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BPW's Talent Raid 2K20

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So BPW has been amazing these past three seasons and it is mainly because of the awesome people on the forum. Instead of going through and individually asking you all awesome creators .I want you all that think you are interested to post the CAW in this post. I play of PS4 and I need it all Superstars, women, tag teams and even factions if you all have any. I would need the tags to find them. I would need their finisher/Signature names and quick bio. I will try to stay loyal to the character the best i can while writing the episodes. I will shoutout to all the creators of the CAWs i use in the promotion. And if any of you all can help outside of CAWs let me know it would be appreciated. You can all check out BPW live on twitch 1pm est every tuesday (twitch.tv/brokebottle) or check out all season one and two in my highlights. (copy of last one lol)




BPW(Brokebottle Pro Wrestling) {Champs as of Ep.133 GFB}


Titles: BPW World Title {El Loco}


BPW Tag Team titles {Johnny Holloway and Killer Kadoogan}


BPW Women's title {Izzy Black}


BPW Internet title {Ejiro}


BPW women's tag titles {Misstallecca: Melissa Holmes and Callie}


(Season three roster)

Adrian Cutter


Alex Da Silva

Alexander Peterson

Amber Mitchell


Austin Quinn

Bad Bones Briggz

Benjamin Hayes

Bjarni Magnusson

Blake Evans

Brandon X


Brian Mercer



Casey Matthews

Casey Walker

Christy Bae

Damien Webb

Danny Acton

Devon Duke

Edward Harrington


El Loco

Erik Magnusson

Evan Marceau

Even Wilson


Gary Masterson


Ivan Rusev


Jack Lewis

James Crane


Jennifer Rose


John Crane

Johnny Holloway

Ken Yamamoto


Killer Kadoogan

Keith Anderson

Kenny Dynamite

Kenny Matsuda


The Knightmare

Knock Out


Leon Santos

Lori Braddock

The Machine

Marilyn Blackwell


Max Stevens

Melissa Holmes

Mike Edwards

Miles Osborne


Nicole Everett

Owen Wilson

Pan Meredith


Prince Ali Amir

Prince Yoshida

Quinn Daring

Rhett Jackson

Rob Rush

Roy Knight

Russ Peterson

Samantha Coleman


Selena Lopez

Shannon Bourheau


Tarek Arafa

Tristan Masterson



Violet Rose


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I've got various female caws uploaded under creator bokehd3519n feel free to use any you like. Waiting for image uploader to be fixed to add unique images to the tees of Ashley Lux, Raven Schultz and Siren Van James, which I was going to put in a faction called Broken Dolls.


Also got an English/Welsh tag team with Ali Andrews and Danni Williams which have matching attires.


ali-andrews.png ashley-lux.png candy-cane.png danni-andrews.png quinn-reeves.png siren-van-james.png raven-shultz.png

Edited by Nealem

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I hate to say it, but Hayes, Selena, and the Thrillseekers probably aren't going to be available this time around. I'm not sure if I'm going to get the game this year.

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Swear I'll pump everyone out once that patch drops.

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Sean and Callie are made. Marissa will be soon. Theyll all be available after the patch so I can get tattoos and what not.



Also. Jesse will be ready after the patch as well. If you need anyone else. I have people up right now. Tag is caw.ws and the username is mixican01

Edited by Seanpman1893

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Okay thank you all so much actually. I'm going to still be streaming 2k19 maybe until mid November leaves time for a few updates to come out. The plan is to start on 2k20 before the new year.

Edited by Brokebottle

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Noice haven't got 2k20 yet will probably wait until black Friday. But that's good a lot of people are coming back. I will stream 2k19 tomorrow special start time of 2pm est

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I think the next patch for 2K20 is probably going to be the make or break factor for a lot of people.

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Gorial, Zo and Ivan are both up, all you gotta do is type in RNR or BPW to find them. Both of them have different outfits and Ivan has a better-left arm tattoo and will have a third one in 20 on one of his shoulders I think.

Edited by Rekka_No_Ryo

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Finally got 2k20 Its on sale on psn right now so I just got it early I will try to get as much stuff done as I can for Season 4 of BPW. But the next 2k19 show will be called Last Man Standing. Of course it will be on my twitch 1pm EST 11/26/19


-Ivan Rusev vs Benjamin Hayes

-Killer K and Johnny H vs Requiem for BPW Tag team titles

-Erik Magnusson vs Ken Yamamoto in a Falls Count Anywhere

-Ejiro vs Gorial for BPW Internet title

-Bad Girls vs Misstallecca for the BPW Women's tag titles

-Amber Mitchell vs Izzy Black for BPW Women's title

-Casey Walker vs El Loco for BPW World title


I downloaded everyone you guys put in the thread. @Nealem do you have details on the tag team of Ali and Danni like their tag name, entrance and tag team finisher? Also I will download the broken dolls when the images are fixed @Jay I hope you do get it but I understand if you dont its a mess but I got it on the sale. @cowboy Nvm I got him @BX have you worked on anyone else?


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the standard edt is $ 43 right now and the deluxe is still $ 84 on amazon and honestly im having a real hard time justifying either of those prices in the state that 20 is in atm. I will get 20 when it's actually worth getting and works, not buy it and hope for the best.

Edited by Rekka_No_Ryo

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