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^ From Motown's moves topic


Sig: Swanton Bomb 3, Koji Clutch

Fin: Gory Bomb



DrGorillaNuts (PS4):



Owen Hart


You could also use Avalanche Victory Roll as a sig, and move Koji Clutch to a finisher slot for KLR. I just set it up like that since it's a WWE version.


That Owen looks incredible.

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dark_mass_5581 (PS4)



Kay Lee Ray




The best Kay Lee Ray CAW on PS4 currently and it is their only CAW that have uploaded to Community Creations.

I just downloaded her and yeah i guess that is the best one on CC, but when you turn her to the side you can see edges really bad on the side of her face, the face texture isn't that great, if they used a better texture and blended it better this would be a really great caw. From the front she looks great, but its just not very pretty when you spin her to the side and see the edges of the texture.


Everything else is great about the caw, great attire, great body morph, if it just had a better face texture made by someone like Ryee or Bhangraman it would be the definitive Kay Lee Ray caw.

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