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So has anyone been able to download Angel Garza? i'm doing My Career right now to unlock Lawler, but i dunno if it will still say i need to unlock Rikishi, can anyone confirm if you've been able to download it without getting the Rikishi bug?

He said on Twitter that he re-uploaded it with Adam Cole's default moveset but the Rikishi thing still shows up



ryeedee_86 (PS4):



Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott


TIL that there's a Killshot/Shane Strickland pre-set entrance just for him lol

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Thankfully i was able to actually download Swerve with no issues and its amazing. But its so annoying i can't download his Garza, i'd really like to know what causes that bug about needing Rikishi.


Theres also a really amazing Moxley that was recently uploaded but it tells me i need to unlock the old NXT Womens title which i don' think is in the game, and then it tells me i need to unlock stuff i've already got like an NXT Takeover arena from the womens showcase along with Natalya 14, i got all the stuff it says i need to unlock before i can download it.

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^ this one? The old NXT Women's Title is in the game


j0weel31 (PS4):



yeah thats the one.


If the belt is in the game i assume it comes from the womens showcase which i completed and likely have then, same as i have the other 6 or 7 things i need to unlock but i already have. It also lists Becky Lynch as something i need before i can download that Moxley, and i have all of the Becky's models unlocked.

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Why the heck is it so hard to download anything in this game? Rikishi isn't even in the freaking game, and it's a pain to look for the good stuff without it crashing.

I haven't had that issue, just logos not showing up in matchs or Abyss Face Paint.

It must be because my Wifi kinda sucks, but I didn't have issues with WWE 2k19.

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