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I don't like Santana and Ortiz. I don't know why, but there's something that just turns me off about them. Maybe their theme, maybe the look, I dunno. Like, they're good wrestlers, but they don't really excite me.

Is it Ortiz hair and the odd faces he makes now?


His hair is definitely part of it.

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I disagree with all of that. Santana and Ortiz are hooligans. And it's hilarious.


Those two won me over when they were briefly interviewed at Hagar's Bellator fight and Ortiz said something about stabbing Jake's opponent...and then said "the best, the best, the best" a dozen times. :lol:

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Some teams just dont need a name. Santana and Ortiz is fine for them. Proud and Powerful just seems too gimmicky. Plus I think the past 2 weeks they havent used it and dont have it on their lower third either.

Oh okay. Whats lower third mean btw?

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