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Adam Paige


Awesome Kong

Chris Jericho



Darby Allin

Ivelisse (if she signs long term)

Jazz (if she signs long term)

Jack Evans

Jon Moxley

Jungle Boy

Kenny Omega



Pac (if he ever shows up)

Pentagon Jr

Rey Fenix

Scorpio Sky

Shawn Spears

Young Bucks


That's about it.


And I know people are gonna say "what about Daniels, Kazarian, etc"...yeah...never really liked some of these guys. I'm not saying they aren't talented performers. Just not my jam.




And here's a list of people who would be on my radar if I was in charge of signings (not saying I want all of this talent scalped from their respective promotions, or that they even could be. Just listing names):


Jacob Fatu, Tessa Blanchard, Willie Mack, Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Lance Archer, Teddy Hart, Davey Smith Jr, Brian Pillman Jr, Luke Harper, Deonna Purrazzo.


But at the same time, I've said it before...I like NWA and MLW's directions more than AEW, so I would probably be happier at the end of the day to see any of those guys/gals stay or sign with those promotions instead.

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Stu Bennett would be cool. I didn't know he even still wrassled.


Austin Aries can stay away. (Also, he's in MLW).


I think CM Punk and AJ Lee would be the biggest acquisitions. Regardless of how anyone feels about either. At this point, it's become a living meme of whether he will or won't...so if he ever did, it would be pretty big.

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I feel like Jericho and Hangman are both not great choices for a first champion. Jericho is looking like hell these days and the build up for Page to win the belt hasn't been anything worthwhile to make me care about it. Think they should have done a one night mini tournament if they want Page to win the gold.

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Jericho is not in great shape but can still go in the ring and he's still a big name in the industry. He's the biggest star on the roster and so becoming the first world champion makes sense in terms of business and making the championship have some instant credibility!


He's also the company's biggest heel and so the feud for the title once weekly tv starts will be interesting and whoever defeats him to become the new champion will have a major victory and boost to their character.


I'm guessing and hoping the one to win the title from Hollywood Jericho will be Kenny, Moxley or Pac(if he comes in soon enough)

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I see the comments here, and I nod and nod agreeing, then I recall the shows and think "Yeah but the shows are *censored*ing really good" , I mean this in a no comparing, just plain and simple having a blast watching wrestling way. they bring it on a level that's impressive. And with everything said [THAT I AGREE WITH!] this shouldnt be the case. but for me it is

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I think it's a stretch to say that the shows are "*censored*ing really good"...the shows have been alright. A lot of the content is still hit or miss. I don't think they've produced a single show thus far where I'd say the entire thing was "great" start-to-finish. They're still growing...and that's to be expected.


They don't need to be held to a higher standard than WWE or NJPW (who also have shows that are hit or miss). But, I think a lot of it comes from the way that they chose to present themselves...(as this force to be reckoned with)..."Elite" right in their name. And the shows just haven't been that. The shows have very much been indicative of a growing company that only has a basic idea of what they're doing. Not some movement that's going to "change the world".

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You're really gonna say Double or Nothing wasn't great?


Yes. Yes I am.


Most of it was entirely forgettable. Cody/Dustin, Bucks/Lucha Bros, and Kenny/Jericho were the three memorable bouts. Everything else? Solid meh. I mean...after going back and looking at the match-listing on Wikipedia, there are entire matches which I forgot even took place. Again...that goes for WWE and NJPW as well. Plenty of events have matches that you forget about. But, that doesn't give AEW a free pass for doing the same. Solid event, for sure. Not "*censored*ing really good" though. Especially considering how long they had to plan it all.

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Giving Dustin a ECW like Terry Funk championship run down the line would be kinda cool. Not saying it would be the greatest thing ever, but it's a great heart warming story every time and also when the legend loses the belt it really makes the winner get over even more.

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I know I know, but it really has a ton of upside, the guy who kills the feel good run will get major heat and if they need anything it's heels, I mean heels that will get booed, because so far everyone is getting a cheers and that's fine and dandy for the mean time but to tell stories you need bad guys. It's either that or Bucks turn on kenny.

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You could have said anyone, but you went for Terry Funk? Dude is legit in his 70s. You could have gone for RVD or Rhyno or Bubba.


But no, Terry Funk.



Pretty sure that's the point.


Funk was 53 when he had his final ECW title run.


Dustin is 50.


Bubba Dudley never won the ECW title...and why would he compare Rhino or RVD to Dustin, when Rhino was only 26 when he won the belt, and Rob only won the WWE iteration? He said that giving Dustin an 'ECW Terry Funk title reign' would be a feel good story. Words have meaning.

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