the Chikara Special, and Tequila Sunrise 1 or 2 is the closest to the Inverted Chikara Special)



Blanche Babish









Sig: Diving Moonsault 2, Superkick 13


Fin: Rolling Elbow 3



Boomer Hatfield


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Small Package


Fin: Yoshi Tonic (Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2)



Cajun Crawdad




Fin: Flat Crab (Achilles Lock 3)



Callux the Castigator


Sig: Ah Funk It


Fin: Powerbomb 8, Powerbomb 16



Cornelius Crummels









Sig: Running Hurricanrana, Swanton Bomb 1


Fin: Gory Neckbreaker



Dasher Hatfield


Sig: Jackhammer, Sit-Out Powerbomb 4


Fin: Grand Slam (Avalanche Powerslam 2), Suicide Squeeze(Pimp Drop)



Donald Kluger







El Hijo del Ice Cream


Sig: Upside Down Frown


Fin: Cold Stone Stunner 1(Stunner), Cold Stone Stunner 2 (Whippersnapper)



Fire Ant


Sig: Buring Down The House (Wheelbarrow Stunner), Brainbuster 4


Fin: Beach Break (Air Raid Siren) , DDT 12







Sig: Running Body Attack 3, Ah Funk It


Fin: Powerbomb 14





Sig: Crucifix Driver (Crucifix 1), Step-Up Enzugiri 3


Fin: Kneecolepsy (Insult to Injury 1), InstantDeath(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver)



Green Ant (II)


Sig: Enzugiri 5


Fin: Diving Crossbody 4, Diving Crossbody 1





Sig: Yazuka Kick(Running Superkick), Rydeen Bolb (Sky High) Go 2 Sleepy Hollow (Fireman's Carry Gutbuster)


Fin: Never Wake Up (Ram-Paige), (Sit-Out Spinebuster)



Hermit Crab


Sig: Boston Crab 2, Single Leg Boston Crab 2


Fin: Springboard Elbow Drop 2




Hype Rockwell


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Powerslam, KO Cannonball


Fin: Hyperwheel(Gunnslinger)





Sig: Blu Ray (Death Valley Driver 2), Shiranui(Sliced Bread #2)


Fin: Wings of Icarus(Pedigree 2), Chikara Special (Fujiwara Armbar 3)



Ice Cream Jr.


Sig: Big Boot 7, Big Boot 12


Fin: Jackhammer



Jasper Tippins







Jeremy Leary







Juan Francisco de Coronado



Sig: (Tyler Driver '97), German Sulplex 10


Fin: Coronado Clutch 1 (Tombstone Stretch) Coranado Clutch 2(TJP Clutch)





Sig: Spear 11, Spear 5


Fin: Demon's Toilet (Diving Seated Senton 1)



Lucas Calhoun


Sig: Body Splash 1, Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver


Fin: End of The Trail, Avalanche Samoan Drop 1




"Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti


Sig: Spinebuster 19, Stalling Superplex


Fin: Flea Flicker(Inverted Powerslam 2), Colossal Bomb (Torure Rack Bomb)




Mike Quackenbush


Sig: Lightening Lock Beta(Inverted Sharpshooter),Quackendriver I (Emerald Flowsion)


Fin: (Fujiwara Armbar 3), Quackendriver II(Sit-Out Tombstone Piledriver)



Missile Assault Man


Sig: European Uppercut 6, Scorpion Death Drop


Fin: Missile Launcher(Lawn Dart), Sharpshooter 4





Sig: Ah Funk It, Body Splash 1


Fin: Powerbomb 14, Powerbomb 11





Sig: Corner Slingshot Splash 1, Swanton Bomb 2


Fin: Tidal Wave(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2), Reel Catch(Yes Lock 1 or 2)



Officer Warren Barksdale


Sig: Big Splash, Running Dropkick 2


Fin: Hard Time (Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter)



Oleg the Usurper



Sig: Running Body Press 1, Chokeslam 9


Fin: Off With His Head !(Karate Chop 2)





Sig: Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2/Panama Sunrise


Fin: Death Grip (Cobra Clutch 3), Snake Trap (SOS)



Princess KimberLee


Sig: Suplex City 1, Swanton Bomb 2


Fin: Aliigator Clutch 1(Pop-Up Powerbomb 2), Aliigator Clutch 2 (Powerbomb 16)



The Proletariat Boar of Moldova


Sig: Baconator(Fireman's Carry Slam ), Big Boot 5


Fin:Boar Gore (Gore), Bore Goar 2(Spear 13)










Rick Roland


Sig: Big Boot 7, Fallaway Slam 3


Fin: World's Strongest Slam



Rory Gulak


Sig: Trailblazer (Inverted Sharpshooter)


Fin: Gu-Lock(Dragon Sleeper 5), Gu-Lock 2(Dragon Sleeper 2)



Sloan Caprice


Sig: Swanton Bomb 2, Cloverleaf 1


Fin: Sky High



Solo Darling


Sig: Bio-Eletric Blast (Cross Legged Fisherman Buster), Snapmare Driver


Fin: Fell Stinger (Cloverleaf 1), Drift Away



Sonny Defarge


Sig: Money Flip 3


Fin: Reverse Chokeslam 1



Still Life With Apricots and Pears









Sig: Step-Up Enzugiri 3, Stinger Splash


Fin: Uso Spalsh 2




Thief Ant







Travis Huckabee


Sig: Butterfly Suplex 3,


Fin: Golden Grip(Octopus Stretch)



Tony Deppen


Sig: Briding Butterfly Suplex, Butterfly Suplex 3


Fin: Knee Trembler, Last Shot 2

















The Whisper


Sig: Rude Awakening 2, Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker


Fin: The Aftermath (Kudo Driver)








Sig: Palm Strike (Lariat) Rolling Elbow 3



Fin: Cross Armbar 1, Fujiwara Ambar 3





Sig: Final Cut 1, Drift Away


Fin: Ares Driver(Tyler Driver '97)



AKUMA/Gran Akuma



Sig: Diving Crossbody 1,Yoshi Tonic (Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2)


Fin: Falcon Arrow 2, Rubik's Cube(Electric Chair Driver)






Sig: Axe Kick 1, Egyptian Conniption (Full Nelson Reverse STO)


Fin: Twist of Funk (Winning Edge),

450 Splash





Ashley Remington



Sig: Exploder Suplex 5, Fair Winds(Bang-a-Rang)


Fin: Everest German Suplex(Deadlift German Suplex/Snap German Suplex), Anchors Aweigh!(Calf Crusher)



Brodie Lee



Sig: Big Boot 10, Truck Stop(Spin Sideslam)



Fin: Brodie Bomb 1(Sit-Out Powerbomb 3), Brodie Bomb 2 (Sit-Out Powerbomb 1)



Blaster McMassive


Sig: Body Splash 1, Middle Rope Axehandle



Fin: Fallaway Slam 2, Low Angle Fallaway Slam




Claudio Castagnoli



Sig: Chokeslam 9, Alpamare Waterslide



Fin: Ricola Bomb/Sit-Out Powerbomb 4, Very European Uppercut



Carpenter Ant/Pinke Sanchez


Sig: Bionic Elbow 1


Fin: Burning Snickerfritz(Burning Hammer 2), Inverted Chikara Special(Tequila Sunrise 1)



Chris Hero


Sig: Crash Landing, Electric Chair Driver


Fin: Hero's Welcome(Rolling Cutter 1), Stretch Plum(Dragon Sleeper 1)




Chuck Taylor


Sig: Sole Food(Eat Defeat), Helluva Kick 1


Fin: Awful Waffle (Omega Driver), Cross Crab (Single Leg Boston Crab 1)



Colin Delaney


Sig: Glitter Blizzard, DDT 1



Fin: Backstabber 2, 12 Large Elbow (Diving Elbow Drop 3)



Daizee Haze



Sig: Big Boot 12 or Yakuza Kick, Tight Roller(Sleeper Hold 3)



Fin: Tiger Suplex 1, Mind Trip (Snapmare Driver)






Sig: Panic Attack (Running Knee Strike 1), BAM!(Jumping Clothesline 3)


Fin: Cobra Stretch(Cobra Clutch 3), Bizarro Driver (Fisherman Driver 2)







Sig: Body Splash 1, Ah Funk It



Fin: Chokebreaker(Chokeslam Backbreaker)




Eddie Kingston



Sig: Backfist to the Future (Spinning Backfist 2), (Glorious DDT 2)



Fin: Backdrop Driver(Backdrop Suplex 3), Shotgun Lariat(Short-Arm Clothesline 2)



Flex Rumblecrunch



Sig: Bearhug 1, Uranage 1


Fin: Middle Rope Shoulder Block




Green Ant (I)


Sig: Missile Dropkick 2, Michinoku Driver 4



Fin: Texas Cloverleaf(Cloverleaf 1),Chikara Special (Fujiwara Armbar 3)



Heidi Lovelace


Sig: Deadly Nightshade 1, Tornado Snap Suplex


Fin: Frog Splash 3, Heidi-canrana (Hurricanrana Driver)






Sig: Superkick 4, Brainbuster 4


Fin: Jig n' Tonic(Dude Buster),Cancun Tornado (Diving Corkscrew Moonsault 3)



Jimmy Jacobs


Sig: Gun Stun, Diving Senton Bomb 3



Fin: Spear 11, End Time (Guillotine Choke 3)



Jimmy Olsen



Sig: Superkick 13, Step-Up Enzugiri 3



Fin: Overbomb (Alley-Oop Facebuster 1)



Kevin Condron


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, Spinebuster 5


Fin: The DDT, Chokebreaker(Chokeslam Backbreaker)



Max Smashmaster


Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Gorilla Press 1



Fin: Swanton Bomb 2, Spinebuster (Tombstone Piledriver Piledriver)




Sara Del Rey


Sig: Big Boot 9, Royal Butterfly (DLC)/Butterfly Suplex 3


Fin: Sit-Out Piledriver 2, Yes Lock 1



Sinn Bodhi


Sig: Enzugiri 5, Diving Elbow Drop 3


Fin: Talulu Bell(Future Shock DDT), Clothesline From Hell



Soldier Ant


Sig: Diving Headbutt 3, Argentine Neckbreaker 2


Fin: Trench Slam(Chokeslam 9), TKO 1 or ,Restraint Technique(Sleeper Hold 3)



Tim Donst


Sig: Donsitution (Samoan Drop 2),German Suplex 10



Fin: SDT(Front Facelock STO or STO 2), From Dusk Til' Donst(Batista Bite or Titl-a Whirl Armbar)






Sig: Bossman Slam, Spin Sideslam



Fin: Kruez Bomb (High Cross), Diving Body Splash 7




Ultramantis Black


Sig: Guatemala(Muscle Buster 2), Brainwashing Effect (Flatliner 1)


Fin: Praying Mantis Bomb (Butterfly Piledriver), Cosmic Doom (Suplex Piledriver 2) or Cosmic Disaster (Northern Light Bomb)




Pro Wrestling Guerrilla









Sig: Step-Up Enzugiri 4, Step-Up Enzugiri 3


Fin: Sweet Chin Music 2, Superkick 13








Artemis Spencer








Sig: Avalanche Hurricanrana 3, Avalanche Poison Rana


Fin: X-Knee/21 Plex Combo(GTS/German Suplex Combo), Avalanche Moonsault Fallaway Slam/Avalanche Spanish Fly


Black Taurus






Brody King


Sig: Running Senton 2, Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Ganzo Bomb(Omega Driver), All Seeing Eye(Cross Legged Samoan Driver)


Caveman Ugg






Daisuke Sekimoto


Sig: Torture Rack Backbreaker, Lariat(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Deadlift German Suplex, German Suplex 10


Darby Allin


Sig: Crucfix Driver(Crucifx 1), Yoshi Tonic(Sunset Flip Powerbomb 1)


Fin: Coffin Drop(Corkscrew Senton), Last Supper(Figure 4 Leg Snap)


David Starr


Sig: Blackheart Buster(Patella Drop Brainbuster

2), Han Stansen(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Product Placement (Florida Keys 1), Republican's Remorse (Inverted Sharpshooter


Dezmond Xavier


Sig: Sole Kick/Enzugiri Combo, X-19(Ring Post Tiger Feint Kick


Fin: Final Flash(Spiral Tap), Jocay-Le (Cartwheel Pele Kick)


Dragon Lee


Sig: Descunadora(Vertical Suplex Powerbomb), Avalanche Hurricanrana 3


Fin: Last Shot 2, Bicycle Knee Strike 3



Jake Atlas






Jeff Cobb


Sig: Bam Bam's(Gutwrench Suplex Combo), Sidewinder Suplex


Fin: Tour of the Islands


Joey Janela


Sig: Divng Cannonball Senton, Package Piledriver


Fin: Superkick 13, Superkick 2


Jonathan Gresham


Sig: Shooting Star 3, Figure 4 Leg Lock 2


Fin: Octopus Stretch, Gresham Special(Ankle Clutch Prawn Hold 2)


Jungle Boy


Sig: Wristlock Arm Drag 5, Panama Sunrise


Fin: Mushroom Clutch(Metalik Clutch), Rainbow Cutter


Kyle Fletcher


Sig: Superkick 4, Step-up Enzugiri 3


Fin: Flip Piledriver, Panama Sunrise


Laredo Kid


Sig: Springboard Hurricanrana 2, Slingshot Corkscrew Crossbody


Fin: 450 Splash, 630 Senton


Lucky Kid


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 4, Lion's Gate(Crossface 2)


Fin: Lion's Suplex 1(Dragon Suplex 2) Lion's Suplex 2(Snap Dragon Suplex)


Mark Davis


Sig: Rear View, Airplane Spin 3


Fin: Close Your Eyes and Count to F*%$(Cactus Driver), Omega Driver


Mick Moretti


Sig: Fisherman's Friend(Fisherman Buster 2), Mint Slice(SOS)


Fin: Clean Cut(Snapmare Driver), Dragon Fist(Diving Fist Drop)


Orange Cassidy


Sig: Lazy Splash(Diving Body Splash 2), Chokeslam 9


Fin: Canadaian Destroyer(Flip Piledriver), Mouse Trap(SOS/Back Suplex 3)


Penta El 0M


Sig: Sling Blade, Back Stabber 2


Fin: Fear Factor(Package Piledriver), Pentagon Driver(Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver

Puma King


Sig: La Reinera(Accordian Rack), Sit-Out Powerbomb 4


Fin: Kingdom(Black Widow), La Casita(Tilt-a-Whirl Small Package)


Rey Fénix


Sig: Handspring Cutter, Corkscrew Senton


Fin: Mexican Destroyer(Panama Sunrise), 450 Splash


Rey Horus


Sig: DDT 12, Avalanche Hurricanrana 3


Fin: 450 Splash


Tony Deppen


Sig: Springboard Dropkick 3, Corner Exploder Suplex 1


Fin: Last Shot 2, Sliding Knee Strike


Zachary Wentz


Sig: Swanton Bomb 3, Ripcord Knee Strike


Fin: Hot Fire Flame (Standing Moonsault 4), Rainbow Cutter












Adam Chase




Fin: Sleeper Hold 3, Sleeper Hold 1




Amir Jordan


Sig: Enzugiri 5, Step-Up Enzugiri 3


Fin: Swanton Bomb 3



Cara Noir


Sig: Swan Woo(Shotgun Dropkick 2), Madam Guillotine(Patella Drop Brainbuster 1)


Fin: Black Swan(Coquina Clutch or Sleeper Hold 2), Package Piledriver



Chris Brookes


Sig: Yakuza Kick, Gory Bomb


Fin: Octopus Stretch, Black Widow




Chris Ridgeway








Chuck Mambo




Fin: DDT 11, Tornado DDT 2




Clint Margera







David Starr


Sig: Han Stansen(Clothesline From Hell), Blackheart Buster(Patella Drop Brainbuster 2)


Fin: JML Driver 104(Flip Piledriver), Republican Remorse(Inverted Sharpshooter)



Doug Williams


Sig: Bomb Scare(Diving Knee Drop), Revolution DDT(Tornado DDT 2)


Fin: Chaos Theory(O'Connor Roll German Suplex) Guillotine Choke 2




Drew Parker


Sig: Shining Wizard 1, Small Paclage Driver 2


Fin: 450 Splash




Eddie Dennis


Sig: Gunnslinger, Buckle Bomb 1


Fin: Next Stop Driver 1(Inverted Crush 1), Next Stop Driver 2(Inverted Crush 2)




Gabriel Kidd







Ilja Dragonov


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 4, GrüBe aus Moskau(Clothesline From Hell)


Fin: Torpedo Moskau (Running Headbutt 3), Torpedo Moskau(Running European Uppercut)






Jack Sexsmith


Sig: Jumping DDT 3, DDT 11


Fin: Mandible Claw, Crossface




James Drake


Sig: Grit Your Teeth (Leaping Forearm Smash), Enzugiri 5


Fin: Mr. Mayhem (Impaler DDT 3), Downswing (Tombstone Lungblower/Chickenwing Gutbuster)



Joe Coffey


Sig: German Suplex 3, Diving Headbutt 3


Fin: All The Best For The Bells(Discus Clothesline 4, Black Coffey (Discus Clothesline 2)




Joseph Conners


Sig: Tornado DDT 2, Elevated Flatliner


Fin: Don't Look Down 1 (Ram Paige) Righteous Kill(Hammerlock Suplex)



Kid Lykos


Sig: Spanish Fly, Springboard Blockbuster


Fin: Brainbuster 4, Brainbuster 8




Kyle Fletcher


Sig: Enzugiri 5, Step-Up Enzugiri 3


Fin: Panama Sunrise, Flip Piledriver




Mark Andrews


Sig: Stundog Millionare, Victory Roll Boot Stomp


Fin: Shooting Star 5, Kudo Driver




Mark Davis


Sig: Airplane Spin 3, Rear View


Fin: Close Your Eyes and Count to F*$%(Cactus Driver), Powerbomb 16




Mark Haskins


Sig: Shooting Star 5, Superkick 8


Fin: Star Armbar (Bridging Fujiwara Armbar), Sharpshooter 4




"M-Dog 20" Matt Cross


Sig: Superkick 4, Phoenix Splash


Fin: Death From Above (Shooting Star 5)




Flash Morgan Webster


Sig: Brit Pop Drop (Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker), Middle Rope Moonsault or Standing Corkscrew Splash


Fin: 450 Splash, Guillotine Choke 3






Pete Dunne


Sig: Enzugiri 5, X-Plex


Fin: Bitter End, Better End(Tombstone Piledriver 3) or Pedigree 3








Fin: Spear 4, Spear 11




Rampage Brown


Sig: Clothesline Fron Hell, Curb Stomp 2


Fin: Sit-Out Piledriver 1, Brainbuster 8




Saxon Huxley


Sig: Stun Gun 3, Butterfly Backbreaker


Fin: Desolation Peak(Yokosuka Cutter 3), Desolation Peak 2(Lift and Cutter




Spike Trivet








Timothy Thatcher


Sig: European Undercut 6, Snap Headbutt


Fin: Thatcher Stretch(Arm Trap Crossface 2), Fujiwara Armbar 1




TK Cooper








Travis Banks


Sig: Slice of Heaven(Springboard Enzugiri 2), Torture Rack Bomb


Fin: Kiwi Crusher (Fisherman Driver 2), Lion's Clutch(Arm Trapped Crossface 1)




Trent Seven


Sig: Snap Dragon Suplex, Wristlock Lariat


Fin: Sit-Out Piledriver 2, Attitude Adjustment Piledriver




Tyler Bate


Sig: Airplane Spin 3, Bop and Bang


Fin: Tyler Driver '97, Butterfly Piledriver






Big Boot 7/Clothesline From Hell, Golden Bomb(Pumphandle Powerbomb)


Fin: Gojira Clutch(Sleeper Hold 4), Powerbomb 16




Will Ospreay


Sig: Robinson Special (Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick), Cheeky Nandos (Package Superkick) or 054


Fin: OsCutter(Springboard Stunner 1), Essex Destroyer (Front Flip DDT)




Pastor William Eaver


Sig: Exploder Suplex 3, FIsherman Suplex 5


Fin: High Cross, Clothesline From Heaven (Clotheline From Hell)




Zack Gibson


Sig: Spinning Brainbuster, Ticket to Ride(Rope Hung Lungblower)


Fin: Shankley Gates(Hammer & Chin Lock 2 or Butterfly Lock)




Women of Progress




Bea Priestley


Sig: Cheeky Nandos(Package Superkick), Cattle Mutilation 2


Fin: Snapmare Driver, Flawless Victory (Double Boot Stomp)








Fin: Cross Ambar 2, Cross Armbar 1




Charli Evans


Sig: Cattle Mutilation 2, Cattle Mutation 3


Fin: Snapmare Driver













Sig: Roundhouse Kikk 5, Glam Slam Stretch


Fin: Avalanche Facebuster, Touch of Couture (Rolling Koppu Kick/Rolling Wheel Kick 2)




Millie McKenzie


Sig: Suplex City, Back Superplex 2


Fin: Flip Piledriver, German Suplex 10




Nina Samuels


Sig: Missle Dropkick 1, Gory Special 1


Fin: Ninagoroshi(Torture Rack Neckbreaker), Ninagoroshi 2(Ushigoroshi)




Sierra Luxton








Toni Storm


Sig: Diving Leg Drop 3, Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker 3


Fin: Strong Zero (Attitude Adjustment Piledrver)





Charlie Morgan


Sig: Superkick 2, Superkick 4


Fin: Jumping DDT 3, DDT 11


Dahlia Black


Sig: Powerbomb 7, Powerbomb 16


Fin: Darkside of the Moonsault(Litasault)


Jimmy Havoc


Sig: Rolling Elbow 3, Apron Piledriver or Go Home Driver (Dudebuster)


Fin: Acid Rainmaker(Seven Star Lariat 1), Suicide Silence(Sleeper Hold 2)





















Sig: Leg Drop 2, Leg Drop 6


Fin: Chokeslam 9, Chokeslam 5



2 Cold Scorpio


Sig: Diving Crossbody 5, Scorpio Twister I(Slingshot Corkscrew Splash)


Fin: Diss That Don't Miss(450 Splash), Tumbleweed(Spiral Tap)



Al Snow


Sig: Wheelbarrow Suplex 2, Snow Bomb(Spinebuster 5)


Fin: Snow Plow(Northern Lights Bomb 1), Snow-Sault(Diving Moonsault 3)




Axl Rotten


Sig: Death Valley Driver 3,Chokeslam 2


Fin: SST-Severe Skull Trauma(Lift Inverted DDT 2)



Amish Roadkill


Sig: Dirt Road Slam(Spinning Sidewalk Slam),Barn Burner(TKO 1)


Fin: Amish Splash(Diving Body Splash 7), Amish Bomb (Powerbomb 14)




Bam Bam Bigelow


Sig: Diving Headbutt 3, Bam Bam Sault


Fin: Greetings From Asbury Park, Greeting From Asbury Park 2 (Samoan Diver 1)




Buh Buh Ray Dudley


Sig: Bionic Elbow, Sit-Out Powerbomb 4


Fin: Buh Buh Cutter(Gun Stun)



Balls Mahoney


Sig: Combination 2, New Jeresy Jam (Diving Leg Drop 4)


Fin: Nutcracker Suite(Michinoku Driver 4), Ball Breaker (Spinebuster 5)




Big Guido


Sig: Big Boot 7, Body Splash 1


Fin: Chokeslam 9, Chokeslam 2



The Blue Meanie:


Sig: Body Splash 1, People's Leg Drop(Leg Drop 6)


Fin: Meanie-Sault (Diving Moonsault 2), DDT 3




Cactus Jack


Sig: Running Knee Strike 1, Middle Rope Elbow Drop 3


Fin: Butterfly DDT 1, Stump Puller Piledriver(Catus Driver)



Chris Benoit


Sig: Springboard Clothesline 5, Kneeling Reverse Piledriver


Fin: Dragon Suplex 1, Wild Bomb(Avalanche Powerbomb)



C.W. Anderson


Sig: Superkick 4, Anderson Left(Stiff Punch 1)


Fin: Anderson Tradition 1 (Spinebuster 2),Anderson Tradition 2 (Spinebuster 21)




Chris Candido


Sig: New Jersey Jam(Diving Leg Drop 3), Hurricanrana 7


Fin: Blonde Bombshell(Avalanche Powerbomb, Diving Headbutt 4



Chris Hamrick


Sig: Big Boot 11, Dixie Drop(Truth or Consequences)


Fin: Confederate Crash(The Last Dance), Sounthern Bellringer(Sit-Out Piledriver 2)



Danny Doring


Sig: G-Spot Sweep (Forward Russian Leg Sweep), Pearl Necklace (Gun Stun)


Fin: Bareback (Sit-Out Jawbreaker 2), Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma'am (Future Shock DDT)




D-Von Dudley


Sig: Neckbreaker 11, Powerslam 6


Fin: Sit-Out Piledriver 2, Powerbomb 14



Eddie Guerrero


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker 2, Splash Mountain(Sit-Out Crucifix Powerbomb


Fin: Frog Splash 2, Frog Splash 3




EZ Money


Sig: Springboard Clothesline 5, Avalanche Crucifix Slam


Fin: Cha-Ching(Vertical Suplex Powerbomb), Crash Landing



Hack Meyers


Sig: Clothesline 3, Powerbomb 14


Fin: Coupe De Grace (Middle Rope Bulldog 1),

Sit-Out Piledriver 2



Ian Rotten


Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Figure 4 Leg Lock 7


Fin: Career Killer(Diving Elbow Drop 3), Career Killer 2 (Diving Elbow Drop 1) or Rotten Rush (Butterfly DDT 1)




Jerry Lynn


Sig: DDT 11, TKO 1


Fin: Cradle Piledriver (Sit-Out Cradle Piledriver), Cradle Tombstone(Kneeling Reverse Piledriver)


Johnny Grunge


Sig: Middle Rope Elbow Drop 2


Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5



Julio Dinero


Sig: Diving Moonsault 1, Superkick 13


Fin: Jalapeño Popper(Torture Rack Neckbreaker 2), DDT 11



Juventud Guerrera


Sig: Hurricanrana 2, Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker 2


Fin: Juvi Driver(Michinoku Driver 4), 450 Splash


Justin Credible


Sig: Russian Leg Sweep 2, 187! (Glorious DDT 2) or Gun Stun


Fin: That's Incredible (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver), In-Credible Kick(Superkick 4)


Kid Kash


Sig: Money Roll(Corkscrew Senton 2), KOD- Kash on Delivery (Walls of Jericho 2)


Fin: Money Maker (Butterfly Piledriver)






Sig: Superplex 1, Hurricane Kronus (Discus Clothesline 4)


Fin: 450 Splash, Kronus Driver (Michinoku Driver 4)




Lance Storm


Sig: Superkick 6, Deep Impact (Sit-Out Piledriver 2)


Fin: Straight Shooter (Single Leg Boston Crab 1), Straight Shooter 2(Single Leg Boston Crab 2)




Little Guido


Sig: Sicilian Slice(Diving Famouser) Missile Dropkick 2


Fin: Siscilian Drop(Killswitch), Kiss of Death(Divng Foot Stomp 3



Mike Awesome


Sig: Diving Clothesline 1, Sit-Out Awesome Bomb(Sit-Out Powerbomb 3)


Fin: Awesome Bomb(Running Powerbomb Toss), Awesome Splash (Diving Body Splash 7)



Mikey Whipwreck


Sig: Franken-Mikey(Avalanche Hurricanrana 1), Butterfly Backbreaker


Fin: Whippersnapper, Rolling Whippersnapper (Rolling Cutter 1)




New Jack


Sig: Death Valley Driver 2, Death Valley Driver 1


Fin: 187(Diving Body Splash 7), Diving Elbow Drop 6






Sig: Powerbomb/Elbow Drop Combo, Spin Doctor(Rolling Cutter 1)


Fin: Novacaine(Flatliner 2), Kryptonite Krunch (Air Raid Siren) or Deep Impact (Sit-Out Butterfly Facebuster)


Pitbull #1


Sig: Clothesline 3, Stalling Suplex 4


Fin: Death Valley Driver 1, Pimp Drop



Pitbull #2


Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Psyche Out Rebound Lariat


Fin: Avalanche Powerbomb





Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Hurricanrana, Psycho Stunner(Stunner)


Fin: Psycho Guillotine(Diving Leg Drop 4)



Rey Mysterio


Sig: Springboard Hurricanrana 2, DDT 11


Fin: Avalanche Hurricanrana 1, Hurricanrana 2




Sig: Sit-Out Piledriver 2, Superkick 8


Fin: Evenflow (DDT 16), Evenflow (DDT 1)





Sig: TKO 1, Belly to Belly 6


Fin: Gore, Rhino Driver(Seventh Heaven)




Rob Van Dam


Sig: Rolling Thunder, Split-Legged Monsault 1


Fin: Five Star Frog Splash, Van Terminator (Coast to Coast 2)



Rocco Rock


Sig: Swanton Bomb 2, Diving Leg Drop 4


Fin: Powerbomb 11, Powerbomb 14





Sig: Air Sabu(Corner Running Dropkick 3), Arabian Press(Spingboard Moonsault)


Fin: Arabian Facebuster (Harlem Hangover), Arabian Clutch (Camel Clutch 2)






Sig: Nortern Lights Suplex 4, Saturn Bomb (Falcon Arrow 1)


Fin: Spinning Heel Kick 2, Rings of Saturn (Beast Bite)




"The Franchise" Shane Douglas


Sig: Sit-Out Piledriver 1, Figure 4 Leg Lock 3


Fin: Belly to Belly 6, Pittsburgh Plunge (Small Package Driver 2)



The Sandman:


Sig: Heineken-rana ( Avalanche Hurricanrana 1), DDT 1


Fin: White Russian Legsweep (Russian Leg Sweep 2), Rolling Rock(Swanton Bomb 2)




Simon Diamond


Sig: Superkick 4, Three Amigos


Fin: Simonizer (Northern Lights Bomb 2)




Spike Dudley


Sig: Diving Foot Stomp 1, Double Boot Stomp


Fin: Acid Drop (Bo Dog)




Steve Corino


Sig: Old School Suplex(Perfect Plex), Corino Driver(Oscar 2)


Fin: Old School Kick (Superkick 13), Old School Expulsion (Reverse Twist of Fate)





Stevie Richards


Sig: Sidewalk Slam 3, Stevie Kick (Superkick 4)


Fin: Stevie Bomb (Jackknife Powerbomb 1), Stevie Kick 2(Running Superkick)




Super Crazy


Sig: Front Slam 1 Middle Rope Moonsault


Fin: Diving Moonsault 7, Crazy Bomb(Sit-Out Powerbomb 3)



"Superstar" Steve Austin


Sig Hollywood & Vine 2, Middle Rope Forearm 1


Fin: Stun Gun 3, Stun Gun 2





Sig: Exploder Taz-Plex (Exploder Suplex 5), Tazmission Plex(Half Nelson Choke Suplex)


Fin: Tazmission (Asuka Lock 2), Avalanche Taz-Plex(Avalanche Becksploder)




Tommy Dreamer


Sig: Spicoli Driver (Pimp Drop), Emerald Flowsion


Fin: Dreamer DDT (DDT 1), Tommy Hawk (Pop-Up Cutter)




Tony Mamaluke


Sig: German Supex 2, Octopus Stretch


Fin: Dragon Panzer (Dragon Sleeper 3), Dragon Panzer (Dragon Sleeper 2)




Yoshihiro Tajiri


Sig: Tarantula, Brainbuster 8


Fin: Buzzsaw Kick, Buzzsaw Kick 2(Roundhouse Kick 11)




Women of ECW


Alexis Laree


Sig: Bayley Press


Fin: Laree DDT(DDT 2)


Beulah McGullicutty


Sig: DDT 1, DDT 16


Fin: Hurricanrana 2,Beulah-sault (Diving Moonsault 7)


Dawn Marie



Sig: Bayley Press


Fin: Stiff Punch 1





Sig: Bayley Press


Fin: La Silla(Divng Seated Senton 1)




Sig: Diving Hurricanrana, Bronco Buster 1


Fin: DDT 1



Tammy Sytch


Sig: Bayley Press


Fin: Diving Crossbody 1







Sig: Jazz Stinger (Bella Buster), B*tch Clamp (Free Fall Glam Slam)


Fin: STF 2, Fisherman Driver 3




Tag Teams








The Ascension


Fin: Fall of Man





Fin: The Last Chapter or Powerbomb Neckbreaker





Fin: Freefall Neckbreaker



The Revival


Fin: Shatter Machine



Slater and Rhyno


Fin: Clotheline and Spear



Ziggler & McIntyre


Fin: Claymore/Zig Zag Combo




The Deleters of Worlds


Fin: Assisted Twist of Fate



Smackdown Live



The Bar


Fin: Elevated Brogue Kick



The Colons


Fin: Double Backstabber



The New Day


Kofi and Woods:


Fin: Up Up Down Down



Kofi/Woods and Big E


Fin: Midnight Hour





Young and Wolfe


Fin: Heat Bomb



Dain and Wolfe


Fin: Devastation(Assisted Powerslam)



Gallows and Anderson


Fin: Magic Killer 1



The Usos


Fin: Double Superkick or Uso Splash 1






Heavy Machinery


Fin: The Compactor



Forgotten Sons


Fin: Footstomp Backbreaker



Gibson and Drake


Fin: Ticket to Mayhem(Wheelbarrow Codebreaker)



Street Profits


Fin: Pop-Up Spinebuster/Frog Splash



Moustache Mountain


Fin: Burning Hammer(Assisted Burning Hammer)



Moss and Sabatelli


Fin: Hart Attack



Undisputed Era


O'Reilly and Strong/Fish


Fin: Total Elimination



War Raiders


Fin: Fallout or Viking Experience(Assisted Pop-Up Powerslam )





Indy/NJPW/Legends/TNA/Alumni/Former Teams


America's Most Wanted


Fin: Death Sentence (Assisted Diving Leg Drop)



American Alpha


Fin: Grand Amplitude or Tech Fall(Electric Chair/Bulldog)




Briscoe Brothers


Fin: Doomsday Device 1




Blake and Murphy


Fin: Death by Dubstup(Brainbuster/Frog Splash)



Basham Brothers


Fin: Ball and Gag(The Last Chapter)



Ceasro and Kidd


Fin: Giant Swing/Dropkick



Deuce n' Domino


Fin: Crack 'em in Da Mouth(Snapmare and Kenka Kick)



The Dudley Boyz


Fin: 3-D (Flapjack/Cutter Combo)



Edge and Christian


Fin: Sidewalk Slam and Reverse DDT



EVIL and Sanada


Fin: Magic Killer 1




The Hardy Boyz


Fin: Extreme Combination



La Resistance


Fin: Au Revoir ( Magic Killer 2)



Rock n' Roll Express


Fin: Double Dropkick



The Bushwackers


Fin: Battering Ram



Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks


Fin: Assisted Powerslam



The Young Bucks


Fin: More Bang For Your Buck (More Bang) or Indytaker(Spike Tombstone)





Fin: Ten-Koji Cutter(Flapjack/Cutter)




The Steiner Brothers


Fin: Steiner Bulldog(Electric Chair/Bulldog Combo)



Impact Wrestling/Impact Alumni



AJ Styles and Tomko


Fin: Tornado-Plex(Magic Killer 2)



Beer Money


Fin: DWI-Drinking While Investing(Neckbreakbomb)



The Rascalz


Fin: Red Fire Flame(Knee Strike/Moonsault Combo)





Fin: Street Sweeper(Powerbomb/Senton)


Lucha Bros.


Fin: Fear Factor (Package Piledriver/Superkick Combo)



Triple X


Fin: Power-Plex(Neckbreakbomb)










Adam Rose


Sig: E-lemon-ator(Spinebuster 7), Back Stomps


Fin: The Slice (Clothesline from Hell), Party Foul (Snapmare Driver)






Sig: Sidewalk Slam 3, Spinning Sidewalk Slam


Fin: Spin Headlock Elbow Drop, Divo Drop



AJ Lee

Sig: Spinning Heel Kick 4, Shining Wizard 3


Fin: Black Widow, Octopus Stretch or Sliced Bread #2




Alberto Del Rio


Sig: Step Up- Enzugiri 4, Superkick 2


Fin: Cross Armbreaker(Cross Armbar 1), Tree of Woe Boot Stomp 2



Alicia Fox


Sig: Northern Lights Suplex 4, Foxy Buster(Leg Drop DDT)


Fin: Watch Yo' Face(Axe Kick 2), Big Boot 5




Big Cass


Sig: Spin Sideslam, Empire Elbow or Running Elbow Drop 2


Fin: Big Boot 5, Big Boot 9




Bad News/ Wade Barrett



Sig: Winds of Change(Spinning Side Slam 1) Watseland (Fireman's Carry Front Slam 1)


Fin: Ripcord Bullhammer (Forearm Smash 8), Bullhammer (Running Forearm Smash 2)




Brodus Clay


Sig: Fall of Humanity(Running Crossbody 8), Battering Ram Headbutt


Fin: Splat(Tidal Wave) Middle Rope Splat (Middle Rope Body Splash)




Candice Michelle


Sig: Candylicious (Figure Four Necklock)Sugar Rush (Forward Russian Leg Sweep)


Fin: Candy Kick (Beauty Shot) Candy Wrapper (Bulldog 11)







Sig: Middle Rope Sunset Flip, Frog Splash 3


Fin: Killswitch, Spear 5




CM Punk


Sig: High Kick(Chick Kick 1), Macho Elbow (Diving Elbow Drop 6 or 1)


Fin: GTS 3, Anaconda Vice 2




Damien Sandow


Sig: Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2, Elbow of Disdain(Elbow Drop 14)


Fin: You're Welcome! (Full Nelson Slam 1) Terminus (Straight Jacket Neckbreaker 1)




Danny Basham


Sig: Russian Leg Sweep 2, Bulldog 1


Fin: Brain Damage (Sit-Out Chokebomb 1), Inverted DDT



Darren Young


Sig: Northern Lights Suplex 1, Gut Check


Fin: Asuka Lock 1, Crossface Chickenwing



David Otunga


Sig: Belly to Belly 3, Neckbreaker 12


Fin: The Verdict (Spinebuster 16), Case Closed (White Noise 2 or Air Raid Siren)



Doug Basham


Sig: Clothesline 3, Sit-Out Spinebuster


Fin: Last Impression (Rough Ryder), Diving Headbutt 3




Elijah Burke


Sig: 4-UP (Crouching Uppercut 2), STO 1


Fin: Elijah Express (Double Knee Strike), Elijah Experience (Forward Russian Leg Sweep)





Sig: Butterfly Suplex 3, Full Nelson


Fin: Emma Lock (Muta Lock 1) (Alt. Muta Lock 2) Michinoku Driver 4 (Alt. Fisherman Driver 2)



Enzo Amore


Sig: Knee Smash/Basement Punch, Middle Rope DDT


Fin: Jawdonzo(Eat Defeat)



Erick Rowan '14



Sig: Spinning Heel Kick 2, Fallaway Slam 3


Fin: Full Nelson Slam 2, Torture Rack 1




Eva Marie


Sig: Spinbuster 2, DDT 15


Fin: Sliced Bread #2





Sig: Standing Moonsault 3, Tilt-a-Whril Small Package


Fin: Heartbreaker (Snap Swing Neckbreaker 2 or 5), Evesault (Litasault)




Evan Bourne


Sig: Standing Moonsault 4, Diving Meteora


Fin: Air Bourne (Shooting Star 4) Air Bourne(Shooting Star 2)




Ezekiel Jackson


Sig: Clothesline 8, Spinning Scoop Slam


Fin: Torture Rack 3, Book of Ezekiel (One Handed Spinebuster 1)



The Great Khali



Sigs: Brain Chop 1, Big Boot 7


Fin: Punjanbi Plunge (Two-Handed Chokeslam 2), Khali Vice Grip (Vice Grip or Iron Claw)





Sig: Truckstop (Spin Sideslam), Superkick 5(Alt. Big Boot 10)


Jack Swagger


Sig: Slingshot Body Splash , Running Front Chop Block


Fin: Gutwrench Powerbomb 1,Patriot Lock (Ankle Lock 1/2/5)




Jamie Noble

Sig: Northerm Lights Suplex 1, Tiger Driver(Tyler Driver '97)


Fin: Slingblade (Gut Check), Dragon Sleeper 5 (Alt. Trailer Hitch (Inverted Figure Four Leglock 2) or Paydirt (Guillotine Choke 1)



Joey Mercury

Sig: Hangman's Neckbreaker 3, Neckbreaker 5


Fin: Future Shock DDT, Virginia Necktie(Snap Swing Neckbreaker 2)






Sig: Mug Shot, Box Cutter (Cobra Clutch Backbreaker 2)


Fin: Da Shout Out, Da Shout Out 2(Sling Blade),




Justin Gabriel


Sig: Spin Sit-Out Powerbomb, Lionsault


Fin: Fall From Grace (450 Splash), Springboard 450






Sig: Lotus Lock, Inverted DDT 1


Fin: Fireman's Carry Gutbuster, Spear 11





Sig: Spinning Backfist, One Handed Chokeslam


Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 1, Implant Buster




Kelly Kelly


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissor,Headscissors Whip


Fin: Tilt-a-Whirl Small Package, K2 (Rocker Dropper)





Kofi Kingston '12


Sig: Boom Drop 1, Diving Crossbody 4


Fin: Trouble in Paradise 1, SOS





Sig: Flapjack 7, Full Nelson Slam 1


Fin: Dominator 1, Leg Drop 6





Sig: Lots of Layla (Corner Springboard Crossbody, Nasty Kick(Spinning High Kick)


Fin: Bombshell (Chick Kick 1), Layout(Hangmans Neckbreaker 3)



Luke Harper '14


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 4, Truck Stop (Spin Sideslam)


Fin: Discus Clothesline 2 ,Discus Clotheline 3




Mark Henry


Sig: Vader Bomb, World's Strongest Splash 1


Fin: World's Strongest Slam 2, Bearhug






Sig: French Pain, Snapmare Driver


Fin: French Kiss, French TKO




Michael Tarver


Sig: Superman Punch 1, 1.9 (Stiff Punch 1)


Fin: Tarver's Lightening (Tour of the Islands)




Mike Knox


Sig: Running Bear(Running Crossbody 7), Bicycle Kick 1


Fin: Knox Out (Spinning Reverse STO)




Michelle McCool


Sig: McKick(Big Boot 9) Neckbreaker 7, (Alt. Corkscrew Neckbreaker 1, Wings of Love(Sit-Out Butterfly Facebuster)


Fin: Faith Breaker(Styles Clash), MAD-T (Heel Hold )





Sig: Rolling Thunder, Split Legged Moonsault 1


Fin: Five Star Frog Splash



Ricky Ortiz


Sig: Middle Rope Shoulder Block, Diving Shoulder Block


Fin: Big O (Big Splash)




Rosa Mendes


Sig: Peligrosa (Spinning Sidewalk Slam), Flower Fall(Float-Over Snap Suplex )


Fin: Hell Makeover(Swing Neckbreaker 2)





Sig: Meat Hook 1(Clotheline 15), Meat Hook 2(Clothesline From Hell) or Spinebuster 1


Fin: Shellshock(Cradle Lift Samoan Drop 1), Big Guy Spalsh (Uso Spalsh 2)




Santino Marella


Sig: Salute Headbutt(Headbutt 4), Middle Rope Headbutt 2


Fin: Cobra! (Milan Strike 1), Cobra! 2 (Milan Strike 2)




Shad Gaspard


Sig: Big Boot 7, Big Boot 10


Fin: Thufgnificent/ Shad Taking Over(STO 2)



Sin Cara Azul


Sig: Tilt-a-Whirl Hurricanrana, Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3


Fin: Avalanche Spanish Fly 2, Tilt-a-Whirl Armbar



Sin Cara


Sig: Samoan Drop 5, School Boy Powerbomb 1


Fin: Swanton Bomb 2, Avalanche Victory Roll





Sig: Straight Jacket DDT , Throat Thrust 6


Fin: Queen's Crossbow (Rolling Cutter 1), Dark Matter (Alt. Diamond Dust (Middle Rope Flip Cutter)



Summer Rae


Sig: Indian Deathlock 2, Lotus Lock


Fin: Summer Crush, Solstice(Spinning Heel Kick 2)




Ted Dibiase Jr.


Sig: Cothesline 17, Spinebuster 5


Fin: Dream Street, Million Dollar Dream (Alt. Dream Crusher(Corbra Clutch Legsweep)





Sig: Body Splash 1, Sit-Out Chokebomb 1


Fin: Gomenasai(Running Senton 2), G-Grip




Tyson Kidd


Sig: Springboard Elbow Drop 1, Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop


Fin: Springboard Blockbuster, Drift Away (Alt. Dungeon Lock)



Tyler Reks


Sig: Elevated Flatliner, Big Boot 10


Fin: Burning Hammer 2, Killjoy (Deadlift Yokosuka Cutter)





Sig: Fist Drop 4, STO 2


Fin: Middle Rope Kinshasa, Release Tiger Bomb




Vladimir Kozlov


Sig: Headbutt 2, Big Boot 10 or 11


Fin: Iron Curtain (Chokeslam 8 or Uranage 2), Reverse DDT




Yoshi Tatsu


Sig: Running Kick, Shining Wizard 3


Fin: Roundhouse Kick 5, Diving Heel Kick






Aiden English '14


Sig: Bowing Leg Drop, Neckbreaker 8


Fin: Director's Cut, That's A Wrap



Alex Riley


Sig: Spinebuster 7 or, Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2 or Game Changer (STO 1)


Fin: Jumping Knee Strike 4, You're Dismissed/Final Score (Fireman's Carry Cutter) or Blockbuster




Alexa Bliss -'15


Sig: Insult To Injury 1, Tilt-a-Whril Small Package


Fin: Sparkle Splash (Twisted Bliss)




Alexander Rusev


Sig: Running Superkick, High Angle Slam


Fin: The Accolade, Bulplex




Antonio Cesaro


Sig: Sleeper Hold 3 or 4, Springboard European Uppercut


Fin: Neutralizer




Austin Aries


Sig: Gourdbuster GTS, Skull Tap


Last Chancery 3, Discus Fivearm(Rolling Elbow 4)




Audrey Marie


Sig: Diving Crossbody 4, The Round-Up Slam (Swinging Side Slam)


Fin: Wheelbarrow Facebuster 1, Spin Headlock Elbow Drop




Baron Corbin '14-'18


Sig: Big Boot 9, Spinebuster 7


Fin: End of Days




Bayley '14-'18


Sig: Middle Rope Corkscrew Elbow 2, Avalanche Hurricanrana 1


Fin: Bayley to Belly , Scissored Armbar(Fujiwara Armbar 3)




Big E Langston


Sig: Running Body Press 3, Big Splash

or Ultimate Splash


Fin: Big Ending



Becky Lynch '14-'15


Sig: Rapid Leg Drops, Exploder Suplex


Fin: Dis-Arm-Her 1, Four Leg Clover




Bo Dallas '14


Sig: Short Arm Clotheline 1, Impaler DDT 3


Fin: Bo Dazzler, Spear 11




Bray Wyatt '14


Sig: Running Crossbody 2, Uranage 1


Fin: Sister Abigal 4, Sister Abigail 3




Buddy Murphy '15


Sig: Calf Kick 2 , Super Kick 8


Fin: Brainbuster 8, Brainbuster 2



Bull Dempsey


Sig: Running Body Press 3, Body Splash 1


Fin: Diving Headbutt 3, Bulldozer(Emerald Flowsion)


CJ Parker


Sig: Airplane Spin 3, The Taste (Harlem Side Kick)


Fin: The Juice Is Loose(Single Underhook Facebuster) Third Eye (Crouching Uppercut or Looping Palm Strike or Sole & Uppercut)



Charlotte '14-'15


Sig: Spear 6, Rolling Neckbreaker


Fin: Natural Selection, Figure 8 Leglock




Chad Gable '15


Sig: Overhead Belly to Belly 5, German Suplex 2


Fin: Ankle Lock 2, O'Connor Roll German Suplex




Colin Cassady


Sig: Big Boot 9, Empire Elbow


Fin: East River Crossing



Corey Graves


Sig: Running Front Chop Block , Fireman's Carry Backbreaker


Fin: Lucky 13, MK Ultra (Dudebuster)



Dana Brooke '16


Sig: Figure 4 Necklock, Handstand Foot Choke


Fin: Samoan Driver 2




El Local


Sig: Running Hurricanrana 2, Hurricanrana 2


Fin: Diving Corkscrew Moonsault 2



Elias Samson


Sig: Jumping Knee Strike 3, Halo Bomb(Electric Chair Powerbomb)



Fin: Swinging Neckbreaker 6 , Diving Elbow Drop 6



Enzo Amore '15


Sig: Combination 6, Sit-out Jawbreaker 2


Fin: DDG(Diving DDT)


Finn Balor


Sig: Sling Blade, Shotgun Dropkick 2


Fin: 1916 , Coup De Grâce



Hideo Itami


Sig: Hesitation Dropkick, Diving Clotheline 5


Fin: GTS 3, Shotgun Kick (Single Leg Dropkick 2)



Jason Jordan '16


Sig: Spear 3, Overhead Belly to Belly 5


Fin: Angle Slam



Kalisto '15


Sig: Listo Kick, 450 Splash


Fin: Sailda Del Sol 1




Kenneth Cameron


Sig: Curb Stomp (Surfboard Facecrusher 1), Short-Arm Clotheline 2


Fin: Velvet Noise(Sit-out Jawbreaker 3)



Kevin Owens '14-'16


Sig: Running Senton 3 , Swanton Bomb 1


Fin: Pop-up Powerbomb 1, Pop-up Powebomb 2 or Powerbomb 14




Konnor '12-'15


Sig: Flapjack 7, Full Nelson Slam 1


Fin: Fall of Man (Running Leg Drop 3), Stoackade(Leg Sweep Octopus Stretch)



Marcus Louis


Sig: Clothesline From Hell, Spinebuster 8


Fin: Uranage 1




Leo Kruger


Sig: Snap suplex 2, Hangman's Facebuster


Fin: GC3 (Butterfly Lock or Hammer & Chin Lock) The Slice ( Clothesline From Hell)



Mojo Rawley '13


Sig: It's Hammer Time, Discus Punch 1 or Running Haymaker or Pounce


Fin: Hyperdrive 1




Raquel Diaz


Sig: Three Amigos, Rolling Neck Snap


Fin: Gory bomb




Roman Reigns '12


Sig: Samoan Drop 5, Jumping Clothesline 3


Fin: Moment 9f Silence (Belly to Back Side Slam ), Running Bulldog 1





Sigs: Belly to Belly 6, Spinebuster 22


Fin: Gore, Spear 7



Sami Zayn


Sig: Wristlock Spingboard Tornado DDT, Corner Exploder suplex 1/Blue Thunder Bomb


Fin: Koji Clutch, Helluva Kick




Sasha Banks '14-'15


Sig: Rope Hung Meteora, Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2


Fin: Bankrupt, Banks Statement



Sawyer Fulton


Sig: High Angle Slam, STO Backbreaker


Fin: Deadlift Powerbomb




Scott Dawson '16


Sig: Slinghot Suplex, Spinebuster 7


Fin: Saito Suplex




Seth Rollins '12


Sig: Superkick 1, Buckle Bomb 1


Fin: Black Out (Curb Stomp 1), Skywalker(Sethwalker)




Simon Gotch


Sig: Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam 1, Tyler Driver '97


Fin: Gentleman's Clutch




Sofia Cortez


Sig: Diving Hurricanrana, Disdain(Huricanrana DDT)


Fin: Guillotine Choke 3




Solomon Crowe


Sig: Clothesline from Hell, World's Strongest Splash 1


Fin: Crowe Bar (Brock Lock)



Tye Dillinger


Sig: Super Kick 11, Mudhole Stomps 2


Fin: Tye Breaker 1, Perfect 10




Tyler Breeze '15



Sig: Supermodel Kick (Superkick 4) Figure Four Sharpshooter


Fin: Beauty Shot, Beauty Shot (Caribbean Kick)


Viktor '15


Sig: Fist Drop 4, STO 1


Fin: Running European Uppercut, Release Tiger Bomb



Wesley Blake '15



Sig: Powerslam 6, Backstabber 2


Fins: Frog Splash 3




Xavier Woods


Sig: Honor Roll 1, Wheelbarrow Facebuster 2


Fin: Lost in The Woods










AJ Gray

Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, Brogue Kick 2

Fin: Clothesline from Hell

Allie Kat

Sig: Running Senton 2, Michinoku Driver 4

Fin: Sit-Out Piledriver 2, Pop up Headbutt


Alex Colon

Sig: Pimp Drop, Running Meteora 3

Fin: Coupe De Grace, Avalanche Spanish Fly 2


Atticus Cogar



Fin: Headlock Driver 1


Alex Zayne

Sig: Fallaway Slam 2, Shooting Star 4

Fin: 630 Senton, Cutthroat Driver (Omega Driver or Pumphandle Half Nelson Driver)

Blake Christian 


Chris Dickenson 

Sig: Clothesline from Hell, Brain Eater(Butterfly Piledriver)

Fin:  Pazuzu Bomb (Running Powerbomb Toss)



Sig: Frog Splash 5, Curb Stomp 1

Fin: Swing Neckbreaker 3


Colby Corino 

Sig: Superkick 7, Superkick 10

Fin:  Diving Foot Stomp 3


Drew Parker 


Eli Everfly

Eric Ryan


Eddie Only



Sig: Middle Rope Senton 2, Rope Hung Flatliner

Fin: Diving Meteora 2

Gregory Iron


Jake Atlas

Joey Janela

Sig: Superkick 10, Coupe De Grace

Fin: Package Piledriver, Diving Elbro Drop 

Jimmy Lloyd

Lucky 13


Sig: Avalanche Attitude Adjustment, TKO 1

Fin: Jack Hammer , Middle Rope 

Mance Warner 

Sig: Running Knee Lift 1, Feint DDT

Fin: Clothesline from Hell 

Marcus Crane

Marko Stunt

Sig: Double Boot Stomp

Fin: DDT 11

Matt Tremont 


Nate Webb

Nick Gage

Sig: Running Face Wash, Electric Chair Driver

Fin: Chokeslam Backbreaker, Sit-Out Piledriver 2


Orange Cassidy 

Orin Veidt

Sig: Pimp Drop, Electric Chari Driver

Fin: 450 Splash

Pinkie Sanchez


Rickey Shane Page

Shane Mercer 

Sig: Avalanche Moonsault Fallaway Slam, Pop -Up Powerslam

Fin: Frog Splash 3


Sig: Sit-Out Powerbomb 4

Fin: Sit-Out Chokebomb 

Tony Deppen 

Sig: Coupe De Grace

Fin: Running Knee Strike 3


Violento Jack

Sig: Superkick 5, Package Piledriver 

Fin:  Swanton Bomb 3







Amazing Red

Sig: Middle Rope Swinging STO, Standing Shoooting Star

Fin: Sunset Flip Powerbomb 3

Anthony Gargone





AR Fox

Sig: Heluva Kick 1, Air Raid Siren 

Fin: DDT 8, Avalanche Spanish Fly 2

BLK Jeez

Sig: Tornado DDT 2, Brainbuster 8

Fin: Coupe De Grace, 450 Splash 

Brandon Kirk



Casanova Valentine

Sig: Pimp Drop, Running Senton 2

Fin: Claw Slam

Conor Claxton

Dan O'Hare

David Starr

Sig: Inverted Sharpshooter, Clothesline from Hell 

Fin: Straight Jacket German Suplex 2, Patella Drop Brainbuster 2

David McCall

DJ Hyde 

Sig: Spear 12, Chokeslam 9

Fin: Clothesline from Hell 


DK Meadows

Dominik Denaro

Eran Ashe

Jimmy Lloyd

Sig: Pimp Drop

Fin: White Noise 2

Joe Gacy 

Sig: Backbreaker Drop

Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5, Diving Body Splash 5

Jordan Oliver

KC Navarro 

Sig: Wristlock Springboard Tornado DDT

Fin: Sunset Flip Powerbomb 2

Kee Min


Kit Osbourne 



Sig: Divng Moonsault 4, Powerbomb 7

Fin: Masadamizer (Pimp Drop), Raining Blood (Michinoku Driver 4)

Matt Tremont 

Sig: Uranage 1, Pimp Drop

Fin: Sit-Out Powerbomb 5

Mitch Vallen




Sig: Standing Corkscrew Splash

Fin: Falcon Arrow 2, Gory Special Flatliner





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welcome back mowtown !

Thanks Rekka. I'll be posting RAW and Smackdown too. I just haven't had time to get everything sorted

RAW Posted. Smackdown partially posted. I'll post the rest in a few days. Despite the glitches, this game is actually pretty fun.

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Anything for Angel Garza's Wing Clipper?

Yes Jeb. I was just about to post NXT, and I went with the Butterfly Codebreaker(due to the double underhook set up) and the Hammerlock Spinebuster (due to the landing). And the Springboard Moonsault is a sig, along with the Spanish Fly.

NXT partially posted. And AEW will be added soon. I'm trying to figure out Butcher and Blade's finisher. My apologies for not updating this like I usually do. This game crashes a lot. Anyway, expect a bigger update tomorrow.

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For Isaiah Scott House Call is that the standing or corner move?

I use the corner one

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For Isaiah Scott House Call is that the standing or corner move?

I use the corner one

The corner one looks smoother, and it almost looks like the way he hits it.

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what the hell did you mean by butterfly Codebreaker like can you give me the in game name


My bad. I meant to put Butterfly Lungblower

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Oh and you made another mistake unless you meant bro 2 sleep/German suplex

And which ultimate splash do I use for big e

And you made a mistake with Keith Lee'finisher

And one of ciampa/ finisher I think what you meant by hangman's ddt is spike dtt

And here's a request Finn balor

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Oh and you made another mistake unless you meant bro 2 sleep/German suplex

And which ultimate splash do I use for big e

And you made a mistake with Keith Lee'finisher

And one of ciampa/ finisher I think what you meant by hangman's ddt is spike dtt

And here's a request Finn balor


No. I didn't. I simply forgot to write the move next to it. It's not easy putting all these together. Plus, I actually have a life outside of playing this game.


You must be new here or something. Learn to be a little more respectful. Also, if you ask for something, learn to say please. Don't be a douche.

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Ok thanks I am new here and plz can you do Finn balor

And can I ask you question motwown how long does it take you to add the sigs and finisher's

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Ok thanks I am new here and plz can you do Finn balor

And can I ask you question motwown how long does it take you to add the sigs and finisher's

Already did. He's in the NXT section.

Ok thanks I am new here and plz can you do Finn balor

And can I ask you question motwown how long does it take you to add the sigs and finisher's

It usually takes a few hours to get the roster together, get the right moves, and find which moves fit the best.


For example, here's an Indy Version of Keith Lee's signatures and finishers


Sig: Electic Chair/Rolling Elbow Combo, Pounce


Fin: Spirit Bomb, Ground Zero


Where as his WWE signatures and finishers will be a little different:


Sig: Pounce, Spirit Bomb


Fin: Ground Zero


You see, I'm trying to reflect what they currently do instead of just randomly throwing a move in there. It's about trying to have a flow with them, so they transition easily. Look at Bronson Reed, I put the Banzai Drop as a signature he would do in the middle of the match, and the Release Back Suplex as a set up for the splash, and the Brainbuster is a move he has attempted since that was his finisher on the indies.

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

Check again. I've already done that. As for Gallows, it was a simple typo. And I already added Funhouse Bray Wyatt.

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

Check again. I've already done that. As for Gallows, it was a simple typo. And I already added Funhouse Bray Wyatt.
congrats your almost done with sd

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

Check again. I've already done that. As for Gallows, it was a simple typo. And I already added Funhouse Bray Wyatt.
congrats your almost done with sd

Thanks. My apologies for taking so long. It's just they renamed some moves, and changed some numbers. I will get it done though.

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

Check again. I've already done that. As for Gallows, it was a simple typo. And I already added Funhouse Bray Wyatt.
congrats your almost done with sd
Thanks. My apologies for taking so long. It's just they renamed some moves, and changed some numbers. I will get it done though.
oh yeah I forgot can you add the number for which phenomenal forearm to use and you meant by rope hung ddt by spike dtt 2 right Jesus not to long ago we talked you got sd done so quick


what do you mean by neck snap that i know of its a head wrench

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

Check again. I've already done that. As for Gallows, it was a simple typo. And I already added Funhouse Bray Wyatt.
congrats your almost done with sd
Thanks. My apologies for taking so long. It's just they renamed some moves, and changed some numbers. I will get it done though.
oh yeah I forgot can you add the number for which phenomenal forearm to use and you meant by rope hung ddt by spike dtt 2 right Jesus not to long ago we talked you got sd done so quick


what do you mean by neck snap that i know of its a head wrench

That's the name of the move. By the way, how did you find out about this list? And what made you interested in this thing?

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And you made a mistake for Luke gallows there is no superkick 12 in the game

I mean at least u can look on aew you have 13 more stars for sd you might want to remove Harper he's been released same with sin Cara and konner and Viktor

This is the last request from me do funhouse bray

Check again. I've already done that. As for Gallows, it was a simple typo. And I already added Funhouse Bray Wyatt.
congrats your almost done with sd
Thanks. My apologies for taking so long. It's just they renamed some moves, and changed some numbers. I will get it done though.
oh yeah I forgot can you add the number for which phenomenal forearm to use and you meant by rope hung ddt by spike dtt 2 right Jesus not to long ago we talked you got sd done so quick


what do you mean by neck snap that i know of its a head wrench

That's the name of the move. By the way, how did you find out about this list? And what made you interested in this thing?
I just look the site before I had a account I was looking up john Morrison's moveset and I found your 2k19 list everything but can you add john Morrison's moveset

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