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Jeb ★

Bugs & Glitches Thread

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Just release the game relatively bug free, with some new features and improvements to the old, and fix the DLC model. Do that and the game will do fine; i just can't help but worry that corporate greed means they won't see such a simple solution to fixing the issue.

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6 hours ago, A N T I - said:

Yeah I support anyone who continues creating for 2K19 but I think it’s officially a dead game for me. Time to lay it to rest. 20 was not even playable for me, or maybe ‘enjoyable’ is the better word to use. I instantly got bored of it and I gave up on it completely once I saw how creations look outside of caw mode. I feel bad for the team because I know some of what they were up against, but at the same time, I had this conversation before....I’m no longer hoping they do a good job, I’m expecting it of them. I’m expecting 2K22 to go above and beyond to please the consumer base. Anything less than ‘above and beyond’ after 2 years is whack and unacceptable.

Comes down to it, the caw and fed scene is still very much alive...but 2k19 is on its last leg yeah.
If they cant elevate the series after having an additional year for development, we are in trouble.
If after an additional year they "just" give us a newer 2k19, thats not okay.
2k22 needs to be a huge step forward, more 2k19 isnt the solution, real progress is.

6 hours ago, BrandonX said:

To be honest, if 2K22 is shit, i fully expect it to kill the series.

It is possible, but i doubt it.
The market is way too important and gets more important with each year...and especially if we are in luck and get a few other wrestling games.
Sure they still could ignore the big market and stay with their 4-5 smartphone games, but gaming gets more and more mainstream.
The fact that they gave their okay for 2k to not release a 2k21, shows that they understand that much.

Yeah, with battlegrounds they still got their yearly game out...but still.

6 hours ago, A N T I - said:

Which sucks, because pleasing their consumer base is so easy....maybe not in execution, but the just the concept(s) of what the people wanna see in the game, or whom the people wanna see in the game, it’s easy. Bunch of people had Jushin Liger in the Feedback Project.....bet they couldn’t even pull that off. Lol. However, if the preorder guy is who we all think it’s gonna be, everyone’s gonna be onboard regardless, even we got duped again.

It is a gift and curse that the wrestling games community is so easy to please.
That gave them an excuse to bring out games that were more full price updates than an evolving game series that makes the big money.

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Anyone else notice that sometimes even when the uploader works, it tends to put these white artifacts on the edge of logos even when said logos never had them before uploading? For instance, the following picture. On my computer, the logo is one single colour, that white shit around the C and the cross are not there, yet in game they randomly show up and this is far from the only logo i've seen this happen to. It may not seem a big deal but IMO it really hurts the logo and look. This isn't a WWE 2K20 exclusive issue either, this shit happened in 2K19 and 2K18 as well.


Edited by BrandonX

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